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ACLU Sues to Keep Citizenship Question out of the U.S. Census

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union made good on their threat and filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over plans to include a new question on the 2020 Census: Specifically, one which would ascertain whether or not the respondent is a U.S. citizen. According to the left, of which the ACLU is an undeniable agent, this question is somehow unconstitutional and unfair and will lead to an unreliable count in the next Census.

“Manipulating the census to discriminate against and disadvantage certain groups violates both the Fifth Amendment right to equal protection and the constitutional obligation that the census counts every living person in the United States, not just every citizen,” writes Ceridwen Cherry, one of the ACLU’s staff attorneys. “Lower response rates will be catastrophic for communities and states with large immigrant populations. As a result of an undercounting of their residents, states may lose seats in Congress and crucial federal funding that is tied to census results.

“The 2020 census data will also be used by states to draw congressional and state legislative districts,” Cherry continues. “Depressing census response rates in already underrepresented communities will allow politicians to draw even more skewed legislative districts and further dilute the political power of these communities. That result plays directly into a longstanding Trump administration plan to exclude non-citizens when apportioning legislative districts as a way to further strip the political power of immigrant communities.

Welp, there’s a lot to unpack there, so let’s get started.

By asking the citizenship question, the Census will not count everyone, she claims This cannot be proven by any means other than actually taking the Census and comparing it to the last one. You certainly cannot claim that adding a question like this to the survey results in an automatic violation of the census’s purpose.

But let’s get into what Cherry calls the “catastrophic” effects of an undercount. She claims that states with large illegal immigrant populations will lose federal funds and seats in Congress. To that we can only say: YES. That’s exactly what SHOULD happen! In fact, Alabama is right now filing suit on the very premise that it is monstrously unfair that states like California should continue to soak up constitutional representation from other states merely because they refuse to enforce federal immigration law. And they have a damn good point. If you want to invite every illegal in the Southern Hemisphere to live in your states, YOU find a way to pay for it!

There is no reason that “immigrant communities” (meaning those who are here illegally) should have any political power at all – certainly, this consideration should not prevent the U.S. government from asking a simple question on the Census. Citizenship means something. To the ACLU and the immigrant-rights activists and their Democratic Party friends in Washington, the difference between “citizen” and “illegal immigrant” is negligible. And they are on a full campaign to erase the distinction both culturally and legally.

If we want to keep this country sane, whole, and successful, we cannot and must not let them win.

What do you think?

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  1. Ridiculous to sue to keep a valid question off the census. It’s primary purpose is to determine Congressional representation which is all about one’s citizenship.

    • Why is the ACLU suing?
      They are not asking if you are queer, perverted, bigoted, racist, or anti American.
      They mearly put an old, standard question back into the census.

      • The courts will decide if it stays in or not. In my opinion I believe it’ll be removed. The reason why is the Constitution requires that we have a full accounting of all people living in United States. It’s unfortunate that partisan politics has to be put into play.

        • But to determine representation in the US House, we must know how many of the people living in the US are actually citizens. We do not extend representation to those who are not citizens. Period, the end. If we did, people from every country in the world would be counted, and included in redistricting all over the country, but mostly around the largest cities. But, I guess that is what libs (Dems) want. More representatives in the US House, means more power from the cities that are mostly liberal.

          • Charles Doss is right. By asking that question it only separates the legal
            citizens from the undocumented immigrant so we will know how many unregistered guests we have. Of course the Democratic Party DOES NOT
            want them recognized as illegals because then they can’t register them to vote Democratic

    • Agree, we as citizens, have the RIGHT to know how many illegals we are supporting with OUR tax dollars, and how much money is going to these countries that illegals are from, Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatamala are a few.


    • Democrats are the very ones who want to count Illegal Immigrants in the census. Because, this
      gives them extra electoral voting power in State like California which already have 55. Damn, Obama’s Shadow Government has Eric Holder going across the country redrawing voting districts to assure more Democrats will be voted into Office. Just like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters staying in Office forever. Yes, Democrats scream collusion whenever they lose. ACLU is trying to skew the Electoral voting count in swing states. The more Illegals the left can pack into these states is a advantage along with Holder getting districts redrawn to advantage to the Democrat Party.

    • The AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union! Since ILLEGALS are NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS, so why are they filing suit? I believe this violates there charter, and if it does, can be a reason to disband and outlaw it! While a little of what they do is good, so much of it is hog wash! (Proud of myself – I almost said horse shit)!

