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Why Did a Drag Queen Speak at This Middle School?

The Adams 12 Five Star School District in Colorado has issued an apology to parents after inviting a drag queen to speak to students at Rocky Top Middle School last week. The drag queen, who performs under the stage name of “Jessica L’Whor” was brought to school to speak to 6th-8th grade students on Career Day, and it has angered parents, understandably, who don’t necessarily need their kids exposed to this as one of their viable life options after graduation.

“I knew it was going to be controversial because that was nothing that would be allowed when I was in middle school,” L’Whor told the local CBS station. “At the same time, it opened up a door for conversation.”

Oh, we’re sure that it did that.

Now, the CBS story continually identifies L’Whor as a woman, so we’re not sure what that means, exactly. Is she an actual woman who performs as a drag queen? Is that a thing? Or is she a man who pretends to be a woman onstage? Or is L’Whor a biological man who has transitioned to being a women—

You know what, who cares. We’re a little angry that we even have to go digging for clues. We’ll just use the “she” pronoun because that’s what the CBS story does and leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves.

A spokesman for the district told CBS that they invited L’Whor because it would demonstrate to students the school’s commitment to inclusiveness.

“The school’s focus is to have an event that is representative of the diverse backgrounds and careers in the community,” he said.

Yeah, well, we all know that you can’t hold an event like that without perverting it up, somehow. How else will these students know that they can change their gender on a whim? Oh, right, they can read all about it on Tumblr.

What do you think?

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  1. I would be pissed! My child would be pulled out of that school faster than the speed of sound! Home school for him or her! This is just sick.

  2. Yes kiddies, you too an be mentally ill and give yourselves names that refer to selling your bodies when you grow up. Take back our schools!

    • Is it any wonder parents are opting for Christian school, homeschool or private school? Kids graduate and can’t read, write or spell. Most have to take remedial classes in college. Schools are indoctrination centers, not seats of learning.

  3. The Chicago Bath House choom smoking gay Muslim Fraud is the father of this pervert destruction of the future society.Common Core folks

    • Yep. Anything to create chaos. Many library and school reading programs are also required to include a number of LGBTQ leaders. Parents are not informed in advance, of course.

  4. The ex Imam of the Rainbow Mosque tried to make the “gay” lifestyle acceptable. Obama even added a bathroom law for His, Hers and It’s ! The Drag Queen was allowed to do this because, Colorado for all intents and purposes is now California East. It’s been totally ruined.

  5. Our school system is in the toilet all across our country. Everyday there is some kind of adverse controversy, but you never hear any of it being reported by the scum bags of the lying media. Vote Republican.

  6. How disgusting and uncalled for! I am SURE this school wouldn’t allow conservatives to talk, but they allow a whore drag queen to get in front of all those impressionable kids. Shame on them! I think they are ‘easing in’ these whaco people, and whomever invited this person, and they GOT PAID, should be fired.

  7. This is unbelievable. I would take my children out of that school so quick. The perverts are doing their best to convert our world and unfortunately children are being involved. Such a shame. I am sure this makes the devil very happy.

  8. Okay, now do you understand why the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life forms, want to disarm you.
    Some one needs to be shot over this, starting with the school adminstration

  9. This is just another of the push to accept transgenderism but it runs afoul of common sense.
    Most transgenders do not include drag queens or even homosexuals crossdressers under their banner of transgender. I guess only heterosexual married transvestites have a pass like Bruce Jenner get a pass..
    I don’t give a hoot. If you wear the clothing of the opposite sex for self pleasure or to perform a professional act I have to assume you are quite comfortable with that so you are, as I see it, a mimic, a transgender.

  10. There is male. XY and female, XX. At birth with rare exceptions hermaphrodite with 2 sets of func- tioning genitalia.or pseudo-hermaphrodite one set of organs functional the other not functional. Whenever this occurs no decision should be made in regard to surgical intervention until the person involved is old enough to decide what options he wishes to take. Otherwise you are who your DNA says you are.

  11. If a minister, pastor, or Ribi were asked by one of the teachers to speak to their class (after all that is a “true” working profession) the school board would definitely have turned it down.

  12. We are once again reminded of the Bible story, about Sodom and Gomorrah and how satan’s followers tried to entice the angels of God into spiritual death. These current day satanists are trying to disguise THEIR intentions and parents should not let ‘their angels’ be faced with such depravity. Pull your kids out from the path of these demons. Change the school decision makers, change the board, change the teachers. The reason kids are in school is to learn the three R’s. Not to learn about deviant behavior patterns….which could ruin their entire lives if they choose those paths. Hollywood and the media is filled with deviants now who try to justify their ungodly lifestyles.

  13. Children should be made aware that transgenderism exists, whether or not parents condone transgenderism. Otherwise, a child, upon becoming an adult, will encounter the reality of transgenderism (or any other personal characteristic that others deem “odd” or “unnatural” and will not know how to deal with it as adults. Parents do not need to condone transgenderism or any other way of life, but they owe it to their children to make them aware that it exists. The job of a parent is not to raise a child. The job of a parent is to raise an adult.


