Lawsuit Filed Against Confederate Monuments Removal in New Orleans

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    • A 60-foot-tall marble column dedicated to Robert E Lee.
    • A statue of Jefferson Davis, Confederate President.
    • An equestrian statue of PGT Beauregard, a Confederate Gen. that was born in Louisiana.
    • An obelisk that is dedicated to a white supremacist group that tried to topple the reconstruction government of New Orleans.

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        • Admin,

          Your completely WRONG! Those monuments belong to the PEOPLE of the US of America. Anyone who disagrees should get the hell out of this country. These monuments represent the history of our country!! People need to learn from history, not try to hide it. Only ISIS type organizations try to remove history and monuments from cultures. The word racist and all that hate crap is being WAY overplayed…..and the stupid whites are going right along with it…..your destroying your own heritage.

        • I agree regarding the racist rhetoric, but must respectfully disagree with your characterization of the “ownership” of the monuments. The Monuments stopped being owned by the city at the moment the land they rested on was given into private ownership, unless there was an addition to the new deed at that time spelling out that the city retained ownership of them. I’m not seeing any reference to such a thing.

          • Land and property are legally distinct. You can own an apartment but not own the building. You can own a building and not own the land. This happens in resorts and can cause you problems down the road.

            Additionally, museums and religious institutions frequently do not own their valuables. Some donate but retain ownership.

    1. Since Congress pass a law making ALL Confederate soldiers are to be Federal soldiers, doesn’t this attempt to remove these statues make these progressives attempting trying to REMOVE FEDERAL STATUES? Sounds like Anti-American forces at work here.

    2. New Orleans is one of a few unique cities in the USA because of its great historical heritage . The monuments add a special reminder of the civil war and history during a painful time in our nation. It is repugnant to remove these works of art and important monuments as they are part of what makes New Orleans such an interesting place to visit. I would urge the city council to think again , are they akin to the ISIS terrorists who demolish historical landmarks trying to remake history to their liking? I am a Philadelphia Yankee and I have great respect for the brave confederate soldiers who lost their lives and are honored by flags and monuments. This is 2016 and none of us were slaves , or owned slaves .Let us not tear down any New Orleans history , or anything that adds to the character of N.O. it would be SO WRONG!

    3. This is part of America’s History. It was a bad time for our Country, but it is our History!! If Americans always agreed with each other there would be no need for two political Parties. The Southern’s fought for what they believed in and so did the Yankee’s….We now have had a half Black Communist as our President and we are so proud aren’t we Yankee’s! Lonnie