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Covington “MAGA” Teen Files $275 Million Lawsuit Against CNN

Lawyers for defamed and bullied Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann are continuing their legal quest to get justice for their client. After filing a $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post earlier this month, they are now filing an even more vigorous, $275 million lawsuit against CNN on much the same basis. The theory of the case is that the media outlets willfully ignored facts about the Lincoln Memorial standoff for days while instead choosing to launch false attacks against Sandmann and his friends for the sin of wearing Trump-supporting merchandise in the nation’s capital.

From Fox News:

The lawsuit, filed just after 3 p.m. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, claims that CNN “elevated false, heinous accusations of racist conduct” against Sandmann and failed to adhere to “well-established journalistic standards and ethics.”

Co-counsel for Sandmann, Todd McMurtry, in an exclusive appearance on Fox News’ “The Story” Tuesday, said that his client’s “character has now been determined by the lies issued by CNN” following their widespread coverage of Sandmann.

“What CNN’s tagline is, is, ‘facts first,’ and what we believe their reporting was in this circumstance was, ‘lies first, cover up second,’ and facts not yet determined by that organization,” McMurtry said.

The attorney said that what the news network reported was “without any reasonable investigation, they took something straight off Twitter that had been in essence manipulated so that it told one story and they reported it as the truth.”

You will remember, of course, that all of this hullaballoo started with an agitator on Twitter, who posted that infamous picture of Sandmann wearing a Make America Great Again hat and smiling in the face of Native American drummer/activist/fake Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips. Along with the picture came an avalanche of fake news that told us that the Covington Catholic kids were yelling racist slurs, chanting “build the wall,” and mocking the Native Americans who were there to celebrate the Indigenous People’s March.

It was only after the dust had settled that the true story emerged. The kids were minding their own business when they were beset upon by racist black street preachers who yelled horrible things at the mostly-white students. Eventually, Phillips decided (for some reason) to insert himself into the proceedings. While he later claimed that Sandmann was “blocking” his path to the Lincoln Memorial, video evidence showed that he had ample room to get around. He was there to agitate, and agitate is exactly what he did.

We hope that this is not the last of the lawsuits that Sandmann’s attorneys file. Before it’s all said and done with, we wouldn’t mind seeing Phillips, The New York Times, and a few prominent left-wing celebrities have their day in court. Their lies about conservative America will not end until they are held accountable.

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  1. The news in my area does the same thing. They do a report on a case with family or friends of family and it’s fake news. This divides the community. Causes riots. Most of the time no retraction.
    CNN is probably owned by the liberals.
    Are we repeating history?
    Trump’s telling truth about borders.
    Who’s paying for caravan people to get to the borders?
    God Bless Our Country

  2. I hope he wins, even if all he gets is $1. The Washington Post and CNN and the rest of the media need to be held accountable for their deliberate lies.

    • How would $1 hold them accountable? CNN, Washington Post and the Catholic Dioceses needs to pay the full $275 million and that would be holding them accountable. The Church is as guilty as the others.

  3. I hope this law suit sets an example that everyone is sick and tired of the left wing, liberal, Godless, bias fake news reporters that have only 1 agenda. That is to discredit our GREAT PRESIDENT with as many lies as they can conjure up.
    The democrats need to stop trying to turn our Country into a socialist menagerie as the likes of some of their brain dead politicians are trying to do. Morons like Warren, Pelosi, Schumer, and that total idiot being referred to as A.O.C. all need a one way ticket to Siberia along with Obama,the Clintons and all the Hollywood jerks that promised to leave the U.S.A. if Donald J. Trump got elected.

  4. I hope he collect the full $275 millions as tired of all the fake news, maybe then they will check the facts and report a true and balance report.

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