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This University is PAYING Students to Rat on Their Sexist, Racist Peers


The University of Arizona is offering students a chance to make $10 an hour if they’re willing to become “social-justice advocates,” police their fellow students, and rat on them if they see any offensive behavior, such as that fabled racist/sexist evil: Microaggressions.

The university says that by “working” only 15 hours a week to “report any bias incidents or claims” to administrators, students can help turn the campus into a place free from the dreaded -isms that make it so gosh-darned hard for girls, gays, minorities, transgenders, Clinton supporters, squirrel lovers, bee farmers, and every other marginalized type of student to make it in today’s cruel world.

Although if you want to talk about “marginalization,” there’s probably no faster way to total social exclusion than for your circle of friends to find out that you’ve become a paid snitch for the university. And we assume that these students will have to fill some minimum quota of tattling if they want to keep milking the school for that tasty $600 a month stipend. Let’s face it, those books aren’t going to pay for themselves.

The school’s memo says that potential hires will be expected to fulfill a number of other duties in addition to their “hall monitor” tasks: they will plan social justice programs for the education of their residence hall peers, increase “awareness and knowledge of diverse identities and how they influence interactions,” and do whatever they can to encourage “inclusive communities.”

“The position also aims to increase understanding of one’s own self through critical reflection of power and privilege, identity and intersectionality, systems of socialization, cultural competency, and allyship as they pertain to the acknowledgement, understanding, and acceptance of differences,” says the online posting.

You would think that these schools have enough trouble on their hands with students willing to turn on their peers for free, but apparently the University of Arizona is desperate for something that will put their school in the national headlines. So sure, why not pay students to become SJW whackos. Worth a shot. Hell, if they’re lucky, they’ll have a sit-in, a violent protest, and a fired administrator by the end of the year, putting their school in the same echelon of insanity as Mizzou, UC Berkeley, and the rest of the colleges who have given up trying to quell the demands of the far left.

And judging by the educational deterioration we’re seeing in these schools, the students who accept $10 an hour for their work might be getting the life prep they actually need.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    One more University to cross off the list.

  • Dan Pressler

    teaching them to be bad progressives – what happened to the FightFor$15

    • ironbiker

      it’s “The Tattle for $10” now…..

  • Libs R Loons

    This is worth passing along as a warning to anyone who’s considering sending their kid to the University of Arizona.

    • nancy miller

      Apply for a transfer immediately!

  • Didn’t Hitler, Mao, Stalin and the little fat man in Korea do the same thing for their citizens ?

  • Nina Ferguson

    BE THE FIRST IN YOUR CLASS TO BE A PAID SNITCH!!!!!!! Is this what our colleges and universities are teaching now? This is something like the Gestapo or the Stasi would push. Why have these bodies of “education” not teaching these students to learn how the real world works. Why aren’t the students being taught that to achieve anything, you actually have to work for it. What happened to the FREEDOM OF SPEECH that the colleges and universities preached in the 60’s? Why have we become a nation that people like MLK Jr. wouldn’t know after all of their hard work and sacrifice . He fought for equality and justice. What we are getting is a group of people who won’t ever move out of Mommy and Daddy’s basement, because after all of their college education, they can’t find a job that will “fulfill their dreams” of getting everything for free? GOD HELP US

    • Mary

      Whistleblower 101 – Required course not an elective for liberals.

    • Amargomate

      Classy cuban and soviets strategies.
      Cut the money to this universities, once and for all, without warnings!
      Arizona… what can you expect?… the home of the traitor of John McCain…

    • emag

      Be sure and send your kid to the University of Arizona and pay a fortune for this insanity, so your kid too can become a good little nutty leftist. LOL
      Any parent who doesn’t take their kid out of this ‘university’ ought to have their head examined.

  • jaymack47

    we gonna fight one here.

  • greenlantern1

    Jerry Falwell jr.’s LIBERTY “UNIVERSITY” was built with American taxpayer money!
    Can Hillary Clinton speak there?
    Congress was built with American taxpayer money!
    Does SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN have the FREEDOM OF SPEECH to speak there?
    Should American taxpayers be taxed, to pay for the postage of Ann Coulter’s RAG, HUMAN EVENTS?

    • imbog

      What are you trying to say?/ Rambling on with a play on words doesn’t do it..Warren,,Coulter?? Everyone should be able to speak

  • Ed Anderson

    Anyone who’s donating to any of these off-the-rails liberal colleges should immediately stop donating and let their college know why.

    • Rose Weleski

      Yep! money talks.

      • emag

        But Soros will make up for it a thousand times.

