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Federal Judge Suspects State Dept. is Still Covering for Hillary Clinton

In a stunning memo this week, Senior District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said he was not convinced that the State Department was working to produce emails from Hillary Clinton’s time in office with the kind of efficiency required by the law. Demanding that both the State Department and the Justice Department work closely with watchdog group Judicial Watch to uncover the truth about Clinton’s private server, Judge Lamberth said he was disturbed by the idea that the federal government had “colluded” with Clinton in an effort to keep her emails hidden from public view.

Judicial Watch issued a statement celebrating the ruling.

“The historic court ruling raises concerns about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and government corruption that millions of Americans share,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch looks forward to conducting careful discovery into the Clinton email issue and we hope the Justice Department and State Department recognize Judge Lamberth’s criticism and help, rather than obstruct, this court-ordered discovery.”

Judicial Watch published selections of Lamberth’s memo which show that the judge is deeply concerned about how seriously both the Obama and Trump administrations took the importance of transparency.

“The Court ORDERS the parties to meet and confer to plan discovery into (a) whether Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email while Secretary of State was an intentional attempt to evade FOIA; (b) whether the State Department’s attempts to settle this case in late 2014 and early 2015 amounted to bad faith; and (c) whether State has adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s requests,” he wrote.

Deeming the State Department and Justice Department’s efforts to provide transparency lackluster at best, Lamberth accused both agencies of falling well short of Obama’s announced standard for open government.

“So far short that the court questions, even now, whether they are acting in good faith,” he wrote. “Did Hillary Clinton use her private email as Secretary of State to thwart this lofty goal? Was the State Department’s attempt to settle this FOIA case in 2014 an effort to avoid searching – and disclosing the existence of – Clinton’s missing emails? And has State ever adequately searched for records in this case?”

Save for aggressive efforts from Judicial Watch and other conservative groups, it seems that the entire issue of the Hillary Clinton email coverup would be lost to the sands of history. Not only must we therefore praise Judge Lamberth for seeing through this smokescreen, we have to tip our hats to Tom Fitton and patriots like him for keeping the government’s feet to the fire. God knows what our elected officials (and their un-elected Deep State protectors) would get away with if we didn’t have people willing to just keep digging.

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  1. I agree with the Judge. When people want to hide things it is an automatic guilty. So for the Clinton’s and there supporters in The State Dept. and DOJ I am now sure the things they hide are of criminal in nature. It’s about time that all involved get out of the way of truth. This country has let the Clinton’s do the worst for this country to receive what they want. If we continue to let the Clinton’s run their business
    then we have not done what is the right thing. I have faith that Bill and Hillary will be brought to pay for all their deeds against people and our country. They do not have a country because of their abuses and activity.

  2. Why isn’t someone looking into Comey,Lynchand Odummers role in trying to frame the president,aren’t these people in jail? Is it not illegal to try to oust a president???WTH!!!!

  3. Hillary belongs n jail for her crimes. She is not going to be installed as president because of the fake hoax of Mueller’s investigation. They should probably jail all the Democrat congressmen and senators as they have covered up for her too

  4. the pockets are too full from CLINTONS and need to drain the swamp and see the pockets become empty of all the cash and favors and put CLINTONS IN PRISON. SOMEONE MUST BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF AS IT WERE JOHN Q PUBLIC HE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN PRISON LONG AGO.

  5. To our POTUS: Your firing the wrong people, dumb ass! Clean up the swamp (DOJ, FBI, and especially the past regime)! Leave your nasty comments about cabinet members to yourself!

    • Leave our wonderful president alone in name calling please. If his comments are not justified then pray his eyes be opened. There is sooooo much you do not know going on behind the doors and so far our President has been right in the decisions he has made. He has wisdom beyond you and I understanding and it takes steps to get the truth from DOJ,FBI, and the past administration and proof. The swamp is very DEEP and wide. The swamp animals are cunning in there comfort zone and when the water is being drained they will do what ever to keep from being exposed to even killing people as life don’t have meaning to them only their own. Pray for God to help this administration to stick together in the Truth of what needs to be done and move this country forward. He cant do it alone. Pray! Pray! Pray!

