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Four Years Later, Court Says Planned Parenthood Tapes Were NOT Manipulated

In 2015, a group of activist journalists called the Center for Medical Progress embarked on an epic undercover mission to see what was really going on inside the offices of the world’s largest abortion provider. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. In recorded interviews with some of Planned Parenthood’s top officials, the CMP journalists soon proved that the organization was essentially selling aborted fetal tissue for profit, an illegal activity that should have heralded the beginning of the end of Planned Parenthood.

Once the tapes were released, the reaction was immediate: Americans were horrified to see the truth about this evil organization. Republicans jumped at the opportunity to finally strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding, and swore during the 2016 campaign to do everything they could as president to prosecute the abortionists to the fullest extent of the law.

And that’s when Planned Parenthood, the Democratic Party, and their friends in the media decided it was time to push the panic button.

So we got a slew of stories insisting, without evidence, that the Center for Medical Progress had not only “tricked” Planned Parenthood officials and gained access to their offices under false pretenses, but that they had “selectively edited” the videos to make them tell a story that wasn’t true. Knowing that the first part might be relevant in court but utterly irrelevant in terms of public opinion, they leaned heavily on the second accusation. Sensing their way out of this mess, Planned Parenthood called on an independent firm to verify that the tapes had, indeed, been manipulated. The firm did exactly that, the media reported it all dutifully, and before long, most Americans were convinced that it was all just one giant right-wing hoax.

This week, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it was no such thing.

“The record reflects that [the Texas Office of the Inspector General] had submitted a report from a forensic firm concluding that the video was authentic and not deceptively edited,” said the ruling. “And the plaintiffs [Planned Parenthood] did not identify any particular omission or addition in the video footage.

“There is no question that the OIG here made factual findings after viewing the videos and related evidence,” the judges wrote. “On the basis of the administrative record … the OIG determined that video discussions ‘centered on clinic processes and tissue packaging rather than the abortion procedure itself; the video featured repeated discussion about the position of the fetus in the uterus, the risk to the patient, and the patient’s pain tolerance.’”

In sum, the court ended up agreeing with the OIG and confirming that the tapes were indeed not selectively edited. This ruling will clear a path for Texas to take action against Planned Parenthood – action which may extend to stripping them of their Medicaid funding.

Perhaps more importantly, given what the media has been doing to President Trump lately, this ruling serves as an essential reminder that the “fake news” label is not just propaganda or red meat for the base. There is more truth to that label than anyone on the left wants you to know. That’s something to keep in mind as stories roll out about Michael Cohen, Trump Tower, FBI investigations, and all the rest of the Mueller nonsense. They are weaving an agenda, and they are more than happy to lie their asses off to spread their narrative.

Oh, by the way: The independent firm that Planned Parenthood hired to prove the tapes were edited?

A little outfit by the name of Fusion GPS.

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  1. A Skunk in the Woodpile would be my first thought, and some serious investigation should follow before another Taxpayer dollar is given up to this nefarious organization and those that defend it !

  2. Now that all the fake news BS from Planned Parenthood has been debunked by the courts, isn’t it interesting to see that the infamous Fusion GPS was the “so-called” expert used by PP in their efforts to distort the evidence. Not only should PP be banned from Medicaid, it should also stop receiving any money from the taxpayers. This organization does not help women, it just murders babies and should lose their licenses to operate and shut down everywhere. This period since abortions have been made legal will go down in history as a period of infamy. Roe vs Wade must be terminated!!!

  3. What is happening with the CRIMINAL CHARGES against PP? They should have happened when the videos were first presented!

    Oh, I forgot!

    There are NO provisions to prosecute in the statutes!

    Just because they SAID that a violation was wrong doesn’t mean that they made it mandatory to prosecute the offender.

    This is a common practice in TEXAS statutes.

    BTW – Statutes are NOT law! They are only RUles for Employees! The State Citizen (if there are any left that haven’t taken the US Citizen pledge on their 1040) is NOT liable for these statutes and are only responsible under common law when they harm their ‘neighbor’.

