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Judge Amy Berman Jackson Once Again Flies Her Partisan Colors

Few judges sitting the federal bench today are as blatantly biased as Amy Berman Jackson, the #Resistance-minded judge presiding over the Roger Stone trial. She proved it again on Tuesday when she launched into a diatribe against President Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson (from the bench!), accusing them of intimidating the lead juror in the trial.

“Tucker Carlson accused the foreperson of the jury of being an anti-Trump zealot,” Jackson said. “Any attempts to invade the privacy of the jurors or to harass or intimidate them is completely antithetical to our system of justice.

“This is indisputably a highly publicized case in which the president himself shone a spotlight on the jury,” she continued. “The risk of harassment and intimidation of any jurors who may testify in the hearing later today is extremely high, and individually who may be angry about Mr. Stone’s conviction may choose to take it out on them personally.”

Well, that scenario strikes us as exceedingly unlikely. But putting that aside, if lead juror Tomeka Hart finds herself drawing criticism, she has no one to blame but herself – she is the one that ran to CNN a few weeks ago to defend the Mueller prosecutors who resigned from the case in protest after the DOJ reduced the recommended sentence against Stone. That left her exposed to the kind of investigation that has since revealed her to be, well…an anti-Trump zealot.

This is a woman who has used the hashtag #KlanPresident to describe Trump.

This is a woman who has accused Trump’s supporters of being universally racist.

She was thrilled with the FBI’s no-knock, early morning raid of Stone’s residence last year.

She mocked people who condemned the raid as excessive.

On the day of Stone’s conviction, she posted a fist-bump emoji to Twitter.

We’re expected to believe she was fair and impartial as she sat in the jury box? We’re supposed to swallow the idea that she acted as a responsible foreperson? Please. She clearly lied to the lawyers during pre-trial questioning, and she deserves every bit of criticism she has coming to her.

Look, it’s clear: Roger Stone deserves a new trial. One that doesn’t include Tomeka Hart and definitely one that doesn’t include this Democrat-in-robes, Amy Berman Jackson. This has been a pathetic mockery of justice that needs to be corrected, quickly.

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  1. She’ll answer to a higher power , a Hillary she ain’t she’s on her way to hell for her crimes. And judge you can follow the same path.

  2. And what does she get for harassing and intimidating – lawyers, jurors, witnesses & defendants? Someone needs to rescind her appointment, she is dangerous to our people and our country…

    • No doubt, this “Judge”, is merely another radical political appointee, from a likewise *Demoncrat, in charge! bath House Barry, was such a president, bound to violate the laws of decency, & honor, to load up the bench with anti-American, & un-Patriotic individuals! Law, & Justice, will not be served through these mind numbed, 2nd class citizens! They must be removed, by leagal means, post haste!

      • I say she gets removed, POST HASTE, ANY METHOD needed, including a BULLET!!!!

        Let’s see her try to spin that in the here after, and see what she gets!!! I’ll be first in line to pay to see her hung by her neck for treason, and collusion….

        Watch your back, you commie freak!, your not a judge, your a tyrant, and b*tch with a capital “C”!!!!

        You need a smile slit from ear to ear…. And your carcass thrown to the hogs for a feast of dung you are made of, heck, they just might poop on your face and run from such a feckless female dog….(sorry, my Maggie, hope it didn’t insult your canine brilliance compared to this non gendered POS!!!!!!

  3. When ANY juror, especially the lead jurist shows personal bias at any time, they should be removed immediately. Everyone needs to be VERY CONCERNED that when we have blatant bias that clearly could affect an outcome of a verdict, never mind the sentence. Jurys are supposed to be COMPLETELY neutral in court trials and when we have a divided society (through the encouragement of one party) that believes they should act as the judge, jury, and executioner on their own, ANYONE going to trial should be very scared. Our elected representatives are supposed to show us moral, ethical characters but don’t, then they should be removed from office.