      In so many elections unions and other people with power over the ILLEGALS are forcing the ILLEGALS to VOTE although they could go to jail for it! I saw busloads of ILLEGALS being bused to the polls with orders from the unions to vote for the Democrats – many had a copy of the ballot in their pocket so that they would know where to mark the cards!

      When I first registering to vote, I had to bring a copy of my birth certificate with me to register. Now the ILLEGALS only have to bring a rent or utilities receipt with their names on it to vote! To me this is something that the states that allow that, should be prosecuted!

  2. When will America sue to get rid of the ACLU? They are a disgusting enemy of our country and should be removed from existence………….all they do is impede anything that is good for our country……someone investigate them…………

  3. Absolutely the question should be included in the census. Anyone who votes in any election at any level of our government whether it be federal, state, or local should have to present an official identification card which can only be obtained by submitting a verifiable U.S. birth certificate to prove their natural born citizenship of this country. Not a fraudulent birth certificate like Barack Obama’s either. A real birth certificate. The liberal, socialist elites don’t want the question on the census so they can get away with having all the illegal immigrants get away with voting for their candidates so the can promote their globalist, socialist agenda and destroy our democratic way of life as was set forth by our founding fathers and our U.S. constitution. No amnesty. No voter fraud. No socialism in this great country. Obama and all of his criminal administration need to be locked up for their crimes against this country. Drain the swamp!!!!!! Go Trump!!!!!!! Lock up all these criminal so called republicans as well.

  4. Time to start considering ways and means on the ACLU, ridiculous to allow a terrorist group to continue to operate in the USA

  5. The real reson they do not want the question on the 2020 census it will exposed the “BIG LIE the Democrat Party has been telling the American people for the past 50 years”!!!! For 50 years, the Demcorat Party has been telling we, the American people, there are only 12 million illegal aliens here in America!! Yet we have seen on TV millions and millions of illegal aliens cross our borders and the number never changes, what happened to those millions and are they hidden by Demcorats??? Right now there are between 25 to 40 million true illegal aliens here in America today and that number may be low, that is why the Demcorat Party does not want the question for the “backlash from American voters for being lied too for 50 years”!!!!!…………

  6. The ACLU A Pack Of Treasonous Shysters That Should Know That Only Citizens Have Rights In There Own Country And Not A Pack Of Crinimals That Broke The Law By Entering Our Republic It Time For Them To Put A Cork In This Liberal PC BS

    • Exactly!! With Soros, Obama, Hillary and Holder at the head of it!! Time to bust the ACLU!!!! They are the ruination of our Country. They’re bottom feeders! Someone who can do it, anyone who has experience in this, should take these losers to court and get rid of them once and for all!

  7. Non citizen invaders should NOT be counted for representation. They should be counted so we can figure out how many there are and how to handle them. This is important information we NEED before we make plans. Census provides statistics only for 79 years. No personally identifiable data is released. This information can not be used by law enforcement to arrest anyone and deport them. It can still be used for funding and planning. It would also be good to know where the invaders are citizens of, so we can bill their home countries for their costs to the US citizens for living here in the US.

    • Yeah, I remember working at a county prison, and seeing inmates contacting the Anti- American Communist Lovers Union because their fried chicken was too greasy. Think I’m kidding, I’m not. ACLU; worthless pieces of Dog s…, and lower than a snakes belly.

  8. There is a great difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, citizen and legal resident. NEWSPEAK has melted the words. Orwell warned of this.

  9. I think asking the question on the census report is an excellent idea. We need to know exactly how many American citizens we have in America and that does not include those who have stolen their way into our country. Politicians should not be able to benefit from the higher census reports by including people who do not pay taxes and do not have the right to vote in America. It would also make it easier to know where to send ICE agents so they can arrest and or deport the illegals.

  10. Seems that the ACLU has gone the way of “who is willing to pay the most”. ACLU has become an organization that is two faced and can not be trusted.

    • Do you mean you ever trusted this anti US pack of rats??? They started out as an arm of the Communist Party USA, and have not changed since.

  11. The ACLU has no right to stick it’s 2 cents in America’s Citizenship Question on the U.S. Census. We need to know how many Americans and immigrants are in America for numerous reasons that don’t involve any civil liberties. Mind your business ACLU.

  12. A “new” question? In some form, this question has been in almost every census for decades. It gives the census takers an idea of what number of people reporting are only here temporarily, and the government has figures from INS on what number of the non-citizens are awaiting naturalization. Should temporary visa holders, e.g. students, tourists and others who are only transient residents be counted for congressional representation? Considering some of the apparently absurd questions creating almost certainly useless statistics on the long form census I can’t see the validity of suing to eliminate an informative and potentially useful citizenship question.