  • ModConserv! 🌷

    And one is to just automatically believe them—people who would sign up to be a paid snitch? LOL

  • TeeJohn the Junkyard Dog

    This is an advanced stage of totalitarianism. The entire administration of the University of Arizona needs to be removed. Anyone who remains there under this condition has no integrity to them self, their family or their community. As a graduate of the University of Arizona, I am extremely ashamed to admit I have a degree from such a degenerate institution.

  • Elliot Hansen

    This is insane! How can a internal spy make a living wage at only $10 per hour!

  • cp123

    Shades of Hitlers Germany where purists were turning in Jews. Shut the doors of that pit.

  • VirgoVince

    Is this what universities are teaching our kids, these days?
    Sounds more like Elementary school, from what I recall!

  • Albedamned!

    This is how the libtards do it. Rat someone out and go up the ladder.

  • Karin Krause Johnson

    Sad to know the school I attended has sunk to this … was proud to say I was a Wildcat. Now ashamed. Smh… 😭

  • alex theamazing

    Fascism at its worse. Even the bolsheviks were careful because many times it backfired on them. Kids reported their parents, teachers, peers simply for revenge. Thousands died as result of spite and self serving.
    When this “civil war” is over the fake “educators” should be prosecuted and removed from society. In the mean time students should form their own “defense league” and start fighting back. The faculty threatens you, respond alike. Fight for your constitutional rights and your freedom. You are paying these morons salaries. You are their superior. Make them experience their own policy.

  • rivahmitch

    Just like the Hitler Youth. Next they’ll expand it with bonuses for those who “report” their family members and begin keeping a list of “undesirables”. Lock & load, folks.

    • emag

      And like communist East Germany, Like Cuba, like Venezuela, like Mao China, many more. It will not end well for the people.

  • Larry Brule


  • Gary

    Just what the NAZI’s did. Report you friends, parents or any one speaking out against government. This is where it all starts. Liberal Fascism

    • emag

      Also in communist East Germany. Merkel ran the Communist Youth movement there, same thing there. They asked children in elementary school to listen to their parents conversations and turn them in. They got a price, like a red scarf or something.
      I had a distant family member growing up there.
      Pretty scary.

  • Chuck

    This is a state school. Why does the state Governor and Legislature put up with this nonsense? The Chancellor and all who support this should be given a chance to stop it or be fired.

  • Ron Long

    Oh boy!! The Hitler youth movement has returned, next comes the brown shirts and training camps.

  • Barbedwire

    This is simply more and more focus on anger/division in U.S.A. Earn $ by labeling and attacking… not just some speakers, not just some teachers, but make certain there is NO FREE SPEECH by anyone on any campuses. How sad.

  • Sparty009

    And those holding conservative Judeo Christian values are the Nazis??? The Nazi youth are up and rising!! Pretty soon the University of Arizona will be changing their colors to brown…let’s see..The Arizona Brownshirts.

  • John W.H.

    There is something seriously wrong with colleges today that teach that it is ok for any kind of deviant sexual behavior, but by GOD you better not be white, heterosexual, or conservative !! That is just to much for these pantywaist, liberal, snowflakes to comprehend !! Now U.A. wants to pay these clowns to spy and lie on their class mates?? I guess now that President Trump is cracking down on illegals entering this country, the democRATS are afraid they are loosing their new voter supply base , and now they will have to look elsewhere for new voters if they even think they will some how become significant players again !! Lock em all up !!

  • jesusknight

    We’ll see how long that lasts.. as soon as someone rats out a ‘good’ friend, they will be ostracized by the rest and join the ‘only the lonely’ club as outcasts – deservedly so, too!

  • Anonymous

    Outrageous, I would take my kid out of that college. If I was a donor I would cease…

  • alex theamazing

    How about few complaints about ugly coeds hitting on anything still breathing? That’s a sexual harassment. Or a black student calling another black ” n@#$%r “? Yeah, sure. The rules apply only to white males whose parents are not alumni. One of these days the “crackers” will show up in school with guns and payback will be very uncomfortable to watch .

  • keren

    watch enrollment plummet, exactly what happened to the university of Missouri….

  • roger dodger

    Contact you legislators demand that all funding be cut off to colleges, for tuition or anything else.
    If the liberal dem bloodsucking snowflake have to work part time to pay tuiton , they won’t have time for this feces.

  • Stikit

    Communism has taken root. No institution should receive government grants to pay for spying, segregation, or denying freedom of speech. This institution should be shut down.


    No parents should send their child to this “school”. It is just an indoctrination center and a threat people’s mental health.

