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Disgraced Lawyer Lisa Page Sues FBI for “The Cost of Therapy”

Well, you knew when Lisa Page gave that high-profile interview to The Daily Beast a few weeks ago, she wasn’t coming out of the woodwork for the hell of it; this was going somewhere. And now we know where it was going.

This week, Page filed a lawsuit against the FBI and the Department of Justice, accusing the agencies of ruining her professional reputation by publishing the text messages she shared with former FBI agent Peter Strzok. Apparently, being exposed as the kind of person who would carry on an affair at work, scheme to take down a major presidential candidate, and blur the lines between partisan feelings and professional conduct does not lead to a multitude of job opportunities. Who knew?

In the complaint, Page says that the FBI’s disclosure resulted in “permanent loss of earning capacity due to reputational damage.”

No, we’d say that your own behavior created that situation, Lisa.

Page also demands “the cost of therapy to cope with unwanted national media exposure and harassment” by President Donald Trump.

Yes, every employer wants to subject themselves to this kind of liability. We knew that Page was a scheming, unpatriotic twit, but we didn’t know she was literally crazy. This lawsuit is very informative.

Page also wants the FBI/DOJ to reimburse her for “the cost of childcare during and transportation to multiple investigative reviews and appearances before Congress.”

No doubt, Page was waiting on the DOJ Inspector General’s report before moving forward with the lawsuit. It is upon Michael Horowitz’s findings that her claims rest, because she uses his conclusions to argue that there was no public-interest justification in leaking her text messages. In the lawsuit, she specifically refers to the report, which found “no evidence of bias affecting investigative decisions it reviewed, including matters in which Ms. Page was involved.”

But as Fox News pointed out, it’s not quite that simple. In a separate report last year, Horowitz said that the text exchanges between Page and Strzok were “not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects.”

This woman has some gall. It is a sign of how despised Trump is on the left that Page didn’t feel the need to disappear – forever – from the spotlight after her shameful actions were uncovered. There was a time when crooked FBI officials had the decency to go away. Now, apparently, they sue the government for the cost of their therapy sessions.

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  1. Lisa Paige’s, “loss of income”, is a result of her low morality, & adultress behavior…..Now…She wants someone else to pay the price? Typical liberal attitude, & un-rational thinking! Acts like an attorney…..behaves like an attorney, walks like an attorney…..{ must be a “Libretard”?}…..Go home Lisa….& get some morality, & a life!

  2. Should the taxpayers also cover her child care when she was screwing that scum bag former FBI traitor? I wonder how her husband is enjoying life now. He must be a real pussy to stay with this slut. How nice it will be 15 years from now when these kids look up their tramp of a mother and find out she was screwing whatever could walk.

  3. Too bad Lisa.. should have thought ahead before you screwed around with someone elses husband and then talked treason about your president. Rightfully you should be in jail.. maybe you can get free therapy there!

  4. LISA, Why aren’t you in prison yet for SEDITION and TREASON? You overpaid for your therapy! . . . You can get that in prison FREE! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. Suck it up buttercup! No way you are worthy of benefits of a suit. You used government property in your on-going affair at work which does not allow any privacy. The information is “owned” by the government. You also used these messages to support sedition against the duly elected president of our country. If you can’t do the time then don’t commit the crime! You are a disgrace to women around the world. And as a special critique, you have extremely bad taste! LMAO

  6. Does the money she’s asking for also cover a lobotomy? Surely “Loose Legs” Page knows plenty of guys in the DC area that she could lay on her back for and make enough money to cover her so called therapy. Oh wait a minute, maybe she’s not a very good piece of A** and there’s no guy that is willing to pay for it. Well “Loose Legs” I would say you have a problem. You wanted to be the DC whore with a slimy piece of SH*T like Scumbag Strzok, now you’re paying the price. By the way, where is that piece of sh*t? Why don’t you sue him after all he is the one that fuc*ed you up (literally)!!!!

  7. No she shouldn’t get a dime. She abused her powers while she was there. She should loose all her government benefits and pension. She is a traitor to the constitution and to the United States of America. She is an adulterous skank and deserves what she’s gotten. She made her own bed of lies and misuse of power she needs to own up and face the consequences. She is not a victim her but a perpetrator in it.

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