  13. It used to be on the census the question of citizenship and their seemed to be no problem them so what is so wrong about bringing it back. Nothing, unless you want to continue working to pay for the non citizens which we do NOT want to continue doing.

  14. Why does the left all ways fight the right? The do not want the truth!!! The are like humming birds, you know they have BIRD BRAINS. There is only one answer for this Question, How many people are in this country????? Why is the aclu more worried about ill legals than citizens of the UNITED SRATES????!!!!
    If any one of the little aclu has the balls two answer I sure would like to know?????? I think there are a lot of people in the UNITED STATES that would like that question answered!!!!!! If any DEM O CRAFTER has the BALLS to answer let it all hang out. You see not ONE ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC so called news person will answer the question!!!!!! It is time to start asking all the QUESTIONS to make them ALL look bad!!!!!! So I hope you all start to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The census should ONLY reflect Citizens of the United States. Not illegals, not visitors, not people here on visas. JUST AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  16. true. But what can we do about it? The illegals are counciled to lie all the time. They don’t even have to get phony papers because the Democrats accept their word for anything. If we had a category of “ILLEGAL” do you really think they’d admit to it?


  18. ACLU knows that they could avoid the question if the voter shows a valid photo ID, as is in ALL the rest of the world. Possible voting fraud would be avoided. By I believe that is not convenient for ACLU’s agenda

  19. I guess I don’t understand why illegals should even be getting a census. Other than the fact the American taxpayer needs to know just how many we are supporting with our tax dollars.

  20. Anthony Manzo
    What is missing is an A. It should read AACLU Translate ” The UN American Civil Liberties Union ” Just in case it is to simple for your little brain it is to count how many AMERICANS are in our country. I believe we should send all non American citizens back to where they come from. Put a five year moratorium on immigration to give the sleepy slow pokes in Congress time to straighten out our laws. Meanwhile NO refugees or asylum seekers.

  21. Anyone who fights for the rights of illegals should be stripped of their citizenship themselves and kick the hell out of here.

  22. Just as we would immediately evict any uninvited persons found in our homes, so should we immediately evict any uninvited persons found in our country, without exception.

  23. Just as we would immediately evict any uninvited persons found in our homes so should we immediately evict any uninvited persons found in our country, without exception.

  24. In my opinion the federal government has the responsibility know whether a voter IS or IS NOT a citizen of United States of America. To vote in this country, there are two requirements. The Constitution states: You must be 18 years of age and a CITIZEN of the United States. This gives you the right to vote for your states representatives to positions in the House, Senate and President. As for as voting in states government officials, I think that’s up to the specific state election laws. The ACLU seems to have little to offer for bringing this lawsuit due to constitutional requirements for voting. All their objections are simply distractions in an attempt to prolong the inevitable. As I said this is just my opinion.


  26. We need to enact a immigrant tax. That is something the bureaucrats hold more dear than to their hearts than the constitution. You are not allowed to own property unless you pay tax on it so why should immigrants get a free ride?

  27. The census for years has asked question about all sorts of nonsense things. Wanting to get an accurate count of citizens is what the census was created for. The asking of a question about citizenship makes sense and is line with what the census is supposed to be doing..

  28. This is INSANE, and the ACLU=Another Crooked Lawyers Union, is INSANE! I am a U.S. Citizen and have NO problem w/the question, “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” Why, because I havve the right answer! ONLY an illegal or non citizen would get upset at that question! An INSANSE assylum run by the inmates!

  29. Just a answer the damn question, it has nothing to do with race. It is a tool to know how many people are living in the US, and how many LEGAL voters are living in the country. All residents, LEGAL and ILLEGAL, will be counted, for determining necessities, but not for voting representation. ILLEGAL residents are not permitted to vote, just as in any country, therefore they are not to be considered a factor in the number of representatives the state/country has, in any district, regardless of total “population”. They have no “right” to determine who governs them, or any legal policies of this country.

  30. ACLU is nothing but a bunch of glory seeking money driven skaggs. They have caused more problems than they have solved.

  31. American needs to know who is living here. The DemoRATS (and some RiNO’s) give too much taxpayer cash to illegal, criminal aliens anyway. There’s a two-fer for America: an easy cut in welfare payments AND a reduction in the criminal alien population!

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