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A Favorable Court Ruling on Immigration…From the Ninth Circuit??

Well, miracles do happen.

This week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a misbegotten court that has been relentlessly hostile to both the Trump administration and the rule of law, actually came back with a ruling favorable to the president.

In a surprising decision on Tuesday, the court granted the Trump administration permission to keep sending asylum seekers back to Mexico while they await their day before a judge. The ruling overturns a recent San Francisco District Court decision that blocked Trump from sending refugees back across the border. The merits of the policy itself have still not been ruled on, however, meaning this reprieve could be only temporary.

The ACLU, which is the plaintiff in the case against Trump, said in a statement that “there is good reason to believe that ultimately this policy will be put to a halt.”

“Asylum seekers are being put at serious risk of harm every day that the forced return policy continues,” the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project said in a statement. “Notably, two of the three judges that heard this request found that there are serious legal problems with what the government is doing.”

Even the New York Times was taken aback by the decision, telling readers that it was “an unusual victory for the Trump administration in the liberal-leaning court.” That’s about as close as you’ll ever hear the Times coming to admitting that this president has been stymied by left-wing judicial activism.

Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy was put into effect late last year as the Department of Homeland Security struggled to find ways to discourage the onslaught of illegal immigrants. With the program’s initiation, migrants who wanted to apply for asylum in San Diego or El Paso would be sent back across the border to await further processing. The policy is intended to cut down on the out-of-control “catch and release” loopholes that have allowed ineligible refugees to stay in the United States indefinitely (with full permits to work!)

In allowing the Trump administration to continue the policy, the appellate judges cited Mexico’s newfound willingness to cooperate.

“The plaintiffs fear substantial injury upon return to Mexico, but the likelihood of harm is reduced somewhat by the Mexican government’s commitment to honor its international-law obligations and to grant humanitarian status and work permits to individuals returned,” the judges said.

Sounds to us like a great place to settle down and apply for asylum.

You know, like international law demands.

What do you think?

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  1. first off all they are not seeking asylum they are seeking a free ride, while countless numbers of legal Americans are failing and homeless. our doors should be closed to all , America needs to be sure that all legal Americans have jobs and homes ect , before allowing any more into this country, most are criminals ect, look at Sweden rape up by 6000 , America is under attack and the democrats keep giving away what true Americans have earned … hell I met a Mexican the other day asking if wanted to buy food stamps , go figure ……..our country has been raped way to long , close all borders , just like most countries , wipe out the democratic party which wants socialism so they can allow anyone in for cheap labor ect … GO TRUMP and YES GOD BLESS AMERICA

  2. This article doesn’t answer key questions about the Court’s decision, nor about the policy that the ACLU was challenging. Yes, it would apply to adults who enter from Mexico seeking asylum. What about adults with children asking for asylum? What about unaccompanied minors? What about people with immediate health emergencies?

    The way the smuggling cartels play it, as one loophole closes up, they look for the next one to be exploited. In order to decide whether current DHS policy will work to thwart the smuggling gangs, you have to have a complete picture of current policy. That’s where this article is weak.

    That said, the Ninth Court decision prevents a spectacular defeat of border controls at the hands of international criminal cartels. Should we lavish praise on the Court for doing this? For taking responsibility? You could say that “they were doing their job”, whereas the ACLU was in the court as anarchists intent on assisting criminal cartels in monetizing the border while victimizing hundreds of thousands of poor people.

  3. They Can Go Back! To Mexico! And Wait! The Good Ones! Will Make It Hear In Time! The Bad Ones! Will Dig! Or Climb Over The Fence! At Our Southern Border! Because they Know! they Won’t Pass The Background Checks! AMEN! AND AMEN! GLORY TO THE GREAT “I AM” 😎👍

  4. If, the Communists (ACLU), are fighting against the decision, you can bet that the decision was a good decision for the country. The ACLU is nothing, but a crap organization that has the face of SOROS on their agenda. It is a terrorist organization in legal suits, to halt anything good for this country. I attribute the decision made by the 9th Circuit was made with either fear of President Trump bringing down the hammer and breaking up the 9th with new circuit judges or there is already a new circuit judge there. MAGA TRUMP 2020 MAGA

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