  15. Welcome to the liberal degenerate path that cuts right through Colorado. We have a liberal governor…hickenshitter, and local officials who are just shy of declaring this a sanctuary state.
    This will be added to the list of reasons I am thankful I never had children…no offense to you parents, but I feel for you in the challenges you face daily.

    Most here understand that the libs have been subverting our schools for decades…starting in the 60’s. Their leaders back then understood and today understand that a slow, quiet, and methodical subversion of our values, standards and social norms works best when implemented on our children.
    Schools have always been the indoctrination proving ground for every fringe, dysfunctional, disgusting, dishonest ideology of the left.

    You can never undo the damage that was done by this perverted freak. It was shown to these kids as normal and if anything something to be praised, celebrated and looked up to. After all, THE SCHOOL…a place where the majority of children find their authority figures. These teachers, admin and the building itself all represent the establishment, authority, norms, values, philosophy and morals.
    Don’t think so, well how long do these school personnel have to intimately interact with them verses YOU??
    They have them 8+ hours a day, to do with as they please….this episode clearly supports that statement.

    The liberals are attacking on all fronts, but this is the one that will bear the most fruit for them.

    I would encourage you parents to get mobilized and take on your local legislature to ensure your kids don’t become victims of some teacher’s perverted idea of what normal is.

  16. Jessica is an entertainer who specializes in drag shows. Drag shows are a form of art in which men dress as women while performing skits to amuse and entertain their audience. There is nothing sinister or immoral in that and no child is going to become a drag queen after listening to Jessica. Even if in later life one decided to go into entertainment and perform as a drag queen SO WHAT! In some of our classical movies there are some drag scenes. I remember one picture where Jack Benny dressed as a woman. Education means teaching students and exposing them to the real world. The world is very diverse. Individuals should never be afraid to meet and learn from those who are different. Diversity adds richness to our culture and way of life and those who travel to different countries know this.

    • You are a perverted fag. Being diverse is nothing to brag about. Being diverse is accepting murderer’s, thieves, homosexuals, illegal aliens, crooked police and school teachers and lawyers and politicians. Being diverse is like saying it’s OK to being strange and wrong. It is not OK. It is freaky.
      Tell God it’s OK on Judgement Day! But, you won’t do that, …………. will you?

  17. I’d call every member of school board & superintendent & principal of school & asked them who approved this “career” chose for middle school children or any public school student!
    then I’d get together with other parents & sue school district! we can’t have Almighty God & JESUS in school but we can have “drag queen”!

  18. school should be sued, parents did not have heads up on this and should have been allowed to have a say in having such a person of this nature show up at the school their kids attend. the drag queen should have known better also, I am sure she/he got paid a good amount to be there which is our tax money paid for such an appearance. Kids are going to have a lot of questions and confusion over this, and that isn’t fair to the parents, the school should be held accountable for this and also sued, and if kids need counselling be responsible for that too.

  19. Before anyone starts pointing fongers at me I should tell you I was a Police Officer in the REAL world. While I don’t agree with it, you have to ask where do you draw the line! It is a freedom of speech issue. It is the same when Laura Ingram was scheduled to speak at a university, and was denied the opportunity to do so!

    Children by the time they are in the middle school have already formed there personality. It is important these children see what the REAL world is like while they are still at home. If the parents are doing their job, they can moderate and explain the event. Sheltering children is never a good thing. Neither is turning them loose in the REAL world without experiences and guidance. In the end a good balance is always the best approach!!!

  20. This is the result of the removal of prayer and reading the Bible from the public schools back in 1962. If I had school-age children they would not step foot in a public state-supported classroom. Home school would be the path I’d take.

  21. This is certainly an odd choice for a school to promote as a career possibility. If this were presented as such to a child of mine, I would certainly object.

  22. So, is this “commentor” a confused queer too? God used nature to make TWO sexes (genders). LGBTRQPZZY participants apply situational morality for their own ends (sorry — pun NOT intended). It takes intelligence to adapt and thrive in the situation of your present. And, btw, this “tranny” should actually be referred to as either “it” or “X”. Someone has already written “vouchers now”. And THAT’S what Colorado SHOULD do. It costs about one third the $ to educate a student at a private school (on average) as to “send” that same student to a public school. Think about it, taxpayers! “Public Education” is an oxymoron. The promoters want HUGE tax payer dollars to be able to skim their take and keep in office to continue to do so. Public education DOES NOT WORK.

  23. Hatred of gay people is rampant in America , and it has been fostered by preachers all over this country and vicious professional bigots who are members of so-called ” pro family” organizations
    such as the American Family Association and others which do everything in their power to stir up mindless fear and hatred of innocent people who have never harmed anyone merely because they are gay . Their ultimate and sinister goal is to take more and more rights away from gay Americans and transgendered people and to get our SECULAR government to persecute LGBT people based on THEIR religious beliefs .
    So public schools are struggling to deprogram you people and teach them that gay people should alway treated with respect and have equal rights . This is the only good and moral thing to do .
    Homosexuality si no contagious . You cannot make young people gay by teaching them about it .

  24. Why ?? Because nobody stopped them. It’s the new and improved, fundamentally transformed Common Core method of education that’s being taught. So far it has been quite successful It has dumbed down several generations. Not all of course but many.

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