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Iran is Praying for a Democrat to Win the Election. Let’s Hope They Don’t.

Iranian leaders are no doubt on their hands and knees praying to Allah that American voters will deliver a Democrat to the White House next November. It is their only chance of getting back the lopsided nuclear agreement that gave their economy an enormous boost without really forcing them to sacrifice much of anything in return. Every top Democratic candidate says they would return to the international nuclear agreement that the Obama administration negotiated with Iran in 2015. And since last week, when Iranian officials admitted that they were in violation of the terms of that deal, none of them have gone back on that vow.

Last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that his nation was purposefully exceeding the 200 kilograms of enriched uranium they are allowed to stock under the terms of the agreement. This posed a difficult question for China, France, and other European nations who remain signatories to the deal: Since Iran is in admitted violation of the pact, shouldn’t we, uh…do something about it? They immediately answered that question with a resounding YES. They would…strongly “urge” Iran to comply with the agreement. And that’s about it. Good job, guys. Way to be strong.

But of course none of this is anything new, despite what the media says. Trump pulled out of the agreement precisely because Iran has been in violation of its terms since the first day. While this may or may not be the first occasion on which they’ve exceeded the amount of uranium they’re allowed to have (it’s hard to tell because of the lax investigation standards set forth in the deal), they have been in constant violation of other terms.

They’ve repeatedly gone over the limits of heavy water they’re supposed to have; said water is used in nuclear reactors as a precursor to plutonium, which is essential in the development of a bomb. They’ve run nuclear centrifuges in excess of what was allowed in the agreement. They’ve continued to try and purchase nuclear and missile technology. And because of a tremendous treasure trove of files recovered from Iran by Israel, we know that they are holding on to advanced plans to build a nuclear arsenal. Holding on for what, exactly? Well, the end of the agreement’s terms, at which point they hope to have boosted their treasury to the point that they no longer need to cooperate with the rest of the world.

That’s not even getting into the continued ballistic missile testing, nor into their continued funding of terrorism throughout the Middle East.

Signing this deal with Iran was a disaster in the first place; getting back into it at this point would be the ultimate show of weakness by the United States. Of all the dangerous ideas that 2020 Democrats are bringing to the table, this may be the one that undermines our security the most.

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  1. Perhaps we need to send the some of OUR “enriched uranium” on the tip of a missile and tum their SANDPIT country into glass. (then if anything pokes it’s head up through the glass whack that too.)

  2. A news comment on OAN yesterday revealed that the $150,000,000 sent by unmarked plane to deliver totally unmarked various currencies, to Tehran, Iran in darkness of early A.M. hours,, was transferred to Muslim Yemeni rebels seeking to overthrow the government of Yemen. That unmarked plane, delivered its unmarked money cargo, which was sent by Obama. That amount of money was what Obama arranged for delivery to Iran, as the money Obama paid-off Iran for when BHO negotiated revision to free-up Iran’s nuclear mischief. So much for Obama’s capacity to negotiate!

  3. Death to Islam. No muslims in government. No muslims in law enforcement. No muslims period. Remove Islam from U.S soil now!

  4. No, lets pray to OUR God, that He prevents a Dimocrat win! That He preserves ths country, & helps us to turn this country around! As long as we stand with Israel, we’ll remain under God’s protection,

  5. Of course they are hoping that one of the gay or lesbians win because they are used
    to bowing, bending over, or on their knees just like the last American President.
    They all said he was great at servicing Muslim men, who knew just what they liked.
    Now we have some women who are Muslim and they know what men want and they
    are ready willing and able to perform their duties as servants and after all what else are
    Muslim women good for and they want them to bring the bartender to serve drinks and
    because she is a girl or child who prays on her knees to accept the gifts many men have
    already given her that a few more hundred men will fill her orifices to their fill.
    Anyway they are not running but there are a few who know how to use their bodies as
    a mistress so she knows how to give it up as she smiles and looks up to see her gifts.
    Obama set the standard for the gays to take all they can get with a smile.

  6. Well hey, if they’re praying to Allah, they really shouldn’t expect an answer. Allah is another name for Satan whom Jesus already defeated. Christians need to get on our faces before Almighty God and give thanks for Pres. Trump. We need to pray fervently that he be reelected and that the devil worshiping Muslims will be stopped in their tracks.

