The Top 10 Conservative Political Blogs Everyone Should Know About

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    The Top 10 Conservative Political Blogs Everyone Should Know About

    Conservative political blogs are taking an aggressive approach to this year’s elections, and some of the headlines are hard to ignore. Breaking away from
    traditional news sources, these blogs tell it like it is, and they’re not afraid to be edgy or very opinionated for that matter.

    The top 10 conservative political blogs you should be reading include:

    1. RedState

    RedState has been around since 2004, and is managed by Erick Erickson. The site follows the conservative movement at its forefront, and some of its latest
    headlines give insight into the content provided. One that is of particular interest is: The FCC is Just Another Dishonest, Authoritarian Arm of the Obama Administration.

    2. HotAir

    Allahpundit is HotAir’s senior editor that has been called a right-wing blogger known for his “wild and hateful claims.” The blog brings your questions to
    life with a major focus on politics.

    3. Young Conservative

    The name says it all. Young Conservatives acts as the defenders of freedom for the constitutional republic, according to their mission statement. Some
    content is a bit on the humorous side, while other pieces attack the burning issues many young conservatives relate to, but aren’t discussed in mainstream

    4. Drudge Report

    The Drudge Report gets visited by millions of people every day, and the site has no problems calling out political figures. The Clinton Cough That Won’t Go Away is a prime example of the “tell it like it is” headlines Drudge Report posts.

    5. NewsMax

    NewsMax may not be as edgy as the other sites on our list, but it’s known for its ability to stay on top of burning news stories. Dedicated to news, the
    site talks a lot about Trump and is an Independent American blog / news outlet.

    6. RushLimbaugh

    Trump Planned to Exploit Colorado Loss
    is one title on the front of Rush’s blog today. Hate him or love him, Rush is a conservative powerhouse that has used his ability to aggravate everyone,
    even supporters, to become the most listened to personality on radio, and his blog is an extension of this success.

    7. Breitbart

    Exposing the truth about the government and politics, Breitbart is a great source for in-depth news and research that you won’t find anywhere else. Exposing the Clinton Global Financial Network is one article that is a good read.

    8. The Daily Signal

    The Daily Signal is known for their feature reporting and investigative work. Committed to the “truth,” the blog focuses solely on politics and policy

    9. Jihad Watch

    Jihad Watch is as edgy and blunt as you can get, even in the world of conservative news. Robert Spencer goes into Islamic ideology and theology while
    focusing on terrorist attacks that are at the forefront of the world’s political news.

    10.Free Republic

    A site that is a collaboration of information and links. Thousands of people flock to the site every day and comment on the latest and greatest news. The
    site is filled with serious discussions based on conservative principles.