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Mexico City, U.S. Prepare for “Mother of All Caravans”

Despite the lies and denials from immigration activists who are actively working to put these treks together, local media reports confirm that an enormous caravan of more than 10,000 Central Americans is expected to land in Mexico City this week. Described by the Mexican Interior Department as “caravana madre” – the Mother of All Caravans – this horde of migrants is only the latest sign that El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are doing little or nothing to stop the flow of immigrants out of their misbegotten countries.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Human Rights Commission said it is working with the federal government in advance of the caravan’s arrival to ensure migrants have food, shelter, and any access to other services they may require. Beds, covers, bathrooms, and other items have been brought in for the group, according to Diario de Mexico.

The migrants are expected to be housed in the Magdalena, a sports stadium that was used in the 1968 Olympics.

Mexican officials said they have deported thousands of people this month, but 10,000 have made it past federal officers and intend on traveling to the U.S.-Mexico border.

In a tweet on Wednesday, President Trump said the federal government may have to take drastic action to prevent this caravan from breaching our borders.

“A very big Caravan of over 20,000 people started up through Mexico,” wrote Trump. “It has been reduced in size by Mexico but is still coming. Mexico must apprehend the remainder or we will be forced to close that section of the Border & call up the Military. The Coyotes & Cartels have weapons!”

Unlike previous caravans, which consisted mainly of Central Americans, the current group is reported to include immigrants of all stripes, including people from Haiti, Cuba, and even Africa. This demographic makeup not only increases the chances of terrorists and other wrongdoers being mixed into the population but also increases the risk of diseases for which there are no ready cures in place.

Furthermore, it makes a mockery of international asylum laws, which demand that migrants take refuge in the first country that offers them sanctuary. This clause has been conveniently overlooked by Democrats and immigration activists when it comes to Central Americans, many of whom were offered asylum in Mexico. To ignore it now is to give the game away: The point is not to adhere to asylum laws, the point is to flood the U.S. with third-world rejects.

And boy, are they succeeding.

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    • At the ready with adequate ammunition for sustained battle. A little shy on AK mags, but plenty of AR mags loaded to capacity.

    • Time is long past to begin treating Mexico as a HOSTILE Country. We should use the Army Corp of Engineers to build temporary holding areas on Mexico’s soil—–after declaring WAR on the Country that is encouraging the invasion of the United States. If Congress refuses to declare WAR on Mexico the executive branch should over rule them as has been done many times since World War Two. No more “catch & let go” which is just “cover” for the ongoing INVASION. Hold all invaders on Mexican soil.

  1. There’s got to be away to send these people back to there own country… I would hate to see them being killed because they are looking for a better life,. It’s there Government that needs to be changed. There’s got to be a way to help these people and by doing so, CLEAN UP THEIR GOVERNMENT…. RID THEM.. This is my opinion, I would hate to be a Country that is known as a state of slaughter of women and children… If Mexico don’t want these people moving in then I FEEL THAT THEIR PRESIDENT NEEDS TO STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING..

    • Karen. It is beyond that. We have been throwing billions of dollars at these countries for years. It has changed nothing! Just like our own war on poverty hasn’t done anything for our own poor but make them poorer!
      Why would a mother turn her child over to a cartel member her three year old, just to have that child left in the desert when the B.P. came? What mother does that, she showed no compassion for her own child! Plus, just like in a terror attack or the cowardly mussies they use the women and children as shields.
      We are past the point of compassion, this is war!

      • So true about it being war , it`s an invasion .
        There is a difference between compassion , and stupidity

          • Robert, if you want a first hand report on what can happen if you do not control immigration, ask an American Indian.

          • Immigration of people with guns who want to take you over i not relevant to immigration of people who want to live with you to have a better life.

    • O we have plenty of ways to return or stop the southern border invasion but the government is not intrested.
      The people in charge have decided that they need to be here, for many reasons.

    • Please look at gumball immigration on YouTube, it might help you understand that whatever we do will not but more importantly CAN NOT make any difference except to ruin our own Country.

    • These people are getting paid to flood America,bet you dollars to donuts Soros is behind all of it,he needs to be declared enemy of America what a POS he is!!!

  2. A small flight of A-10’s flying along that caravan, and making just one pass, to either side and let her rip. If they don’t stop after that display of power let’s roll!

