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Dershowitz: Robert Mueller Completely Bungled Obstruction Report

Democrats are in a bit of a bind right now. After telling their voters for two years that Donald Trump was an evil traitor who sold his country down the river for the promise of the presidency, they watched numbly as Robert Mueller delivered the bad news: That whole Russian collusion theory…yeah, it turns out that was BS. No one involved with the Trump campaign helped the Russians meddle in the election. There was no conspiracy. There was no collusion. Sorry, guys. Hate to leave you hanging out here in the wind. Wish there was something I could do.

But wait, maybe there is!

And it was with this spirit that Mueller wrote Volume II of his report, which is all about President Trump’s attempts to “obstruct justice.” Justice, in this instance, being a baseless witch hunt into a fictitious crime, but you know, justice nonetheless. Now, seeing as how the president was always fully empowered to fire Mueller and send him back into retirement, we’re not sure how he could have “attempted” to obstruct the investigation. Did he tell people to lie to Mueller and his team? Nope. So what then? Oh, he said some mean things on Twitter and he ranted at his attorney general. Cool. Let’s lock him in prison and throw away the key.

In a version of the Mueller report due to be published on Amazon in the coming days, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz concludes that one of the biggest problems with the report is that Robert Mueller apparently doesn’t understand the legal nature of obstruction. Or, if he understands it, he fails to follow the logic to its inexorable conclusion: That the president could not have obstructed justice by the actions he took. Simply by virtue of BEING the president, he had every right to make every move that he did.

“The Mueller Report correctly concludes that there are no Supreme Court decisions or even Department of Justice positions that directly resolve the issue of whether ‘the president’s exercises of his constitutional authority to terminate an FBI director and to close investigations’ can constitutionally constitute an obstruction of justice,” writes Dershowitz. “The report also acknowledges the principle that ‘general statutes must be read as not applying to the president if they do not expressly apply where application would arguably limit the president’s constitutional role.’”

“Those principles,” Dershowitz argues, “should end the matter. In the absence of a contrary precedent, the general obstruction of justice statute should not be deemed applicable to the commission of an act by a president authorized by the Constitution, even if it was self-serving. This conclusion applies not only to the firing of Comey, but to all actions taken by President Trump pursuant to constitutional authority under Article II.”

That’s it in a nutshell. Whatever Trump did or didn’t do, it is up to the voters to decide whether or not it is tolerable. Fact is, he stayed within the confines of the law. If the American people find it sufficiently distasteful, they can vote for whatever quasi-socialist the Democrats put up against him next year. But to pretend there is any ground here for impeachment proceedings is wishful thinking at best.

But then, the left has been doing a lot of that for the last two years.  

What do you think?

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  1. If the Law states the President can fire Comey as the director of the FBI, for ANY reason, or for NO reason at all, the Democrats don’t have leg to stand on…just like the fact they paid for the Dossier to start this whole mess to start with. Where is the Collusion? well they need to look in their own back yard, at their candidate, Hillary. She was in on the deal of Uranium One, she was behind the Steele Dossier, And let’s not forget Benghazi, and the murder of the cancellate General their…All for financial gains. Hillary, Obama, Rice, Lynch, Shieff Biden, Comey as well as all the rest need to be investigated, which shouldn’t take a real long time, tried for treason, and put away for life…

    • Agree 100% but don’t you know that they think they are above the law. I really hope and pray in the 2020 elections the dumbocrats that are up for re-election are given their walking papers.

    • I am 100% convinced that the Democrats are so intent in taking down President Trump not just because they lost the election across the board but by keeping their rhetoric in the forefront, they are hoping with their fingers crossed that The Republicans don’t start investigating the corruption of the Democratic party! I believe the Democrats have more reason to fear an investigation from Obama on down than any Republican! The entire world knows that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a traitor of the American people and most of all a liar and she deserves no less than life in prison after she repays the six billion dollars she lost or stole, most likely the latter! It is time for republicans to grow a spine and demand an investigation into the corrupt democrats, the corrupt FBI and DOJ prior to William Barr!

  2. Trump was exonerated on collusion and obstruction regardless of what the Democrats think Mueller was saying. The real pitiful issue was Hillary the Witch coming out damning Trump for the Russian interference when it was really her! We are so lucky and blessed that that shrew did not get elected. She is a loser and now Obama and his henchmen and women need to pay for what they conspired to do. Wow, to think those SOBs can sit on their butts and claim how dare Trump challenge the intelligence agencies when all their heads were lying, cheating, false claims and statements, obstructing justice and all in the name of covering for Hillary the Witch. She will get her due!

  3. President Trump made two errors early on.
    First he failed to fired comey the first week when he became President, he should have brought comey into the oval office and ask him one simple question, is it the responsibility of the head of the FBI to make a decision on whether a person is charged or not charged or is that the responsibility of the DOJ specifically the Attorney General?
    No matter how comey answered the President should have immediately fired comey for the handling of the hillary clinton scandal.
    The next mistake President Trump made was when rod rosenstein walked robert mueller into the oval office and recommended to President Trump that he appoint mueller to be the head of the FBI, when President Trump rejected the idea and did not appoint mueller to be the head of the FBI rosenstein appointed mueller to be the special council.
    One must ask what the hell was rosenstein thinking when he did this, what could his motives be
    other than to further their plans to take out President Trump.
    President Trump should have stood in front of the press and explained that rosenstein had recommended mueller to head the FBI and I rejected the idea so rosenstein appointed mueller to the special council which I perceive as a direct attack on me and my administration therefore as of this minute both rod rosenstein and robert mueller are terminated from any office within my administration.
    Then he should have directed Attorney General jeff session to appoint someone to replace rosenstein and mueller who would be impartial to continue any necessary investigation. This would have shown that President Trump was not against any legitimate investigation and only aimed at those who were involved in the cover up of the clinton involvement in this and other scandals.

