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This University is PAYING Students to Rat on Their Sexist, Racist Peers

The University of Arizona is offering students a chance to make $10 an hour if they’re willing to become “social-justice advocates,” police their fellow students, and rat on them if they see any offensive behavior, such as that fabled racist/sexist evil: Microaggressions.

The university says that by “working” only 15 hours a week to “report any bias incidents or claims” to administrators, students can help turn the campus into a place free from the dreaded -isms that make it so gosh-darned hard for girls, gays, minorities, transgenders, Clinton supporters, squirrel lovers, bee farmers, and every other marginalized type of student to make it in today’s cruel world.

Although if you want to talk about “marginalization,” there’s probably no faster way to total social exclusion than for your circle of friends to find out that you’ve become a paid snitch for the university. And we assume that these students will have to fill some minimum quota of tattling if they want to keep milking the school for that tasty $600 a month stipend. Let’s face it, those books aren’t going to pay for themselves.

The school’s memo says that potential hires will be expected to fulfill a number of other duties in addition to their “hall monitor” tasks: they will plan social justice programs for the education of their residence hall peers, increase “awareness and knowledge of diverse identities and how they influence interactions,” and do whatever they can to encourage “inclusive communities.”

“The position also aims to increase understanding of one’s own self through critical reflection of power and privilege, identity and intersectionality, systems of socialization, cultural competency, and allyship as they pertain to the acknowledgement, understanding, and acceptance of differences,” says the online posting.

You would think that these schools have enough trouble on their hands with students willing to turn on their peers for free, but apparently the University of Arizona is desperate for something that will put their school in the national headlines. So sure, why not pay students to become SJW whackos. Worth a shot. Hell, if they’re lucky, they’ll have a sit-in, a violent protest, and a fired administrator by the end of the year, putting their school in the same echelon of insanity as Mizzou, UC Berkeley, and the rest of the colleges who have given up trying to quell the demands of the far left.

And judging by the educational deterioration we’re seeing in these schools, the students who accept $10 an hour for their work might be getting the life prep they actually need.

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