  6. Until they start locking these people up for obstructing the legal process nothing will change. I’m glad to see the Judge standing up to this but pray he has protection. It has been Long overdue for the TRUTH behind all of this and I believe we ALL know this goes all the way from top to bottom. Time to drop the hammer on ALL the corruption in our Government no matter Who it is.

    • You speak wisdom!
      I pray: Father I ask for you to send angels to surround this wise Judge and continue to give him wisdom to correct the mistakes and corruption that have been made in this matter. I ask for a angel of fire to surround him and his family and office people for protection that nothing will harm them. Keep all paper work files and tapes safe and not suddenly be lost in this matter I pray the blood of Jesus Christ cover this prayer and angels carry this prayer to the throne of God. I pray nothing will slow the process of this matter down in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  7. the possibility of the clintons and the obummers being even charged let alone actually prosecuted are infentisimal. the deep state communist operators are in bad need of execution. the political idiots that we have to choose from for the congress and house have very little chance of actually doing anything constructive with these behind-the scenes communist operatives stiring shit at every corner to mis-direct any real advances by the good intension of the political chumps. comey and the likes of him are in the drivers seat not the cabinet members. they slow walk any real information so the political idiots like pelousy-flake and the stuck-on-stupid black communist caucus can make big-shot demands on the skewed news media so the president is thwarted on every corner . then bloomberg and his communist cabal of demons can scream and threaten shut-down and even worse impeachment with NO LEGAL BACKING OR STANDING.. this shit has to stop either by command or force . if they are caught ,shoot them and move on to the next plug-up. THIS IS OUR ONLY HOPE OF REMOVING THE STALL INDUCING MEMBERS OF THE DARK GOVERNMENT.

  8. Put her in a cell next to “El Chapo”….both cartel leaders. His “drugs”… Hers “power”. Both no doubt committed atrocities against society. But, with the deep state protection (let alone exposure), it will never happen.

  9. Comey and Lynch are owned…..the story about Bill Clinton and Lynch just casually talking about golf and their Grandchildren at the airport is an example of the total B.S. the liberal idiots swallow…Lynch doesn’t play golf and she doesn’t have grandchildren…so that must have been a very one sided conversation…….everybody with any sense knows what transpired….she agreed to sell out the justice dept…and tell Comey guess what Bro, you ain’t doing nothing to Hillary….anybody that thinks otherwise has been drinking the Obama dumb juice…..Comey goes on National TV and absolutely toasts Hillary for gross incompetence about her crooked email server whose sole purpose was to hide the crooked contributions to the Clinton family slush fund…and then he says..oops, nothing to see here folks time to move along…ought and paid for

  10. After 22 months of a 48 month term, one would think that house cleaning would have been accomplished by now and all the Obama dedicated globalists and socialists and liberal dems would have been purged or at least vetted and they would be serving in the aluecians by now. but when the new administration comes in 22 months ago and tells everyone how loyal they are and their leaders acknowledge it, and the dem party bitches if they are removed you give up, and if the GOP deep state gets involved you don’t stand a chance, unless the new admin. draws the line and just does it. Trump wanted to get rid of all of them but certain advisers pushed the other way. Now he’s paying for it, going backward.

  11. After 22 months of a 48 month term, one would think that house cleaning would have been accomplished by now and all the Obama dedicated globalists and socialists and liberal dems would have been purged or at least vetted and they would be serving in the aluecians by now. but when the new administration comes in 22 months ago and tells everyone how loyal they are and their leaders acknowledge it, and the dem party bitches if they are removed you give up, and if the GOP deep state gets involved you don’t stand a chance, unless the new admin. draws the line and just does it. Trump wanted to get rid of all of them but certain advisers pushed the other way. Now he’s paying for it, going backward. Still time too do it.

  12. Hillary Clinton, the State Department and the Department of Justice are ALL colluding to keep her sorry ass OUT of jail.

    One minor point, both Justice and State are STILL Barack Hussein Obama’s thanks to President Trump’s appointments being stalled by Chuck Schumer AND Mitch McConnell. I’m guessing many people at Justice and State are hiding emails and documents from discovery. They were and are corrupt. Do NOT trust the Clinton Crime Family. They likely have dirt on any number of bureaucrats at both agencies. How many trips on the Lolita Express to pedo buddy Jeff Epstein’s Little St. James Isl.