      • Allah was not a real person. Allah means ‘God’ in their language. They have no god. Their prayers go to nobody. our God is the one and only true God.
        Dr. Embry is correct that we Christians need to pray. This is what. God said in the Bible.
        If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then shall i hear from heaven, forgive them their sins and heal their land.
        Sounds pretty clear to me, that we Christians need to let go of any pride, pray, seek HIM, and change our wicked ways; then and only then will GOD hear us in heaven, forgive us, and he will heal our land, restore it back to the good old days.

      • Mohammad was a pedophile. He took the daughter of his cousin as a bride when she was six years old. Her name was Aisha. She was so traumatized by the thought of marrying this old man that she developed an illness which caused her to lose her hair. This delayed the marriage until she was in better health. Mohammad eventually took her at age 10. Mohammad’s other wives knew how fond he was of Aisha that they would often give up Their time so he could spend more time with Aisha.

    • Allah is the name of their god who is also called Satan. The pedophile they follow is Mohammed who wrote the Koran. Mohammed was a real person who was full of the devil whom he called Allah. The whole bunch are filled with hatred and will do whatever the Koran tells them to do…. which is to kill the rest of us.

      • That’s Sharia Law no# 12 and 38! Islam accepts NO other religion or form of religion! It is a Muslims “OBLIGATION” to LIE and his duty to commit “JIHAD” in defense of “the god” of this world! See Sharia Law’s no’s 1 and 2. But we know there is no compulsion in Islam Sura 2:256 yet Sura 2:191-3, 3:151, 5:33-36 95 etc say different! A no named, unknown god who can’t give one bit of prophecy and knows not his doom, yet deceives the non knowing and willing! 2 Corinthinas 4:4 KJV SAD!!!! P.S. I do beleive this: when a man or woman goes to a certain pont of rejecting “TRUTH” they come to apoint where there is NO return! That point is set and immutable, non changing! The point is known as beyond “PAST FEELING”! Ephesians 4:19 KJV They have been GIVEN over to their lusts and errant pleasures and are put aside and shall NOT return! Why, because GOD has given them up!! Romans 1:24 KJV

  7. What’s with the “kill Mormons?” I am a proud American. Trump supporter in every way. I believe our Constitution was inspired of God. I am a legal immigrant who would gladly lay down my life for this country. Believe all men ( and women ) should be free to exercise their religions as long as it does not infringe on the freedom or rights of others and Yes, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ( Mormons) !

  8. Allah=the god, so what’s his name? Allah=the god, so what’s his name? This is circular reasoning w/a Muslim! A Muslim will tell you Allah is a name and yet when you ask him what does Allah mean, he will say, “the god”. “the god” is NOT a name, any more than the dog or the cat etc is the name of my cat! these are descriptive titles! I’ll tell what “the god” really is though, and someone here, eluded to it earlier; according to 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV It says, “In whom “the god” of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorius gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, (Muslims say Allah had no son. Sura 23:91) should shine unto them.” NOW who and/or what being would want to get people to be deceived and believe Allah was anyone but a DEVIL, in disguise as Satan? (see Ephesians 2:2) Why Satan appears as an angel of light. see 2 Cor 11:14 KJV Lastly, I’ll tell you why Allah is not, nor could possibly be GOD, and that is because in Revelation 19:10 a Testimony has to have a “TESTATOR” and accordingly, Jesus Christ is thatTestator, “BECAUSE” he has the “spirit” of PROPHECY! Allah had as much prophecy as would fill the left eye of a blind spider!

  9. Satan is their god, and he has been defeated by the one and only true God Yahweh! So if a Demon Rat winning happens, it’s only because Yahweh said so!

  10. It should be no small cause of embarrassment and no great source of encouragement to Democrats to know that “Iran is praying for a democrat to win the election.” I mean, how “unAmerican” can you get?

  11. Says a lot when our sworn enemies are pulling for the democRATS. They know they can be bought to get what they want. Thank God for President Trump, he will give them what they deserve.

  12. Ain’t gonna happen. Nobody can pray for anything that is not in God’s will. Doesn’t matter what religion they are or who they pray to. God the creator is always in control, He won’t let anything happen that is out of His will.

  13. They need another 150 BILLION and 1.8 BILLION IN UNMARKED CASH – Thaks to their Muslim Brotherhood member, Barrack Huesssin Obama.

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