The List of the Most Conservative Republican Presidential Nominees in History and Their Beliefs

The 2016 election year is shaping up to be a historic one on the Republican side of the table. Billionaire Donald Trump holds a commanding lead, but Ted Cruz, a Texas senator with a reputation for being especially conservative, is gaining ground.

With conservatism in the spotlight, it’s a fitting time to look back on some of the most conservative Republican nominees in modern history.

Official Picture of George Bush

George W. Bush

One of the most conservative presidential nominees in modern history, George W. Bush is about as right-wing as they come. Bush served as commander-in-chief for eight years, during which America suffered the greatest attack of our time: 9/11.

Where does Mr. Bush stand on the issues?

  • Disagrees that abortion is an unrestricted right of women
  • Against the requirement of hiring minorities and women
  • Against same-sex marriage
  • Strongly opposes environmental regulation
  • Opposed to making voter registration easier
  • Strongly opposed to higher taxes
  • Strongly believes that God should be kept in the public sphere
  • Supports absolute right to gun ownership
  • Supports the privatization of Social Security
  • Supports the expansion of the military

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan Postage stamp

Ronald Reagan is a model president in the eyes of the Republican Party. He’s also one of the most conservative presidential nominees (and presidents) in our modern history.

Here’s where Reagan stands on the issues:

  • Against abortion
  • Strongly opposed to same-sex marriage
  • Opposed to green energy
  • Opposed to higher taxes on the wealthy
  • Opposed to non-interventionist foreign policy
  • Believes God should be kept in the public sphere
  • In favor of less environmental regulation
  • Favors stricter criminal sentencing
  • Favors gun rights
  • Favors stricter drug laws
  • Favors immigration reform

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford Presidential Library - flag view
ANN ARBOR, MI – JUNE 24: The Gerald Ford presidential library in Ann Arbor, MI shown on June 24, 2014, includes 24 million pages of documents.

Gerald Ford served as president from 1974-1977 after Richard Nixon’s resignation. Ford was very conservative on most issues, but very liberal on just one issue: gay marriage. Surprisingly, Ford was one of the earliest supporters of gay rights.

Where does he stand on other issues?

  • Opposed to abortion
  • Opposed to affirmative action
  • Opposed to higher taxes on the wealthy
  • Opposed to stimulus policy
  • Favors stricter criminal sentencing
  • Favors gun rights
  • Favors stricter drug laws
  • Favors stricter border control
  • Favors expansion of the military

Dwight D. Eisenhowereisenhower portrait on stamp

Eisenhower served a two-year term as President of the United States, and was moderately conservative on most issues. But when it came to economic issues, Eisenhower was very conservative.

He launched NASA and the Interstate Highway System, and even signed legislation giving African Americans the right to vote.

Where did Eisenhower stand on the issues?

  • Strongly opposed to government intervention when it comes to economic issues
  • Strongly opposed to tax increases on the wealthy
  • Disagrees with affirmative action
  • Opposed to immigration reform
  • Favors absolute gun rights
  • Favors stricter drug laws
  • Favors green energy
  • Favors the privatization of Social Security

Ted Cruz

In the current presidential election, Ted Cruz is arguably the most conservative on the Republican side. Some argue that he’s so conservative, he isolates himself from his peers.

Where does Cruz stand on the issues?

  • Wants to build a wall at the border, triple security, and implement a surveillance system as well as biometric tracking to keep border secure.
  • Wants to overturn abortion rights as president, and to launch an investigation into Planned Parenthood.
  • Wants absolute gun ownership rights.
  • Wants to eradicate the IRS, and condense the 7 rates of personal income to a single 10% rate.
  • Wants to repeal Obamacare

From Eisenhower to Reagan, these are the most conservative Republican nominees in our modern history.

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Written by Jacob Maslow

A native new Yorker, Jacob Maslow is a writer and marketing specialist who began his career as a payroll manager.

Maslow has founded a variety of news websites, including  Daily Forex Report and Legal Scoops. He is a frequent contributor to many authoritative publications including, social media today and 



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