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You Won’t Believe Who’s Helping North Korea Obtain Chemical Weapons


While the United Nations is expected to give humanitarian aid to countries that are suffering, who knew that they were also in the business of helping rogue regimes obtain chemical weapons?

But that’s the unavoidable conclusion of a Fox News investigation, which found that a U.N. agency has been guiding North Korea through the patent process, bringing them ever closer to obtaining a banned chemical compound that is commonly used in weapons of mass destruction.

From the report:

For more than a year, a United Nations agency in Geneva has been helping North Korea prepare an international patent application for production of sodium cyanide — a chemical used to make the nerve gas Tabun — which has been on a list of materials banned from shipment to that country by the U.N. Security Council since 2006.

The World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, has made no mention of the application to the Security Council committee monitoring North Korea sanctions, nor to the U.N. Panel of Experts that reports sanctions violations to the committee, even while concerns about North Korean weapons of mass destruction, and the willingness to use them, have been on a steep upward spiral.

Fox News spoke to several Security Council agencies about the ongoing patent process and they all denied knowing anything about WIPO’s collaboration with the North Koreans. And while they insisted that WIPO did not necessarily do anything to deliberately defy international sanctions, they did acknowledge that the agency should have known better than to help Kim Jong Un obtain such a controversial patent.

“This is a disturbing development that should be of great concern to the U.S. administration and to Congress, as well as the U.S. Representative to the U.N.,” William Newcomb, a former member of the U.N. Panel of Experts, told Fox News.

No, it’s a goddamn travesty, is what it is. And if the Trump administration needed another reason to yank U.S. funding from the United Nations, it’s difficult to see why this wouldn’t be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Whether WIPO was helping North Korea out of incompetence or direct defiance of global security norms, it proves conclusively that we cannot trust the U.N. to further American interests.

At the very least, it’s time for the U.S. to make it clear that WIPO needs to be under new management – like, yesterday. This isn’t the first time the agency has gone behind the Security Council’s back to work with North Korea, but we need to make damn sure it’s the last. This is unacceptable, especially when the U.S. and its allies – hell, even its adversaries – are doing everything possible to prevent Kim Jong Un from making progress towards a nuclear arsenal.


  • Estell Newton

    The UN is the disgusting thing standing where it ought not in the Bible. They want to bring down the world into a hew world order. It comes as no surprise that they are helping NK

    • Helga miller

      It was a surprise that they are helping NK!! The UN is worse than we thought and we now see them as anti American. We should get them out of the US and let Europe have them if we can’t shut them down outright. President Trump was not able to do it because the Establishment fights him tooth and nail. What good have they done?? Can someone answer that question?

      • Estell Newton

        They have only bad intentions. Are you familiar with the Bible verse ‘When you see the disgusting that causes desolation flee to the mountains? That is referring to the UN. When their troops land on our soil, we better already have a place to run to. Did you know they want to take over Lake Superior because it’s the largest body of fresh water in the world? They also want control of Michigan’s upper peninsula. Why. To make it into a wild life preserve. And they want to kick everyone out of there except a few chosen by them. Have you heard of holistic medicine? I have a friend who used to do it until the UN sent her a letter stating that she had to do it their way or she couldn’t do it. She stopped practicing. They are up to no good. I’m glad God has everything under control.

        • Gabriele Shultz

          Yeah right God has everything under control,hahaha

          • Estell Newton

            Go ahead and scoff. You’re only fulfilling Bible prophesy.

  • Db

    President Trump needs to pull all funding of the UN abd tell them all to fend for themselves

  • randy jackson

    More proof that the UN needs to be disbanded.
    I thought sore that Obama was going to be outed—-wrong—-it’s the UN.
    Stop funding the UN.
    Implode the building in NY.
    Boot all the foreign diplomats.
    Or—–lock ’em up!

  • donald coder

    The UN is a bigoted anti-Semitic mob bent on the destruction of Israel. But if you look at history, you find that Israel always wins, so we can be certain that the bigoted UN will fail as Israel wins.

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Quite the opposite. The UN has failed to protect Israel’s neighbors from its war crimes, human rights violations, and blatant territorial expansionism. (In this regard – Yes, “Israel always “wins”.)


