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European Court: It is Illegal to Defame the Prophet Muhammed

This is the kind of absolute nonsense that the left would love to bring to our nation.

According to the European Court of Human Rights, it “goes beyond the permissible limits of objective debate” for an individual to defame the Islamic founder, the Prophet Muhammed. The high court upheld a lower court ruling that found such an action “could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace.” Meaning, in other words, that it could lead to violent Islamists launching terror attacks against the European population.

The court was reviewing the conviction of an Austrian national known in legal records only as “Mrs. S.” In 2009, Mrs. S. held two seminars about Islam in which she defamed the Prophet Muhammed, claiming his marriage was a sham and that he was a pedophile. She was convicted in Vienna in 2011 for “disparaging religious doctrines” and forced to pay an approximate $500 fine.

In upholding the lower court rulings against Mrs. S., the ECHR this week “found in particular that the domestic courts comprehensively assessed the wider context of the applicant’s statements and carefully balanced her right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected, and served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in Austria.”

The. Right. To. Have. Their. Religious. Feelings. Protected.

Are you kidding?

While it’s unlikely that the left in the United States will soon be going out of its way to protect the religious feelings of Christians, they would love to bring home laws that prohibit the defaming of Muhammed or, for that matter, the defaming of Cecilia Richards, Maxine Waters, Linda Sarsour, Bernie Sanders, and any other treasured left-wing figure. After all, we have to protect everyone’s feelings, except those that belong to EVIL WHITE MEN.

Yes, we have the First Amendment to stand as a bulwark against these efforts, but don’t for a moment think that the Constitution is a bulletproof shield. Even as we speak, the Southern Poverty Law Center is putting extraordinary pressure on social media companies, imploring them to prohibit “hate speech” on their platforms.

“Online tools have been used to coordinate attacks, including violence against people of color, immigrants, religious minorities, LGBTQIA people, women and people with disabilities,” the SPLC writes.

To be clear, rhetoric used to “coordinate attacks” on anyone – not just the SPLC’s preferred minorities – is not protected by the First Amendment and should not be protected by Facebook. But the SPLC is not calling on these social media companies to police active calls to violence; they are calling for the removal of any and all speech they consider hateful. It should be noted that among the speech they consider hateful is any speech that criticizes Islam, any speech that condemns illegal immigration, and any speech that defends the sanctity of marriage.

This is how the slippery slope begins. This is how we wind up in a country where “religious feelings” are more important than freedom of expression.

This is how we end up living in a United States where political correctness is not just preferred, it’s enforced by law.

What do you think?

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  1. EU taking Europe backwards by not allowing people to speak freely about a religion that promotes pedophilia. Who protects the children? We have to be insistent that the Constitution and Bill of Rights remain unchanged.

    • Legalizing pedophilia is the next step for the transgender, gay, LGBTQIA “people” to take. It’s already on the agenda in Europe.

    • will be the downfall of all of Europe I say screw them all Mohamed still rots in his grave and every Muslim that’s into Islam is going to hell! I feel sorry for the good ones if there are any they can pretend to be your friend

    • The European Union and Merkle allowed the invasion of Europe by a Muslim horde bent on a soft jihad, now they can suffer for it. They will continue to suffer till they rise up and protect their rights as citizens of their respective countries.Put the borders back in place and be national again.

  2. “It is Illegal to Defame the Prophet Muhammed ”
    BUT, not those of other religions?
    I’m in trouble………. Mohamad was insane. (It’s revealed in his name)

      • This fraud was married to a 12 year old girl, now, would that indicate he was a pedophile to you? And there is other evidence in history on his being a murderer, etc. You disagree, then you are probably a decadent muslim.

  3. “According to the European Court of Human Rights, it (defamation) “goes beyond the permissible limits of objective debate” for an individual to defame the Islamic founder, the Prophet Muhammed.”
    Since when is terrorism an “objective debate?” Why is it even a cultural relative? The morality and ethics of those who are, culturally, foreign or alien are what are the logical concerns. If fundamental belief is the reason for actions which are contrary to the traditions (and legal system) of morality and ethics of native-born citizens, the “debate” is, necessarily, subjective. Difference (in belief systems and religions) is a rudiment which is evidenced in existential separation for reasons of purpose, security being the most obvious and advantageous one. While “keep(ing) one’s enemy closer” may allow one to more easily determine the intentions, it, also, allows for the liability and vulnerability to surprise attack (terrorism) which separation prevents. This is an objective analysis which posits that separation is mutually beneficial, while intelligence information is the very reason for separation.

  4. The Conservative population are starting to turn into Ostriches because a lot of them are sticking
    their heads in a hole in the ground to avoid conflicts but the problems will not go away.

