The Ultimate Guide to The American Election Process

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    • Candidates announce their intention to run as president the Spring prior to the election.
    • Primary and caucus debates take place the Summer before the election.
    • States hold primaries and caucuses between January and June of the election year.
    • Nominating conventions for all candidates are held between July and September.
    • Presidential debates are held between September and October.
    • Election day occurs in November. This year, it will be November 8th.
    • The Electoral College will receive Elector votes in December.
    • Congress counts the electoral votes in early January.
    • Inauguration Day occurs on January 20.

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    Requirements to be a Presidential Candidate

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    • A natural-born US citizen
    • 35 years of age or older
    • A resident of the US for 14 years

    Caucuses and Primaries

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    • Open – people can vote for any party
    • Closed – people can only vote for the party they’re registered to vote with
    • Semi-open – a hybrid approach is taken

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    • 2,383 for Democrats
    • 1,237 for Republicans

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    National Conventions

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    • Democratic
    • Republican
    • Constitution
    • Libertarian
    • Green

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