        Israel sits over there ,quietly , while our tax dollars send them millions of dollars a day to be the leader in possession of weapons of mass destruction as the US continues to call them “our allies”. Biblically, they will not be the end time winners.

        • Mustafa Curtess

          Very Perceptive of you! We not only pay for their weapons, but also for their walls, illegal settlements, infrastructure, and their “entitlement” program that pays young Israeli Jews (that don’t want to work) to stay home and keep their wives and GF’s pregnant – in hopes to out-breed their Israeli Arab population. (Sounds familiar? Yes – Jews are VERY Liberal and Communistic (which is a huge success there – because Americans are paying for it. Israel has “dibbs” on the last dollar the U.S. will be able to borrow.)

          • Jim Brown

            Mistags, you can always go back where you come from. Israel is the only country over ther worth us investing in. The are barely a speck in that area. We will always protect the against all the countries that hate them. Should they be attacked, I would support turning all that sand into glass!

          • Mustafa Curtess

            LOOK! – Ass-Hole! I AM “where I come from”. I have the same right to disagree with my government – as you have to disagree with me.
            It was comment from Patricia Mead that I requested, so don’t try to speak for her.
            Meanwhile – YOU need to BUTT OUT, (if all you can contribute is to tell me to leave my own country.)

          • PATRICIA MEAD

            The ignorant always say, if you don’t like it leave. We who stand up for our country will always be insulted by those who don’t have a clue about what is wrong. Remember this, it was only 5% who were responsible for the revolution. The remainder were fence riders. If no one stands up for America we are doomed.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Thank You – that is another excellent point. It seems that there’s so many different attitudes about what constitutes “standing up for America”, tho.
            I suppose that those repeating the worst lies, suggesting that the Constitution (which they otherwise pretend to love so dearly) must be ammended or repealed, and hoping for a civil war – believe that they are “standing up”.
            (If they got what they say they want – they would end up living all alone in a hell-hole of their own creation – with no one left to blame EXCEPT themselves, and with only Atheism to show them the way “out”.)
            My feeble attempts to encourage pragmatism and reason are met with personal insults, another repeat of the lies, and the demand that I “go back to where I came from” (altho my European American genes go back 300 years, and my Native American genes go back so far that even Anthropologists aren’t yet certain.)
            Maybe best that can be done is to sit back and watch this madness come to its conclusion and see how we deal with all the (unexpected and amazing) negative consequences.

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            You and Patricia have gotten your 2 cents in now let it go at that, I don’t want to hear anything more from either of you.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            If you don’t want to hear more from me – you just have train yourself to ignore and scroll past anything under my name. No bigoted, butt-hurt, sore-head can cut me out the conversation. (Only the site moderators have that authority.)
            Patricia will have to speak for herself – but I expect she would say something similar.

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            You call what you are doing standing up for America?? You must be severly brain damaged from all that cool-ade you’ve been drinking.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            What AM I “doing” – other than exercising my right to express my opinions and a different perspective? Allowing only those you agree with to speak up – sure is a sorry way for anybody to “stand up”.(In fact – it is un-American.)

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            I am not stopping you or anyone from expressing your opinions, but I am not going to remain silent myself if I totally disagree with what your opinions are, by the way I do think that you are definitely in-American and pro Muslim.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Lol! There has never been any doubt about what you THINK.
            How could you stop anyone from expressing their opinion, anyway?

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            Oh my God, a converted Muslim, how terrible, put on watch list immediately, memo to our secret service.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Get A Clue – Kemo-Sabe’! “Secret Service” doesn’t keep the “watch-list”. (Try FBI and DHS.) (And make sure you spell my name correctly.)

          • PATRICIA MEAD

            We in the US have been brainwashed into believing all Israel’s enemies are our enemies.. The US has created it’s enemies by interfering where it is not our duty solely for the benefit of Israel. This nation is ruled by the Jewish bank as we indebt ourselves in their desire to take Palestine and all they call their enemies. It is Israel who is the enemy to the world.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Bingo! Correct AGAIN! (What’s a smart girl like you – doing on a dumb site like this ? !!!!).

