6 Things You Need to Know About China’s Pollution Problem and The Impact It Has On World Industry


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    1.     Yes, the Pollution Really Is as Bad as You’ve Heard

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    2.     The Air Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Polluted

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    3.     The Pollution is So Bad, It’s Choking the Chinese Economy

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    4.     A Large Percentage of the Pollution is Manufacturing-Related

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    5.     The Pollution is Becoming a World Problem

    China’s pollution doesn’t just stay put – it travels to other neighboring countries. South Korea and Japan have both been impacted by noxious clouds from China. That pollution is also making its way back to the U.S., hitting the West coast and affecting the air quality there.

    6.     China’s Economy is Making a Shift, Which Will Impact World Industry

    With China’s economy and manufacturing activity showing signs of slowing, experts say the country will be making a shift toward a more service-based economy. The shift will naturally lower emissions. China’s service economy is quickly outgrowing the manufacturing sector.