  • lark2

    Is there any way the cloak of anonymity can be removed so we can identify the idiot who came up with this? Although the usual M.O. is they form a committee (this is known as the “original sin) but the move provides cover. The committee makes the recommendation to the appropriate “Dean”, then the Dean, forwards the recommendation up the food chain to some Vice-President, who presents the recommendation to some “Executive Committee”. They go along because the matter conforms to the wishes of “Student Leaders”. This technique absolves everyone and makes the Administration look good and no one has to answer for any thing. Get it? If the move comes out good, everyone comes out of the woodwork to claim credit and if the heat gets too hot, all the principals can blend in and condemn the abhorrent behavior and take steps to be sure it doesn’t happen again … until the next time. The educational establishment is sickening. Do we really need anymore clarity? The answer? NO FEDERAL MONEY of any kind … ever! In that way, we, put the responsibility where it belongs … The Governor of the state. The person will be voted OUT as soon as the citizenry finds out about the nonsense going on at the State University. The Administrator’s love the “cover”. Has everyone noticed how well hidden the CHANCELLOR of the University of California has remained well hidden throughout the ridiculous behavior at Berkeley? Janet Napolitano is her name… Former Governor of Arizona and OBAMA’S Director of Homeland Security! What a deal she has.

  • crusader2010

    Hunt the paid snitches down, exclude them as a friend, have nothing to do with them! The NAZI’s and The Soviets did this. now it’s here.

  • nancy miller

    They need to stop public funding and that includes government loans. Surely this is breaking some laws.
    Note: This is right up Soros’ alley.

    • emag

      Yep, Soros money is talking at Arizona U.

  • Bebe

    Reprehensible!!! I remember studying about the progressiveness of communism. It all starts with people willing to inform on their neighbors for one kind of reward for another.

    There must be a way to form a petition and stop this behavior before it spreads to other campuses.

    I don’t like racism, but I’m no one’s judge. people say things they don’t mean and kids will be kids.

  • Francisco Machado

    How Utterly Totalitarian! How Progressive! A society in which the altitude of one’s status is relative to the number of potential competitors you can successfully sabotage. A Machiavellian social Renaissance!

  • Carol

    Arizona U needs their butt kicked!!! Taxpayer $$$ for U o A. total BS. What a bunch of asspenholens. Shouldn’t have to pay taxes to any entity that has programs like that. That is totally WRONG!!!

  • Janis

    Have they ever heard the Hood Creed : Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches? $15.00 an hour not sounding so great anymore.

  • Herb Onash

    what happens to there peers ? BE THE FIRST RAT TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED . Use the money for your broken bones and fat lip .

  • Sal Belardo

    First they are indoctrinated by Socialist / Marxist professors! Now they turn them into rats! Informing on their fellow students! This is the next generation who will continue to destroy our country! How low can they go? The future Degenerate Liberals of America!

  • Alan404

    When did colleges divert from places of higher education to what they have become, and before I forget, why the change?

  • jcgreen2

    $10 an hour…!? They should strike for a livable minimum wage of at least $15! I mean being a snitch is pretty demanding and requires a high level of qualification.

  • ironbiker

    Probably run by RINO McCain…a nation of “TATTLERS”,good name for PAC.

  • mad max

    THE demoRATS and muslims r the WAR on American,long live President Trump! GOD bless the United States Of American!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness?

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Join and then snitch on the real vermin.

    • emag

      To whom?

      • Knowledge Transfer


  • gvette

    LOL…most collage kids are turned into liberals while they are there. They just want to stomp on the ones that smart enough to not get sucked in. With a little luck, the snitches will get paid enough so they can pay for their trip to the doctors, when they beat up.

  • Meg

    Looks like they have money to waste. Need to cut federal funds.

  • John Cherish

    What next ? In Hitlers Germany it was OK to rat on Jews. In Stalin’s Russia The KGB paid people to SPY on their neighbors let’s call these people that accept this for what they are fascists.

  • jjmcl431

    where is Doc Holiday and the Earp brothers when you need them?

  • My country

    When will they have time to study 15 hrs a day .This is a nightmare . Hitler must have risen from the grave .He paid people to turn on their friends and neighbors .And after the war what people were left either killed these snitches or ran them off . How on earth is this being allowed in an American Institution that is being given Federal money that belongs to the people , This is high treason .This people must be punished .

  • Doc

    And they call us nazi’s???

  • Lorraine Gorman Sheeran

    a Hilter move

  • tdg54

    I’m thinking it must be what it was like to live in the USSR back in the day: eyes and ears around every corner. Well played, UoA, you’re teaching great life skills for those unfortunate enough to cough up the ridiculous dollars needed to attend your University. May I suggest you establish a gulag while your at it, so you can incarcerate and reeducate micro-aggressors? I weep for the future of this Country.

  • Keith Kyle

    Typical socialist/communist ploy. Sew dissension wherever they can and control our youth.

  • Ron Brooks

    How is this any different from paying athletes with money or gifts?