    • Before I retired, I worked for a General & Vascular Surgeon. We had a representative come to our office to present an orientation to their newest treatment recommendation for patients that had suffered severe burns. The product she brought was foreskin that they retrieved from the circumcision of male infants. It was used as new skin that could be grafted to the burn to promote faster healing and less scar tissue. This was over 15 years ago but I remember thinking about how long it might be before we heard of the entire bodies of aborted babies being made available for this same type of use. From what I have been able to understand the abortions today are possibly done as what is called ‘on demand’ which means what the buyers are looking for. Do they just need new skin, or any of the organs that can be used for transplantation to newborns with life threatening organ failure. The body parts are also sold for research and development, which would also be “ordered” to meet the term of development of the fetus. After this story came out and I heard the PP President laughing about selling baby body parts, saying that she always wanted to have a Lamborghini, I figured that they are no longer providers to young women that want an abortion but as a manufacturer of baby body parts in demand to the highest bidder.
      What they are doing is worthy of God’s most wrathful punishment but how much longer will they continue to provide this service, using our tax dollars to keep the PP organization in operation. I DO NO want my tax dollars going to support PP because I’m guessing that God will be angry with all of us that continued to allow our government to give our money to PP.

  4. Why all the complaining? Abortions produce products that can be useful to the rest of us living human beings. Why not make use of them? Otherwise these products have to be disposed of and that costs money and creates problems for the environment., These Planned Parenthood environmentalists should be rewarded and praised. As for the money, this can help to reduce the costs of an abortion. The only problem I see is that Planned Parenthood should have shared the moneys it earned with these pregnant mothers who actually made these products. Furthermore, this all presents a model what we should be planning for the elderly and other human beings who are of no use to themselves, their families, and society. Let these bountiful harvests continue and stop getting in the way of progress. Furthermore as science continues to advance with creating perfect babies in the laboratories, there will be no need to have pregnant mothers at all and that will resolve any lingering medieval notions of morality and the sale of baby parts.

    • Your entire reply makes me sick to my stomach. It sounds like some horror novel where baby parts are harvested, which I think they are. Planned Parenthood should not receive any tax-payer funds for doing abortions. They say they do not get these funds, but they are co-mingled so no one knows. The CEO of Planned Parenthood receives over $400,000 annually which is a disgrace. You also want to use parts from the bodies of elderly and call this a model. You say the elderly are of no use to themselves, their families and to society. This horror story of yours just gets worse and worse. Would you kill the elderly to get their body parts? How do you know they are no longer of use, and who would make that decision? You are one disgusting individual and I hope that someone may find use for your body parts.

      • Cathy K, I think the lions in the zoo could easily find a use for Joseph’s body parts! Lions prefer to kill and eat the meat fresh. All that would have to be done is toss him kicking and screaming into the Lions’ Den.

    • Just think, you could have been a baby that was aborted and sold for parts. Maybe you were but they only took your brain. Dr B

    • so you advocate random or deliberate murder to provide healthy organs to save folks on a transplant list? You would have fit right in under the NAZIs. You are very morally corrupt, Eichmann!

    • Solvent green comes to mind! Well Joseph Meissner looks like you got the reactions you were fishing for! Sad that there are those that really think and feel the way you expressed above! The devaluing of life and greed will lead someday to the ruim/demise of the human race…….

    • Abortions produce live births of human beings unless the abortionist crushes the skull of the baby before ripping it’s body from the womb. Then it is a dead baby, Murdered before birth. It is not a Product and if that is what you believe then I sincerely hope that I am not standing anywhere near you on Judgment Day. God’s wrath upon those that kill babies for profit will be swift and horrific. That product you speak of could send your soul to Hell if you participate in and condone.

    • Democraps and abortion doctors, one and all, baby murders. If you need spare hearts or lungs or other things, then take it from Democraps as most never use their hearts or brains.

  5. They achieved a couple of their objectives and that was to discredit and stall the issue. That has accumulated in bill before congress to have tax payers foot bill for abortions with little to no exceptions. From their point of view we get the stupid taxpayers to foot the bill and we still get to make billions selling baby parts. WAKE UP AMERICA

  6. Joseph Meissner the Miserable Misanthrope: In the first place, who made you God to decide that those who are already living and in need of organs, skin grafts, and other “products” as you call them, are entitled to have a baby murdered to prolong their life. Only God has the right to decide what our lifespan should be, not some Planned Parenthood butcher who agrees to murder a baby to get just what the “doctor ordered.” Yes, a good many people do decide to countermand God’s ideas, and they are allowed to make that choice, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good one. They do it through various means: lifestyle, self-destruction by drugs, alcohol, etc. carelessness, accidents, cause other deaths by abortion of innocent babies, and by murder and abuse, all things which are reprehensible to God. Obviously, you have no belief in God, but a majority of people do for good reason. I cn only imagine why some people think there is no God and thus create the chaos that’s ruining our civilization. Of course, there is opposition in all things, encouraged by Satan himself, an avowed enemy of God. You’d better be standing on the right side come judgement day or you will regret it.

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