  3. What happened to “AMERICA FIRST?” We still have chain migration, umpteen forms of amnesty and invaders pouring in by the thousands !
    I realize we have been sold out by BOTH political parties on the immigration issue. Both have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. We have no one standing up for us other than Trump and a few others. IMO Trump should be much more forceful in keeping the invaders OUT, the only way to do this is FORCE Mexico to keep them on their side of the border. It appears Mexico cannot or will not do this while our own corrupt, spineless politicians want illegals here. Either way, it’s adios America and help 2nd world nation. Unless WE can save America !

  4. Finish building the wall as a tool to help our BP and military troops as they are the ones blocking these invasions that have no end in sight. Otherwise, we will have to permanently build military bases all along the border as last resort for protection of our vulnerable southern border.

  5. Cut funding to Mexico! Then they should understand they need to cooperate also and close the border. It’s time for these people to change their own countries,stop coming here feeling entitled and living off the backs of American taxpayers. Americans have dreams too! AMERICANS FIRST

  6. If this continues one or perhaps all three countries majority population will be in our country seeking asylum.
    It that what the democrats are shooting for? I believe it is.
    Is that what the majority of American citizens want? I cannot believe this is what the American citizens would want if they really thought about the consequences not in a political way but how it would affect our country.

    • All these comments are spot on, use the military to help ICE, build and guard the wall. But we also need to address the biggest threat of all, George Soros, who is funding this invasion in order to achieve his life dream of bringing America to it’s knees. He is an international terrorist and an enemy to our country. Why is he still alive and free? He and his sons need to be arrested, convicted and executed as terrorists.

      • I very much disagree with his beliefs and actions, but he is still alive and free because his actions are legal due to the freedoms we have in America. What terrorist act has he committed?

  7. Rome fell apart from within, while the Goths, Huns and other barbaric tribes poured into their borders.
    Do we see some similarities here? You are witnessing the events forecast by Jesus that are happening in these last days. How sad that it is happening because we are living in the best of times and the worst of times. Because of our hate and greed of one another, we are allowing it to rule over our lives instead of the love that God shows us in Christ.
    Mat 24:6  “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Don’t be alarmed! These things must happen, but they don’t mean that the end has come. 
    Mat 24:7  Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 
    Mat 24:8  All of these are only the beginning pains of the end. 

    It would do well with us to look at what the King has to say to us.

    • “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Love your enemies.” “If you give a cup pf cold water in My name, you do it unto Me.” {paraphrase)

    • I would imagine a line of armed people men or women or better both standing with guns loaded and ready. A few well placed shots will change the minds of these illegals real fast. If the warnings don’t stop them then drop a few of them and I really think it will send them packing. Just make sure they’re on the Mexico side so we don’t have to bury them.

      • One way to turn these illegals back to their own country or seek asylum in Mexico would be to give them food loaded with exlax at every meal and provide no toilet paper or even a toilet. A few days of that occurring on Mexican soil will change their minds absolutely.

  8. nope your all wrong just need 2 planes one to bleed out jet fuel and the 2nd to drop 2 napalms one on the front one on the back and let em burn nothing beats the smell of napalm in morning perfect for this caravan eraser???? No need to Identify them just dig a hole and bury them nobody will miss them? They are the crap of society nobody wants them in their country or they would have stopped it by now. So who gives a shit what happens to them??????

  9. It’s absolutely and literally criminal that Trump hasn’t arrested George Soros, the a**hole behind all the mayhem in the US!

  10. Everybody is talking of Genocide. What if Ellis island refused our great grandparents, but shot them all instead. whatever happened to humanity? When we migrated East to West, we killed most Indians. Is this what we want as a nation, to be murderers? There are many ghost towns, settle them in one and let them survive it out.

    • That would be great but how many would stay there and we should not have to feed and clothe them. What are you going to do with the criminals. Most of these people have been told they get a free ride which no other country will do. I don’t want my hard earned money to pay for them.

      • Linda : stop today from paying federal income tax on income that you do not receive from the Federal Government? The Internal Revenue Code is all about taxation internally within the Federal Government. Do a little reading on the internet and put in your search engine the following, 4 U.S.C. 72 and you’ll know that the I.R.S. has no authority to tax your private income. Not knowing the law is what keeps you a slave to a corrupt public office at the seat of the United States Government.

    • Is this what we want, our nation as murderers? How about the over 60,000,000 little babies that have been murdered by abortion Mr. Paradis?

    • Xlax put in food will do the trick and let no toilet paper or toilet be available, they will change their minds very quickly.

    • By 1900, those going through Ellis Island had to have a “sponsor” who guaranteed full support.

