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Court: It’s “Incompatible with Human Dignity” to Object to Transgenderism

In one of those UK court rulings that probably serve as a warning as to what we can expect here in the U.S. before long, a tribunal panel ruled this week against a doctor suing the Department for Work and Pensions, claiming that the organization violated his rights to freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion.

Dr. David Mackereth, who used to work for the DWP as a disability assessor, brought a complaint against his former employers that said they had breached the Equality Act by not allowing him to stand by his beliefs: Namely that you cannot merely “say” you are a man when you are quite plainly a woman, and vice versa. His refusal to use transgender pronouns (“I won’t call any 6ft-tall bearded man madam”) got him in hot water with his employers, and he ultimately left the job.

But the panel was unconvinced.

“A lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others,” the judgement said.

Perhaps there is a kernel of truth to that judgment. For the sake of argument, let’s say there is. Let’s say that it would subject a transgender patient to humiliation if you went on calling them “Mr.” when they are begging you to believe they are a female. Fine.

But where does it actually end? Can you claim to be a dog and then cite “a lack of dignity” when others insist on continuing to act like you’re a human being? Or is it just THIS mental illness that suddenly deserves our – well, not just our respect, but our actual belief! We have to go along with the delusion or lose our jobs? Are you SERIOUS?

“Without intellectual and moral integrity, medicine cannot function and my 30 years as a doctor are now considered irrelevant compared to the risk that someone else might be offended,” Dr. Mackereth said after the ruling. “I believe that I have to appeal in order to fight for the freedom of Christians to speak the truth. If they cannot, then freedom of speech has died in this country, with serious ramifications for the practice of medicine in the UK.”

Unfortunately, the real ramifications of this trend will stretch far beyond medicine and far beyond the shores of the United Kingdom.

What do you think?

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  1. This is a crock of poop! UK courts should be disbanded and a whole new crew of judges vetted to take the bench. UK court system has gone rogue and do not conform to good human practices!

    • I agree. Where will it end? Oh, I think I’m a gorilla named Tarzan… even though I’ve never been to Africa. As people of the world, let’s return to humanly interacting with each other. This transgender BS has got to stop. When 1 percent of the population, mentally deranged at best, can dictate their instability is normal, we have gone way too far.

      • You are so right. These people are mentally ill, the drag queens need to be put in jail, and any parents that wants a gender change, be it on paper, or trying to get them operated on, should get it for child abuse. And these judges need a mental evaluation every year.

    • if they had any dignity they wouldn’t be transgender, it’s not an act of God. Transgender is SELFISHNESS, a sickness in the form of what ever you want IT to be, and the FEEBLE INSANE LIBERAL DEMOTARD TYRUNTS have PROMOTED AND SUPPORTED their asses…
      self mutilation should be against the law, there is a great danger to self and others, much more silent and deadly than guns and bullets…

  2. Transgenderism is a mental illness. There is no dignity to it. Catering to this illness without giving the person the help they need is not dignified. Calling a feminized male “she” is not dignified, nor is calling a masculinized female “she” dignified.

    The person is a seriously confused human – most of them regret the change once it’s made (not that you ever hear about that since it’s not furthering the warped agenda).

    There is no dignity in this mental illness.

      • In the meantime: 1) call them “IT’S” and /or 2) make them wear a head band citing one of the MORONIC fictitious [now 71 such names] for a “MAN-MADE” v. nature made 0.5% of the GENERAL POPULATION.

        What kind of moronic and malevolent madness would allow such a puny 0.5% of the general population to FORCE THEMSELVES [even if they did exit] on to 99.5% of the general population?????????????

  3. We need to take a page out of China’s book and build islands to house the mentally ill so that we can remove them from the population. Lock them up and treat them instead of giving in to their delusions. If parents are pushing this crap then remove all children from their care and lock them up for abuse and endangerment.

    As for the judges in this case – removal from the bench is the only option to save the rest of us.