  4. If there is anything possibly “Antithetical” or anti ethical to our justice system it would have to be Amy Berman Jackson. Who in their right mind would ever appoint such a biased unethical miscreant a Judge in the first place. I guess it does in fact take one to know one. This poor excuse for a Judge should be disbarred immediately and all cases she presided over reviewed for obvious bias and other impropriety. Including all prosecutors in the Stone case and all other cases they prosecuted for prosecutorial misconduct and be disbarred for the Stone case alone. It seems obvious to me the prosecutors and the Judge in the Stone case were in bed together!

  5. Perhaps this judge better study her facts better and if the juror opened her big mouth and let things out she should not have then maybe the judge needs to be investigated and removed from her bench for her bias and corruption.

  6. Amy Berman Jackson is guilty of Judicial Malpractice for her clear political bias and her failure to recuse herself from an clearly political prosecution. The prosecutors are guilty of prosecutorial malfeasance for lying to their boss. On the sentence recommendation, perjury trap tactics and extortion. When caught by Barr, they tried to quit. The jury foreperson Tomika Hart, lies on her jury form and on questions about background. This led to jury misconduct due to her extreme bias and perjury on the question. The whole trial is a classic case of a mistrial that wasn’t. The prosecutors should be fired and disbarred. The juror should be jailed. Then she should be disbarred. As a lawyer, she surely knew what she was doing. The judge should be removed from the bench and disbarred.

    • This whole miscarriage of justice looks politica;. Starting from the arrest and we know that was political and the investigation was criminal;because it was political. The Judge was biased from the start and should have never sat on this case. Then you have the forewoman of the jury that was biased to a criminal degree. This kind of thing does not happen accidently. What I am saying this was not an accident. This was planned by some people from the from the Justice Department (Comey) had a hand in this set up. I am not a believer in coincidences when you look and everything is lined up to the negative for negative outcome. This was clearly designed to crush Trump’s supporters. Just like with Flynn,who was set up by the F.B.I. for telling a lie that he did not tell. All this taken as a whole is easy to see what the plan was and even who did the planning. Nothing like this could possibly happen unless Obama’s White House put it in motion. That is who started this and that is where the blame starts. Everyone that went along with the plan is a criminal and should go to prison at least for the rest of their life if not shot.

  7. This is what our justice system has become-a two tiered system where people who have the preferred views get justice, but if you have a view that differs from the preferred one, you get screwed. Several of the criminals who were responsible for investigating Trump and his associates are known to have committed serious crimes during their efforts and they all walk (some walk because the AG doesn’t believe he can find a judge and jury in the DC area willing to dole out justice to the criminals because theirs are the “right” views). The other side of that coin shows that if yours are the wrong views it is also impossible to get a fair trial. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are charged with a fairly insignificant crime and both the judge and the jury foreman are on record as hating you because you voted for a candidate they didn’t approve of. American justice has gone in eight years from a Constitutional, rule of law justice system, to a bad example of a banana republic

    • All can thank bathhouse Barry, for the degradation in our legal system.Look at all the criminals he surrounded himself with.Holder,Clapper,Comey,Brennan,Clinton,Rice it just goes on and on.All the while the democrat party was stealing us the U.S.citizen blind. They would appropriate billions of dollars like for places like Ukraine,then position their family in places for payoffs’ of stolen billions.I did not make this stuff up,it happened.

  8. She reports to Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts. If he has any balls, he’d remove her from any further Trump related cases and serve her with a Final Warning for her bias!!!

    • In a perfect world, this would be the case. However, having said that this was probably the most egregious and blatantly biased trial that I have ever been aware of, from every level, Judge, Jury and Prosecutors. (I guess if the Defense Tanked the trial too, it could have been worse.) The real problem is that these Judges are appointed. The Judicial System has a HORRIBLE record of policing itself. Removal of Justices is extremely rare. Many serve well past their prime and some are totally disqualified and Political. This is an area that needs to be addressed. Cleaning out the courts and dismissing so many more of these stupid, political a great first step.

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