      These are coming without nothing and our gutless leaders give them everything, food, shelter, clothing, medical, education. Those here in trouble get NOTHING!

  11. It can be solved by not giving food, etc until they are loaded on bus headed back to where they came from. It has been made too easy for them.

  12. This BS has got to stop and right god damn now…time to take things into our own hands…as the f%3&ing politicians are doing nothing whatsoever to protect this country and its’ citizenry from this invasion.

    • If you are going to advocate this, then have the courage of your convictions. Don’t hide behind “kill.” Say what you really mean: “Murder in cold blood.” Or preferably, change your convictions and remain silent.

  13. I have the perfect answer, put jimmie carter in charge, sometimes I just kill myself, HA, HA, HA, HA, that freak let it all start dumb bunny.

  14. Long story short – I am sick and tired of it! It is LONG past time to quit playing with these people crossing the border. Crack down, close the damn border and shoot any person that even comes close to it. No more, no more, no more!!!

    • I totally agree. If we enter other countries illegally, even in Mexico, we will be jailed or shot. Time we do the same. Turn them back the minute they are caught, no more keeping them here then letting them go never to return for their court hearings. This is stupidity at its best.

  15. Ellis island was a legal immigration port, if they applied for legal status and stayed in Mexico or their own country then let the courts decide if they can come legally or not. We don’t need more uneducation leeches in our society. We need to take care of our own here now. Stop chain migration and 1B visas and let our own educated citizens have the work they deserve.

  16. Americans are sick and tired of the Democrats lawlessness, lies and endless propaganda from their FAKE NEWS media! Without these illegal immigrants to vote the Democrats are finished, but with the endless investigations fixing to head their way! No amount of voters can save this political party from the doom it caused upon itself from the many lawless politicians and lawless governmental agency goons… This political party is done! Their socialist movement is done! Their lawless deep state politicians, lawless deep state RINOs, lawless deep state governmental agency goons, lawless deep state judges and prosecutors, deep state financial industries, other deep state lawless companies and corporations, their deep state billionaire backers and deep state foreign money backers are all facing prison for sedition and treason against the United States of America! This is no joke, investigations are already going on right now and when Trump gets re-elected his DOJ will end this corrupt lawless political party forever!
    That’s what scares me because they would easily JFK Trump to stop their demise! I sure hope the secret service is on their toes looking at this threat from within our own country! JFK was killed for going after the deep state CIA to end their lawlessness…

    • I hope you are as sick and tired of the open advocacy in this discussion of lawless murder as you are of Democratic lawlessness.

  17. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY with a brain, would stand this nonsense for another minute if they understand the reality of the situation. The amount of people, the percentage of criminals, the percentage of those carrying diseases, the percentage that have NO interest in coming here to work and assimilate to the American culture! The wall should have already been built but until it is, the military ABSOLUTELY should be protecting the border! Look at the tunnels built to smuggle drugs into the U.S. I don’t believe for one second that there aren’t still undiscovered ones being used to also smuggle people and weapons, use our military and it’s technology to stop illegal immigration!

    • I would guess that you have no idea of the percentages you mention. And how would a wall stop smuggling through tunnels?

  18. It was a matter of time. If Mexico allows them to cross then Mexico can take care of them. It should be the “Last Entry Policy”. Otherwise it’s enabling invasion. Can’t have that.

  19. We worry, we complain but do the democrates lissen NO! So what will be our salvation from this invasion? That’s truly what it is, an invasion!
    I think as TRUMP stated if they, the sanctuary cities, want them bus them there. BUT we’re a free country so you think they’ll stay there? Hell no!
    We have so many of our own in great need, thanks to the democrates, just look at the cities and their homeless lining the streets. I think it may be time to realize, no matter how hard TRUMP try’s without congress (sick democrates) we are doomed to become a thrird class nation. I pray every day and Thank God that I’m 82, wish I had more fight left in me, that I will probably be gone by then. But fear for my family!

    • Lynn Langford- Unfortunately Lynn I truely believe a good many of those in power want us to become a third world country.

  20. I cannot believe real Americans want this to happen. Who and how are they going to be taken care of. We have enough homeless and poor already , to take on the numbers that are pushing their way into this country is staggering and since they are so willing to break our countries laws already what makes you all think these lawless individuals won’t continue to bring havoc. The democrats and everyone condoning this type of behavior are traitors to this country. Shame on the lot of you – your children and your childrens children are going to pay gravely for what you are doing.


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