          • Shawn Sapp

            You sound just like a muslim, or should I say enemy.

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            Patricia, Mustafa, called you smart so why don’t you join his terrorist group, maybe he will use you to blow some people up. I call you a stupid donkey.

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            Put this man on our watch list, he speaks like a terrorist and probably acts like one too. Has he every been vetted?? He should be born here or not.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Oh – I reckon I’ve been “vetted”: (Every time I’ve renewed my U.S. Passport – and again when I went to work for the government agency I’m retired from.).

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            You call a stamp being vetted I bet and you worked for a government agency what government was that Iran??

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Ever heard of a Security Clearance? Ever got a NFA Title2 license? Trust Me – considerably more than a “stamp” is involved.

        • Ron Brooks

          Israel has been under attack by the Palestinian terrorist pigs for 50 years. Contrary to what they claim, muslims do not own everything. Israel is the only ally the U.S. has in that filthy sand box, so we need to help protect them from the hamas led palestinian attempts at domination.

          • PATRICIA MEAD

            The question is , is Israel under attack or is Palestine under attack? Yes it is an age old battle. Why does Israel want to take over Palestine? Are these Muslims trying to defend themselves? Palestine, unlike Israel who has plenty of ammo, has nothing to fight with. As for their religion or ours, we each have different Gods. Jews hate Christ as do Muslims but it is not about religion. It is about oil and power and Israel’s dependency on America to fulfill their plan..

          • Ron Brooks

            Palestine is definitely the aggressor, and they have plenty of weapons & ammo supplied by Iran. Iran supplies & supports hamas & hezbollah, both of which are stirring the trouble there. Palestine also announced a few months ago that they were handing control to Hamas by a so called merger, which is only a b.s. attempt at allowing Hamas to do whatever they want by giving them official status. If they could get rid of those groups then the rest would be fine as they were in the past. Of course that means Obama’s pals in CAIR & Muslim Brotherhood would have to be shut down also or it would continue. Ultimately Iran is responsible for the vast majority of the troubles in that whole region in an attempt to gain control over more of the region & enslave even more people. As long as Iran or any other Islamic government is in control there won’t be peace anywhere because they use their so called religion word for word as a a means to commit terrible actions. Basically, Obama’ assistance to Iran in their attempts to strengthen their military for attacks against the U.S. & it’s allies through a number of proxy groups, one which was created right here in the U.S. & still has a representative group here, has not only continued to make things worse in the region, it has placed Israel under increasing threat, & has helped North Korea build their missile program. It won’t be long before Iran & North Korea have nukes that will hit the U.S., and we have the previous administration and his slithering disciples to thank for it.

          • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

            Patricia, please stop talking, it is pure gibberish and whatever your taking get off it its making you crazy.

        • Shawn Sapp

          As I recall, biblically, Isreal will never be defeated again. I should think they definitely need to be our allies.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            How can you think that the Israel in Palestine – is the “Israel” of the bible? (I’ve heard and read both Jews and Christains argue among themselves about this.) And meanwhile this little malignant cancer transplanted into the Muslim world has kept the entire region in the misery of “chemotherapy” combatting it – so far unsuccessfully.

          • Shawn Sapp

            Palestine? Where is that? I wasnt aware any such place existed in our time. Look at any real map and find palestine.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            You are correct. Atlases were made “Politically Correct” about 40 years ago. But those pesky Palestinians just refuse to disappear. (Inconvenient for your conscience – isn’t it?) Nice to be American and certain that we will never suffer what they have.

          • PATRICIA MEAD

            Thanks, Mustafa. The old Israel is not the New Israel ! Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and the new Israel is described many times in the Bible. People are mislead into believing the old Israel is the land God gave HIS (Christian) people who will never move again. America is the most bless nation in the world, not the old Israel whom God has forsaken.

          • PATRICIA MEAD

            The old Israel has nothing without the American financial support. How can they save us when they can not even support themselves? There religion, from their Bible, the Talmud, denies Christ. There are very few Christians in the old Israel. Perhaps it is America who will not be defeated in the end time battle.

    • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

      I’m not so sure but I’m pretty sure we have to stop supporting the UN and get them out of our country ASAP.

  • doc

    Time to dump the UN,Just another sore to the wanting of a one world order!~!

    • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

      The UN is part of the swamp outside of Washington and it must be drained also. GEt us out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.


    good job FOX NEWS, the all despicable bunch of latrine news cnn, abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc, they really stink and would never do any real journalism work. their only agenda is DESTROY THE U.S. so why would they try to find out this enemy is getting WMD to uses against us. THE FCC SHOULD CLOSE ALL THESE LATRINES

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Interesting comment, Mr. Vallejo. If the FCC had been doing its job, these broadcasting monopolies could not exist (because they could not be licensed by the FCC). This is something that has “slipped thru the cracks” so incrementally that the public hasn’t noticed.



  • Mustafa Curtess

    Reeks of Fake (which we can now expect from Fox – since it has began leaning so steeply Liberal).

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      On Fox who are the liberals????

  • Ernesto S Rodriguez

    The UN has not served the US interests for decades. It is time to stop, disband & get the UN out of the USA!!!??????✝️???❌

    • Ray

      Right, got to STOP funding the UN. Got to happen.

    • KingDon

      Not just for decades. They’ve never supported our interests.

    • Rose Weleski

      Agree! Agree! Agree!

    • AL ELLIS

      Once again Trump is right, he should have stuck to his conclusion about the UN and get us out, quit giving them money, and close them down in the U.S.. Just more globalists trying to annihilate our country. Everyone should Tweet Trump to get us out once and for all

  • Gerald Mitchell

    Dies this surprise anyone?


    THE END-GOAL of the so-called “United Nations” is to be the ‘SEAT OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER’ which must NEVER come to fruition!!!!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    what do you expect the u.n. is full of communist and muslims , they are all murderers

  • Larry Brule



    Remember the billboards, years ago “get the US out of the UN” ? It has taken many years to awake the people and it is too late. In reality we pay for our own destruction through borrowed money, the banks of which support both sides. It’s a no win situation.

  • Kim Chul Soo

    We can always count on the loser UN to take the low criminal road in any situation. Get them out of our country and terminate our membership.

  • Carolyn McK

    WTH! The UN has become a communist organization. We need to get out of it now! Let it fall apart. We need to make the rest of the world know that we will fight to keep our nation free!

    • Shandor1280

      It’s Globasocialist, not Communist. Even Vladimir Putin is not Communist anymore, he just wants to strengthen Russia–and we need to push back on him sometimes–not let him grab the Baltic States or Finland! All the commenters here agree that the UN is unAmerican and has to go away, so we voters need to vote out Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians who are really Globasocialists; they stay in power by deception and distraction. Examples are: McCain, all the Bushes, Cuomos, Clintons, Kennedys, Obamas, and Paul Ryan. Ted Cruz is likely a real patriot, but it gives me the willies that his wife works for Goldman Sachs!

      • Mustafa Curtess

        Russia hasn’t “grabbed” any Baltic states! It merely had to re-annex a small part (Crimea) of one – to main access to its only warm-water port (that is threatened by NATO).
        Reagan was bragging about the way he had betrayed a promise to Russia when he made his hypocritical quote: “Trust – but verify”. (Russia “trusted” – without any WAY to “verify”.)
        Instead of being properly shamed by it – we LOVED Reagan for it.

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Stop wasting our people’s money on the military! It has been the “best in the world” (by FAR) – for almost a century. Your paranoia that “that the Russians (or Chinese) are coming” has manipulated our public opinion for too long.

  • Old Vet

    United Nations=oxymoron…….Stop the funding now, Trump.

  • Salgal

    I’m sure that if we stopped funding the UN, other countries would increase their funds. We have to kick the UN out of our country and never give them another cent. Yes, they are in favor of globalism, and we are not.

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Actually – if USA would wash our hands of the UN, most other countries would do likewise. All It has become – is a portal to access the money that comes with American subversion and manipulation under the COVER of the UN. It is probably the greatest threat to U.S. independence and sovereignity of all. Frankly, we can no longer AFFORD the UN (nor the lawessness of its “diplomats”) and without our support neither could anybody else. Let it wither and die on the vine.