    • Put all the members of the Democratic and Rat partys, anyone who was ever a member of their staff, their appointed judges, investors and staff members of the LSM, the vast majority of teachers, Aany and all who adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism is based, no, I retract that viewpoint, way too much of a financial burden just exterminate them all.

  4. I have read that many psychologists and psychiatrists have labeled transgenderism as a mental sickness. Since the judge wants to talk about fundamental rights, how dignified is it to maim and disfigure a mentally sick individual because that individual believes he or she thinks they belong to the opposite sex. Some people who are mentally ill believe it to be unfair that they have two arms and others only have one or that they can see and others can’t. Should we dignify their mental condition by removing and arm or blinding them? Or, would it make more sense to get them the psychological help they need?

  5. I have decided I own the world. I have owned it for millions s of years. It was given to me by thorac an alien that first discovered earth. He gave to me as a birthday present.

    I have decided I need to charge rent becuase there are too many of you humans pooping on my planet. I am charging $75 a month and all people in europe and America must pay for two other prople in third world countries or prove to me you killed them. I need my rent paid the first of each month.

    I am starting with all judges in the UK and all members of the LGBTQ community. I expect the same respect and acceptance of this belief as is accepted of me by your communities. While I consider all of you to be no more then cattle I do require your respect and concern for me dignity.

    Now start sending me my rent checks

    • Dear Laughing,
      Sorry, I cannot send you any more rent as I am now identifying as an alligator. I’ve decided that the real me is a huge reptile. I was born a human but that is not my true self. I wanted to go live in the swamp in Florida but the overseers of The Everglades made me get dressed and go home. I’m suing them for a hate crime as they purposely denied me the respect and honor that all alligators should have. I’m trying to get enough money to try to live in Louisiana so if you’d like to donate to my cause I think it’s probably tax deductible. Anyway, all this to say I will no longer be able to send my rent to you.

      Allen Alligator

  6. That is all due to deviant minded judges, here in the United States it is those criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating federal judges appointed by the criminal and treasonous members of the Democratic party, no Congressional hearing to have those judges hung for treason let that decision be made by the only people whose opinions count those being the genuinely cognizant true patriots of this nation.

  7. Hey you judges you missed your first rent payment! Now I have to make you stop using my resources. You may volunteer to kill yourselves or I will need to enlist my alien family to rid my planet of your lazy goldbricking bodies.

  8. Transgenderism is a LIE set forth to bring CONFUSION to the masses. There are ONLY 2 sexes that we are born with . . . Either MALE or FEMALE. Check your BIBLE, your COLLEGE TEXTS and your own DNA. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  9. I have decided I will believe any bullshit anyone comes up with as long as they completely believe my bullshit and abide by what my bullshit requires for me to be accepted. Respected and have me feel fully and completely dignified.

    Now pay me my damn rent for being on my planet.

    • I enjoy your texts. I would charge more though. The idiots in congress keep giving themselves pay raises even though they don’t do the jobs they were hired to do. I’m firing the whole lot of my employees, since I am a tax payer & they are my (our) employees. Congress is not the boss & we are not their employees.

  10. It is not fair to those who were born a gender and be subjected to the torment of dishonor, physical ability increased, and special treatment by those who are transgender! To me this article indicates how messed up this world is due to ideological thinking and liberalism. God created two genders…male and female…there is no button to push to change this. One is born according to Gods’ plan. God does not make mistakes!

  11. The courts are unwittingly making themselves a party to something that very many so-called transgenders wish they had never heard of. I am talking about young people who bought into the rhetoric about how happy they would be if they were just the gender they wished they wereor thought they were.

    Turns out that surgeries rushed into because it was the thing to do and was supposed to make them what they believed they were have done nothing but enlarge their confusion and have made them very, very unhappy.

    This is a fact that is not discussed ( big secret)by the liberal folks who would have us all believe that you can be any number of genders. This euphoric idea of transgender is getting people killed in suicides and it will get worse as more and more find out they were better off as they were.

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