    • Maybe because Europe has fallen to the Islamic invaders?
      And the European Court is stacked with Communists, and both Communists and Muslims are using each as useful idiots with the idea that when western (Christian) society falls they will, after defeating one or the other, assume world dominance?
      Saladin would be proud of today’s Muslim invaders tactics.

      • This caravan that is coming here is exactly the same MO.
        and will produce the same outcome..If we loose the Midterms, this so called “Caravan” will already be at the gates of our country and they will just walk right in and we will be in the same situation as Europe, To the Babalonian Talmudic Jews, the ones who don’t follow the Tora agree that the White man is there most dangerous enemy to their freedom of Perversion and over indulgeance

  5. You people better open your eyes and learn all you can about this Mohammad—-who was no prophet. You wil find that he traveled and took parts of all religion and put them into one religion. And don’t ever forget he came 600yrs AFTER JESUS. to spread his so called word. The original koran is nothing like the one of today. The one of today is harsh and evil. The ones who have read the original have turned away from that religion. investigate what I have said–please. It is better to know the whole truth then be blindsided.!!!!!

  6. If it is illegal to defame the Prophet Muhammed, is it also illegal to defame Christ? If not, then that is showing favoritism.

    • It goes beyond favoritism, it goes into removal so that there Is no moral values to teach and learn, typical communism and islam.

  7. Political Correctness is what is wrong with America; as for the Prophet Mohammed; it not religion nor is it America’s. Freedom of Speech. Protects me; as for 4he Muslims; it enraged them! Who Care what they think?

  8. and, someday, it will come back to haunt them, because what “they” do today will effect “them” at some point in the future.

  9. This would hardly be an issue if Obummer had not imported so many Muslims during his terrible presidency. Americans of any other religion or no other religion had better be extremely vigilant, and start restricting these closed minded terrorist supporters before they become the majority and begin eliminating all us infidels(all non-Muslims is their definition).

  10. Does that mean that Muslims can’t say anything bad about other religions? If not this is unconstitutional and the people should protest at Parliament asap give them hell British Citizens!

  11. Okat Eurpopeans, Now, do you understand why we refuse to allow liberal governments to disarm Us?
    Start smuggling weapons in, otherwise the rapist Muslim killers will own you in 20 years.

  12. Does this same court have the same legal opinion about people /Atheist, Muslims saying derogatory things about JESUS?? How about muslims murdering CHRISTiand just because they refuse to follow mohamad or their god????

  13. Islam plans on conquering the USA via emigration and procreation. They are NOT a religion but a political organization Hell-bent on forcing everyone in the world into submission (what Islam actually means). Europe has been very foolish by allowing so many Muslims in. We must not succumb to the same stupidity.

  14. GOD sent him away because he was a wacko so he gets pissed off at GOD and makes his own rules up and that my friend is why the no balls Europeans and Mid Eastern countries are so screwed up today.

  15. She spoke true FACTS and that has been determined to be a crime. So now it can be a crime to speak undeniable truth. This world is in trouble…

    Check Facts: ACLJ Law Firm (D.C.) Mr. Jay Sekulow Chief Counsel

  17. Europe is a lost continent . It took Spain 3 to 400 years to get them out of their country. Look it up. That religion has been a cancer for a long long time .

  18. In all fairness and justice, then any defamation or disagreement with Jesus Christ or even President Trump is now deemed illegal and punishible.

  19. Quoting the Quran, Haddith and Sira – islam’s own holy books – is a clear defamation of the entire sociopathic cult of slaughter, hatred, and arrogance. Still can’t figure out how they can be so stupid as to make direct quotes into illegal defamation. What colossal A-holes!

  20. how about this fuck muhammid he is a piece of shit just like his killer followers. the religion i used to follow never told me to kill others. so muhammid and is pieces of pig shit are useless pig scabs. ENJOY!

  21. Well good luck Euro-people. YOU JUST SIGNED YOUR DEATH WARRANT. I say screw muhummad pos(that means piece of shit). You will never see me on vaca again in europe. YOU ALL ARE NOW DOOMED TO HAVE YOUR HEADS CUT OFF OR BE BURNED ALIVE OR BE CRUSHED TO DEATH OR THROWN OFF OF HIGH BUILDINGS COURTESY OF the piece of shit god muhammud. ENJOY, ALSO ALL YOU PIG SHIT FOLLOWERS OF muhammad! I always spell muhammuid wrong JUST TO PISS HIM AND HIS IDIOT FOLLOWERS OFF, IT IS VERY TO PISS OFF IDIOTS.

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