  • Nancy Anderson

    I wish someone would kidnap that fat little pig and parachute him into Iraq or Iran or any other sandtrap country and let them take care of him.

  • bob

    The U.N. is a USELESS organization & the U.S. should pullout of it OR pay the MINIMUN amount of our dues & ask them to relocate their headquarters somewhere overseas.

  • Michael Mcraven


  • Joe Gleaton

    dump the in

  • dranalog

    Why the hell are we still in the UN. That is an anti American organization.

  • Dan Meyer

    The last number I saw was We the people pay over $6,000,000,000 a year to support this worthless POS! Post WWII it was a good idea so the U.S. and Britain could keep an eye on the rest of the world, but times change and yes, the UN has been worthless for decades.
    Pull out now and put something of use in that prime real estate.

  • Ron

    And you’re surprised by this?

  • greenlantern1

    Didn’t Oliver North sell arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?
    Doesn’t Trump want China’s help with North Korea?

  • Alan404

    If the foregoing is actual fact, an old, to seldom question again rears it’s head, that question being as follows. Why have past governments of the United States allowed such scams go operate on U.S. Soil, said scams receiving a healthy shot of financial aid and support from the American Taxpayer? Does one hear answers from the halls of government, be they occupied by Democrats or Republicans? Not that one would notice, how come?

  • Vince

    We have NO NO USE FOR UN IN AMERICA….. should be kick out of USA

  • teachersaide

    With all the other catastrophes that the UN has been involved with, I am amazed, that this somehow shocked me! The Lunatics are in charge of the asylum! NO more USA tax money for the UN, until they clean house!

    • Bella Gray

      They will never clean house, the house IS THEM. Soros has massive control over them, as well. Also a very large portion are Muslims. The other thing to consider is if we withdraw our influence leaves as well. What do you get as a result, Israel being sanctioned. We just saw that happen when Obama withheld our vote. What if they try to sanction us also? Right now we support the entire lot of them, thus we retain power over ourselves, and a some control over them. Of course now we are still in the untenable position of supporting our own enemy. Remember we cannot kill members of other nations, so what we have is a catch-22. Now you know why a POTUS’s job is so hard.

  • Do recall sending my so called representatives a request to get out of the U.N. . You can guess their answers.

    • Bella Gray

      No, tell us exactly and include his or her name. We need to make known who these people who are betraying us are.

  • Jeanette Wells

    Please kick the UN to the curb! They serve no purpose but to harm the US! Supplying chemical weapons to North Korea is just unforgiveable, and it should be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Get rid of the UN and throw them out of the UN building. We pay an exorbitant amount of money to keep them going, and for WHAT?! So they can work with our enemies for our destruction?

  • Constitutionist

    Time to get rid of the UN. They do not like the USA either. Trump kick them out of this Country.

  • Bella Gray

    OMG! Why would any of us be surprised at this? Keep in mind the members of the U.N. ARE THE GLOBALISTS TRYING TO TAKEOVER THE FREE WORLD! Right before Obama left office he stole $9.2 BILLION, without authorization of Congress, and gave it to them to use against us. POTUS was only able to stop 221 million from transferring. Now this ….

  • Carol

    Defund the UN. It should have been done LONG ago !!!

  • Tiger

    This makes perfect sense. Who is responsible for the UN Plan 21/2030? This is the Plan Obama spoke about in front of the UN. Who is in the way of the UN following through with this Plan? Who isn’t signing onto their Resolutions related to gun control, climate change, not taking the number of refugees they want us to, the control of the seas, not eating meat, not going to stop using air conditioning or heating? America. Who is saying he is going to nuke America, fat boy. So hey folks I strongly suggest you call, write, email the WH and your representatives ASAP. Trump really threw a wrench into this bunch and how thankful we should be he took on this mess. God help him and those in the world who are fighting for their Sovereignty and Cultures and may the Almighty do something to the UN.