  13. Judge Royce Lamberth opened what I believe is our last chance to prevent these United States of America from sliding into the United Banana Republic of America under the Clintons and Obamas.
    Just consider, Hillary, with the blessings of then POTUS Obama, bagged some $$215 Mio. for the Clinton’s personal slush fund, the so called Clinton Foundation, by selling some 15% of US based Uranium to our then and current biggest political opponent, Russia.
    Shortly thereafter, Chelsea, Hillary’s Daughter and “Clinton Charity Administrator”, purchased one of the most expensive (city-block long) apartments in N.Y. Can you spell CORRUPTION???
    Where is the oversight/ investigation into this gross abuse of Charity laws
    This may be the last chance we have to preserve this nation, prevent it from became a Banana Republic.
    About a Generation ago, Venezuela was the richest nation in South America, before it accepted Socialism. Now its citizens are scrounging in trash barrels for food.
    We are currently at the cusp of Judicial Malfeasance, where Hillary’s multiple crimes as Sec. of State are defended by the Democratic party and the Media, while our Judicial System is failing to investigate a FISA Warrant that is based on a (Democrat) Political Party based concoction of Russia Involvement in the election favoring our current President, Trump, while Hillary, the beneficiary of multiple betrayals of American national interests in favor of Russia is skating with the protection of the corrupt Judicial System and the national Media.

  14. I suspect the problem is that too many of the Deep State players have problems Hillary could expose if they did not cooperate with her cover-up. That includes most of the Obama Admin and many GOP Never Trumpers. Another problem with Never Trumpers is that I suspect many of their positions could be eliminated without any negative impact on anyone except their families.

    Trump’s problem is that finding people that know the insides of DC Gov. that are not being held hostage by the Never Trumpers has been much more difficult than anyone expected.

  15. I do believe that if outraged Americans start sending repeated contacts to Congressmen and women, DEMANDING that action be taken against Clinton for her numerous Felonies and Acts of Treason, we MIGHT actually see her held legally accountable. If we continue to complain and simply WAIT for her to be indicted, nothing will ever be done. What you allow, is what will continue!

  16. All the investigations and all the fact findings are great, I’m glad JW keep pursuing the truth. However, WHEN ARE THE CLINTONS, ESP. HILLARY going to meet a grand jury and a court room? We already know they are guilty, but let’s hear it all, no damn plea bargains for a $5000 fine and 30 days community service either. REAL JAIL time. After all she seems guilty of treason: aiding and/or abetting the enemy. Look for many of their co-conspirators too, sink the damn swampers.

  17. They need to lock all people up who obstruct justice. PERIOD!!! I agree with this judge, she takes her oath serious.. If people hide documents, records, destroy records this is an automatic guilty and time needs to be served.The Clinton’s and many of their supporters from The State Dept. and DOJ will now try and hide more of their criminal activities. in which case they should serve time also for obstruction of justice. The time has come that all whos were involved step aside and give us the truth. The USA has set back way to long and allowed the Clinton’s do mountains of damage to our nation which we want to put a stop to, and regain our Nation, it is our home. You dirty politicians, FBI DOJ are anti-American and need to be punished for all the cover ups of crimes Clintons, Obama, and others have done when they were in the WH or other department’s of the USA government for their own gain. It is time to shut down Clinton foundation and their liquidate all their assets to give back to AMERICA all they stole from her and the tax payers. the Clinton’s are done, and need to face the firing squad for treason, lies, murder, cover ups, selling America out to other nations, including the Chinese. . They abused our country and her people with their evilness and cartel involvement. Wanting to kill Americans over 55 with drugs your over 55 maybe you should take what you want us to take. It is PAY back AND WE WANT JUSTICE SERVICED UPON THE CLINTONS, THEIR FOUNDADTION AND EVIL LIFE STYLE.


  19. That is a no brainer your honor and I earned a diploma no more prestigious than a GED, never went to college, law school, or passed the Bar exam and even I know that the DOJ is hiding Hellary’s dirty secrets.

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