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UK Blasts Obama Over John Kerry’s Israel Remarks


The UK government rarely criticizes the United States, but when our country is being run by complete idiots, you have to expect that even our friends will tell us about ourselves sometimes. And nothing our government has done recently has been as idiotic as this resolution against Israel in the U.N.

But see, even that wasn’t enough to turn Britain against the Obama administration. They backed the same resolution, so what can they say?

What they did not do, however, is go in front of cameras and rip into the Israeli government. When Secretary of State John Kerry did that on Thursday, calling Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime the “most right-wing in history,” he left U.K. officials appalled.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said it was not helpful for Kerry to make the speech.

“We do not believe that the way to negotiate peace is by focusing on only one issue, in this case the construction of settlements, when clearly the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is so deeply complex,” the spokesman said. “And we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically-elected government of an ally.”

The spokesman echoed the remarks of Donald Trump, insisting that peace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be achieved through direct negotiations.

“The Government believes that negotiations will only succeed when they are conducted between the two parties, supported by the international community,” they said.

This is a government still being run by adults, apparently, unlike our own. The British government’s official position on Israel is identical to the Obama administration’s. Stronger, even. They actually voted for the resolution while the U.S. only abstained. And they maintained their condemnation for the settlements on Friday.

But since they aren’t trying to “get back” at Netanyahu, they are baffled by Kerry’s disgusting speech and the rest of this childishness. Obama’s feelings are hurt, his ego is bruised, and he wants to flex his muscles a little before Donald Trump boots him out of the White House. For that small pleasure, he’s willing to create a foreign policy tornado and endanger Israel’s security. That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with here.

Only another three weeks.

But damn, how much damage can they do in that time?


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  • Bama

    Kerry’s asinine comments and typical Leftist rhetoric are indicative of his Muslim sympathies and complete incompetence. His attack against our strongest ally reflects the anti Semitic stance of the Liar in Chief!

  • bagster53

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    • The obama 8 years with his gang of communist & muslims have been a embarrassment to America from the start in 2008. Having first hillary & then kerry as “spokesman” for our country has only shown the world what America has come to and those “liberals” that were foolish enough to bring obama to power should be ashamed of themselves. We can only hope that President Trump is able to restore America to the great country we were before obama.

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  • John Kerry is a Jackass and has no sense at all. Don’t like Obama’s little boy at all, never have. And damn sure never will.

  • Rob

    As much as we despise John Kerry, and this fraudulent hood-rat, community organizer, closet Muslim, Pathological Liar, obama, we must keep in mind that God is in complete control, and these things must take place as it is written!

  • Rob

    I love Israel, and I am extremely humiliated, and angered by what obama has done concerning Israel. What do we do with such a snake in the grass? Obama has turned the White House into a den of iniquity full of poisonous snakes! Anyone who would do such a horrible thing to our beloved ally Israel must be dealt with, with extreme prejudice! On one hand we want to lash out and retaliate, yet on the other hand we know that God is in charge, and it is written “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord!” These things must come to pass!

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  • Dee

    Obama would have done more damage in the last 8 years except for the fact that he was sure Hillary was going to succeed him and carry on his idiocy.

  • Bitterwater

    Remember Kerry joining the Hate-America Gang in 1973 after the Vietnam War, telling dirty Lies about our Military. He has a Democrat brain problem.

  • Mary Thoeni

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  • David Barneby

    It is about time the British government and the EU realized they have to separate themselves from the United States government , no matter which party is in power . The US is controlled by Zionists , US policies always tend to favour Israel , no matter what , the tail is wagging the dog . Leaving aside that Obama and Kerry are evil snakes in the grass , Netanyahu is right wing and a really Nasty Piece of Work . Being politically correct , diplomacy means being mealy mouthed , eating you words before you say them . The present US government is a Shite Heap that cannot end soon enough . One is full of hopes for the future with Trump , but uncertainty lies ahead . Israel is grossly abusing its rights and clearly won’t be satisfied til it has spread itself over the whole of Palestine , yet nobody has the guts to stand up and say Boo to the Israeli government .

  • Agree with all except MT.
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  • God bless John Kerry, but he doen’t go far enough as far as condemning these international gangsters and swindlers! The war criminal Netanyahu belongs in an unmarked grave along with the entire criminal leadership and most of the non-semitic Khazar hordes of the Satanic Squatter Hate Colony dating back to the Rothschild “Plantation” home invasion robbers of 1882 and since! End GhettoMed! Free Palestine! Fog(K) Demonic IsraHell. OUT NOW! L’Crime!!!

  • God bless John Kerry, but he doesn’t go far enough against these brick throwing international gangsters and swindlers working 24/7 to destroy our ONLY country and the world’s peace, and to keep gentile mankind in another century of war as they have since the French Revolution. The war criminal Netanyahu belongs in an unmarked grave along with the entire criminal leadership and most of the non-semitic Khazar hordes of the Satanic Squatter Hate Colony dating back to the Rothschild “Plantation” home invasion robbers of 1882 and since! End GhettoMed! Free Palestine! Fog(K) Demonic IsraHell. OUT NOW! L’Crime!!!

  • Nancy Moody

    I am scared of how much more damage Obama can do before he leaves office. There was speculation on Fox News this morning that he might try to put his nominee on the Supreme Court when the Senate is between sessions at noon today.

  • Kerry made a lot of enemies with this speech. Can you befriend militant Islam? It wouldn’t take much insight to newer that question! As a former US Army Officer I find Kerry’s speech, and Obama’s actions as extremely dangerous!

  • Pete Dillon

    OBAMA’S gang of lying minions have done more damage to this country than a neutron bomb. The insidious fact that everyone wants to ignore is that white liberals and guilt induced whites put him in power for two terms. The old saying,”fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on ME” could not be more appropriate; used anywhere else in history than when Odumma was given two shots at ruining our Republic. He knew 8 years wasn’t long enough to kill Christianity with Islamic dogma ergo he tried to implement Socialism, but something else killed that plan too. He totally corrupted every governmental agency, but along came Lying Hillary and she shined a bright light into Odumma’s cave. That light was enough to finally wake up the “deplorable masses” and at that point the wheels started to come off Odumma’s planned ruination of America. He, due to killary, ran out of time to complete his destruction of our Country. He gave it his best shot, but thanks to God, bibles, guns, but mostly Lying Hillary and her minions, the clock ran out, voters woke up, Trump got on target and the rest is now HISTORY.

  • I have lost all respect for Barack Obama for behaving like an absolute jerk and a jackass in words and deeds. He is all about preserving his own legacy than thinking about the nation and a healthy transition of the new presidency. His Obamacare sucks. The deductibles are the biggest curse even for those insured through their employers. What a bad legacy to fight for. As for Kerry, he will always be remembered for his remarks on Israel in support of his boss Obama, a Muslim and sympathizer of all fellow Muslims.

  • Theresa May-smart lady, common sense and beautiful too. We could use more like her.

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    John Kerry; is a pompous ass.