    • 2Shadow2

      Ahhh haaaaa. Once again you beat me to the punch line. I hate it when that happens!! But just for consolidation I will post the UN Agenda 2030 explained for those who think the support for giving nerve gas to insane people is not without reason.

      • Tiger

        Well ya know Mr. Dillon being Miss Kitty I hear things all the time faster than you can draw that gun out of it’s holster. LOLOL

        Good that you will explain UN 2030 because I just take too much for granted sometime thinking most understand it.

  • 2Shadow2

    If you ever doubted UN Agenda 2030 please read this for why the nerve gas to crazies might be approved.

  • rick meek

    Get rid of the UN —– It’s all a NWO program anyway…..

  • egalicki

    Not only stop funding but move them out of the US. Maybe Zimbabwe would have a place for them.

  • Philip Allen

    Time to quit supporting and for the United States to get out of the United Nations. The UN Is no good for America.

  • Don Taylor

    drop a MOAB ON THE U.N. , EASY FIX ?

  • rothgar

    Do any of you folks have any clue what goes into a patent? If you did you’d know this is a faux scandal set up to trigger your distrust of the UN.

    If North Korea knows how to brew sodium cyanide already. To produce the information needed to apply for any patent you need to know the technology of your invention. The risk to any inventor of patent disclosure is your competitors now know what you know once you get the patent. Actually by getting North Korea to document how they make this chemical the world community now knows what to look for to locate and/or stop their production of this chemical if we need to.

    Enjoy the outrage. Now what are the authors trying to hide by getting y’all riled up about this nonsense.

  • George Hilliard

    Have been saying this for decades. Get US out of the UN.

  • jcgreen2

    Get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US!

  • J.Bob

    I don’t know this website. This is the first time I’ve run across it. But I won’t be back. Anyone who writes a story based on a news story from another source (such as in this case Fox News) but refuses to put the link to the original story in their post or even add it at the bottom tells me they are taking liberties with the basic story as posted and doesn’t want us to go fishing. Count me out of this website.

  • Sal Belardo

    What North Korea may have forgotten is that the US is the only country that has dropped an Atom bomb and we may do it again if need be!

  • Cookie Vranish

    Why is this even a story? Most, if not all people know the UN is just a gang of crooks trying to rule the world!

  • brucefandrews

    Just another reason for the America to get out of the U.N. and to get the U.N. OUT of AMERICA.

  • Robert Russell

    Dump UN they are not in our best interest all we are to them is money so they can party.

  • ihatelibs

    EXTERMINATE the MUZZY RAN U.N. Or BOOT’EM OUT of the US , And get US , OUT of the UN

  • TadhgMcLir

    Rather than get out, simply have our “Ambassador” on the Security Council Veto anything we see as against America. Use the muscle we have rather than bow and scrape to little tin pot dictators.

  • nancy miller

    I have written that so many times that I am even boring myself. The UN does absolutely nothing for the US but be a waste of our money. It has failed the world just as Wilson’s League of Nations did.

  • yellowjacket2

    Get us the hell out of the UN!!!!
    Kick them out of NY and burn the building down!

  • Tiger

    Yep knew this read it a while back. The UN got a punch to the gut and a fist up the kazoo when Trump took office. Daily their dreams of Agenda 21/2030 is unraveling before their eyes, just like the dreams of the scheming anti American Lefties. The rioting didn’t do it, the marches didn’t do it, the main media is getting caught in it’s web of lies and congressional jackasses along with RINO aren’t getting rid of the pesky citizens of this country, the Sovereignty loving citizens and that Trump dude, who just made a huge hit on the world stage so let little crazed kimchi Kimmie do it. Take out a few million of us, cause chaos and then the crazed ISIS among us that our Southern Command, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security have told congress is here, wipe us out across the country from the little towns to the big cities, as the BLM, Black Panthers, La Raza and Nation of Islam join in the fun of killing Americans.

    Time for the UN to bite the dust, in the Middle East where they belong being as they are pregnant with those from that part of the world who hate us.

  • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

    We must get out of the UN, it sucks, and kick it out of our country and absolutely stop funding it completely. We are being taken by this organization for everything they can, lets stop being its biggest fool.