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New Poll: Majority of Voters Support Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

Every time the Democrats go on television these days, they hit two points about Amy Coney Barrett and avoid one other topic. The two points about Barrett: That she shouldn’t even be up for confirmation because there’s an election going on, and that she is a radical right-winger who will rule against everything from gay marriage to Obamacare to (presumably) the right of the Democratic Party to even exist. The topic they avoid: Whether or not they will support packing the Supreme Court in the event that they win in November.

They feel entitled to make all of these claims (and avoidances) because they believe the American people are on their side. Unfortunately for them, that may not be the case any longer.

From Politico:

Despite the contentious circumstances of her quick nomination, polls show that confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is generally popular with voters.

The new survey represents an increase in support for Barrett’s confirmation compared with a survey immediately after her initial nomination last month, when 37 percent of voters said the Senate should vote to confirm her.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows that a slight majority of voters, 51 percent, think the Senate should vote to confirm her nomination, far greater than the 28 percent who say the Senate should vote not to confirm her. A little more than 2 in 10 voters, 21 percent, don’t have an opinion about Barrett’s nomination.

Kyle Dropp of Morning Consult said, “A slim majority of voters now back Senate confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court — a level of support that has increased by double digits since President Trump nominated her last month. Voters are also aware of the impact her confirmation could have on the court, as 54 percent believe her confirmation will make the Supreme Court at least somewhat more conservative.”

Well, if you ever hoped to get a straight answer out of Biden and the Democrats about court packing, this poll should let the air out of that particular balloon. Now that they are facing an uphill battle against both the public and the Republicans, Democrats are going to have no choice but to shut up and swallow this one. And unless things change in a hurry, they would be making a ghastly political mistake by expanding the Supreme Court upon winning control of the government.

If, of course, that even happens.

What do you think?

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  1. If you poll voters who already support her nomination, you will find a majority of voters support it.
    If you poll voters who already support any other cause/candidate/nomination, you would expect to find a majority support there, too.

  2. Democrats cried “Armageddon” when Kavanaugh was nominated, and later confirmed, for the USSC. Nothing of the sort happened because constitutionalist justices take each case separately, weigh it as it applies to the Constitution and precedence and decide, no matter how the chips fall. Democrats want justices that support their ideology, NOT the Constitution, so have fished around with questions to USSC nominee Barrett to see if she leans toward their ideology or the Constitution and were extremely disappointed she was for the latter, which dispenses fair justice for all. Democrats do not want fair justice for all, they want fair justice as it applies only to favorable rulings on ideology issues. The Constitution is an impediment to their goals and justices who support that document are additional hindrances so should NOT be allowed on the court..

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