  4. With all due respect to Prof. Dershowitz, I believe that Mueller is fully aware of the impropriety of Vol.II of his report and that he intentionally dropped all the tidbits that he did because he wants the House to pursue impeachment proceedings, knowing full well that there is no basis therefor.
    On the other hand, and to put it as bluntly as possible, one may recall perhaps one of the most cogent observations ever made by a president (Gerald Ford), when he said that an impeachable offense is ANYTHING that 218 members of the House say it is! Thus, the House may impeach President Trump because having his hairdo is a “high crime or misdemeanor.” Getting 67 senators to agree and convict is an altogether different matter. Impeachment is and always was a political, not criminal matter.

    • Spot on ! THAT is why the Mueller team consisted of 13 hardened Democrats, some big Hillary supporters and ZERO Republicans.

  5. “….Mueller Completely Bungled Obstruction Report….” Einen Moment, im Gegensatz dazu (one moment, in contrast to this), Mueller, and his coterie of anti-Trump, Clinton clone “lawyers,” purposefully ran the “obstruction of justice” in such a way to give their same ‘insane’ partisan dweebs one last straw to continue the madness of “GET TRUMP AT ANY COST!” The idiot media, and whatever is left of their viewership, will NEVER acknowledge that the ‘crime’ required for any obstructing to be done was NEVER there, as ‘collusion’ is not a crime, and ‘collusion’ has been proven to be less than a wisp of SMOKE! How, exactly, do you “obstruct justice” without the product to obstruct? Those DemonRATS and other Deep State seditionists should all be ‘run out of town,’ tarred and feathered on a rail! It gives anyone with one eye and half sense the shivers listening to these “leaders of this country.” Anybody seen the ‘new map of LA/SF?’ Shows where calls have been made noting the presence of human feces in the streets/sidewalks – ALL BROWN – coming to ANY state people let DemonRATS run to ruin!

  6. And now the” bitch witch” Hillary Clinton has the gall and stupidity to accuse President Trump of obstructing justice. Is she crazy, or does she think we are.
    I hope Barr will go ahead and get all the facts out about the Witch, Obama, Loretta Lynch and Comey.
    They all deserve to be put in jail. Then we will have real justice.

    • Actually Charles,
      The ACTUAL REAL “justice” will come when these TREASONOUS TRAITORS are ARRESTED TRIED, found GUILTY, CONVICTED (which they ARE) SENTENCED as TREASONOUS TRAITORS and ENDED hanging by a ROPE.
      If NOTHING is done to the DEMOCOMMUNIST/RINO PERPETRATORS of this COUP, they will continue with endless, USELESS, TAXPAYER MONEY-WASTING, “investigations”. The time has come to Build the GALLOWS, start the “trials” and let the guilty TRAITORS HANG.

  7. Mueller and his crew of reprobates. Should have their law degrees renounced and never, ever be able practice in the USA ever again.
    I communicated to President Trump to fire Rosenstein and Mueller from the start.
    This whole witch hunt is a disgrace.
    The dems are a disgrace along with McCain and all the RINOs.

  8. No Mueller did not bungle the obstruction report he deliberately fuzzed the report in order to leave the democRATS with a base to continue the harassment of the president, he couldn’t prove collusion nor obstruction but he hinted at the obstruction

  9. From the beginning we knew who was Donald Trump. He became elected President of the U.S. and accepted with all his baggage. Again from the beginning many Democrats decided Trump should not have been elected and started a Coup like many African, Central American and other Countries to remove him from power. Shame. Thanks to Democrats (and I used to be one of them) the laws in the U.S. have been trampled and changed. I do not think this can be called a Democracy. Shame.

  10. The real cause for the treasonous actions by the Demon-crats party are the editors of the left wing communist leading papers, WaPo, NYT, and corollaries, and theis corallis who teake their editorial marcjing papers from these to traitorous paper4s

  11. There is one particular liberal, Jersey, Fox News Contributing Judge named napolitano that needs to read this post. He’s out today, in all his cockeyed liberal glory, with a whole bunch of BS that didn’t apply to or stem from the mueller report and sites it all as reason for an obstruction charge against our president. He needs to loosen up that 90 MPH hair comb of his. It’s pulling on his brain stem….

  12. I agree that this was absolutely an attempted coup and that the perpetrators of THAT crime need to be tried and punished. This fallacy about a Russian/Trump alliance conspiring to fix the election has caused an immeasurable amount of damage to both political parties and to the Country as a whole.

  13. Stupid witch hunt with open ended report so democrats could continue their bull shit investigations and whining until the 2020 election. They have nothing on Trump to warrrant impeachment and they know it. That’s why Pelosi is backing off the impeachment idea in favor of investigations into every aspect of Trump’s live ad nauseum. We the People are not stupid and we see thru every democrat lie and ploy.

  14. I just wish Dems could move on
    Such a waste of money and time
    Tell me please what they have done so far this year
    They take more time off than what they spend in DC enough is enough
    This was a witch hunt and needs to stop
    Why do we pay these people?
    How about making their jobs part time
    And make them go find real jobs and have to work for a living like the rest of us
    And not provide them all the perks,
    They really don’t deserve or earned
    They need to live in the real world and see how long they last
    Go to work!

    • Agree 100% Another thing if they had to use the same Social Security we have, it would have been fixed years ago. Also lets all hope and pray the dumbocrats that are up for re-election get their walking papers from the Americans who vote.

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