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World Yawns at Latest Climate Change FREAKOUT From the IPCC

Despite exhortations from the likes of the liberal blogosphere, the new climate change report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is not destined to become the ONLY story covered by the mainstream media. In fact, a perusal of the news over the last week or so shows that the report could barely scratch and claw its way to the front pages. It fared little better on cable news, drowned out by the latest Trump doings, the Kavanaugh controversies, and the real-world climate tragedy that just hit the Florida Panhandle.

The media, being populated by nothing other than climate hysterics who love to tell readers and viewers that the world is ending, can’t even get up the energy to cover this latest doomsday report with any enthusiasm? That’s when you know America has had enough with this nonsense.

The fact is, polls show that few Americans believe that climate change is going to have any serious effect on the planet within their lifetimes. This, even though Al Gore & Friends have been sounding the alarm bell for going on twenty years. What is the climate community to do in such a situation? Why, the Americans just had the indecency to elect a president who says climate change is a Chinese hoax! He just yanked the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement! This calls for a REPORT!

And a report we got.

Using state-of-the-art computer models, the IPCC now tells us that we cannot wait any longer. After telling us for years that the world would perish once global temperatures rose 3.6 degrees over the 1850 baseline, we’re now to understand that devastating consequences will arrive the moment Earth hits the 2.7 degree mark. That is likely to happen very soon – UNLESS WE TAKE ACTION NOWWWWWW!

Indeed, the IPCC tells us breathlessly that we only have until 2030 to make drastic changes to our global economy. Without exorbitant carbon taxes – as much as $27,000 per ton on emissions – the world will fall victim to a catastrophic series of floods, fires, droughts, famines, and, we assume, pestilence.

And the world collectively yawns.

Or at least, Americans do. Why? Because these proposals are utterly ridiculous. We’re not going to throw away the world’s industrial economy because some eggheads sit behind a computer (that they wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the advances made possible by the very economy they want to destroy) and spin us a modern version of the Book of Revelation.

We’ll do what we can. We’ll frack. We’ll work with clean coal technology. And we’ll wait and watch as the private sector comes up with energy alternatives that actually make sense and are more efficient and inexpensive than fossil fuels. And when that happens, we’ll go with those.

In the meantime, 2030 will come and go, and the UN (if it still exists by then) will rush to tell us that doomsday is once again “just around the corner.”

And we’ll have ourselves another good yawn.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree. I just read this past week that the climate in the area we call the Sahara Desert did one time change drastically over a 100 year period from wet to dry and the hypothesis is that it was due to the Sun’s spots not appearing for a long number of years. We are in a period of low sun spot activity now and it had been very cool where I live…I wonder (eyes opening wide and mouth agape) if it is a 100 year cooling event?

    I think, my personal opinion which is not worth much, that stellar activity, geologic activity, solar activity, etc. will proceed as they will no matter what we do.

  2. Climate change (formerly known as global warming) might be more readily accepted if it was not being peddled by old crocks like Al Gore.
    If it were an actual fact, why would places like East Anglia be exposed for falsifying there findings?


      • It was global cooling in the early 1970s, we were heading toward an ice age!
        I remember seeing large maps in some of my high school classrooms.
        These maps showed large areas of the US that would no longer be able to grow crops.

        It was nonsense then and it’s nonsense now. It’s certainly not science.
        Photosynthesis is real science, I heard about it in 6th grade science class.

    • Only half right. Yes, cut off all funding. BUT, give all diplomats (what a joke) and staff 48 hours to exit the US. US personnel will pack all documents, furniture etc. and ship to the addresses left by the folks leaving. If they remain after 48 hours, the US will provide free room and board in the nearest federal prison.

  3. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, too much information can be confusing. Technology, during the “space age,” has allowed us to look at earth from the satellite perspective and see and know the weather conditions and temperatures at any point on the globe at any time, almost instantaneously.
    The notion that we can or should do anything about that information makes about as much sense as a forewarned person sitting out a category-five hurricane because it is about to kill them. The altruistic fact that weather is a universal, seasonal, atmospheric, regional, geographical and topographical phenomenon is something over which man has no control. If you don’t like evolution, try God. “As long as earth shall endure, there will be summer, winter, springtime and harvest, heat and cold.” If that is a little too indefinite for evolution, they have natural selection to blame. It’s a choice.

  4. As a Christian, I very much believe in Revelation, & the things predicted in it. All of the disasters they’re predicting WILL happen. BUT, not because of climate change, but, because God is tired of dealing with the evilness of mankind. I won’t be here to see it happen, since I’m already 69 yrs old. So I’ll either die long before then, or Jesus wil rapture His church out of here before then. Americans are actually tired of these groups like this one trying to bankrupt us to pay all the other countries’ share of what needs to be done to clean up the planet. Yes, there IS room for improvement, but, not to the point of decimating OUR economy, or anyone else’s either. China, for instance, has the worst pollution of pretty much any other country on earth, yet the things that are in the Paris accord, do very little to curb THEM, but just about decimates America. I, for one, was extremely happy when President Trump pulled out of it. I’m sick of us having to pay for everybody else.

  5. I’m proud that Trump signed the “Sea Clean-up Bill” on Thursday’s (Oct 11) and now the law will put teeth into regulating (Stopping) the dumping of trash into the see waters.
    . No fan-fare, just being a better environmentalist, where it counts, than the previous administrations.

  6. The world, UN, climatologist, Al Gore or whom ever needs to put the hammer down on those countries that are not complying with anything like China, India and so on. We pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement & we are doing more today to curb emissions and carbon footprint.
    We don’t need some liberal world group to shove their hands in America’s pockets and tell us what to do…we are already doing it. Tell those who are not doing anything!

  7. This is a a threat saying things are going to get worse…
    They will get worse because the globalist scum will make it that way not because because actual nature will make it that way… I’m sorry but if you don’t think their is weather control you are highly misinformed and or ignorant there are thumbprint clouds and scalar waves being used over every area of population…Sure, things are heating up but that’s in certain areas above the planet and globalist are doing it using HAARP… HAARP pumps about a Billion watts if microwave power to heat up the ionasphere so they can bend the jet stream and point is anywhere they want… This is exactly why we are having drastic weather issues…This is weather warfare and if you dont spend some time to look into this matter yourselves you are part of the problem with this issue for being ignorant… I know this issue may seem too evil to believe but its happening regardless of your opinion… Do research on HAARP and ignore the opinion of the paid trolls in your search journey, enough said

  8. I am so tired of the climate change “debate”. On one side you have the hysterical politicians claiming we’ll all die and the other side you have the nay-sayers who will not look at anything that might even indicate that there could a problem that should be looked into. That’s what the scientists are saying, there could be a problem since in the last 100 years, the CO2 levels have risen faster (almost doubled) than in the last 1000 years (which can be measured by air bubbles in ice cores). Add to that, the average planetary temperature has increased. We know CO2 is a greenhouse gas, along with methane (main part of natural gas and about 38X worse in its effects) and other gases, so it might be a good idea to investigate before it gets worse. Just in case. It’s a complicated system but we don’t want to have it shift weather patterns and affect food production when it’s to late to do anything about it. No, I don’t need to hear any hairbrained “theories” about why it’s all crap. Read a good environmental science book and the research first rather than some nut-job website from either side.

  9. Every time there is a forest fire out west there are tons of toxic fumes released into the air that affect the climate, so lets sue California every time there is a forest fire that could have been prevented or at least the impact greatly reduced because they refuse to clean up the forest floors of dead trees and brush.
    Since they refuse to clean up the forest floors based on threats of Sierra club and other so called friends of the environment let’s sue all of those organizations as well.

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