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Professor Defends Due Process for the Accused. Students Want Him Fired

In the Believe All Women era, there’s just no place for the bigotry of due process…at least when that process would be used to exonerate a white male.

That’s apparently the message being sent by more than 100 University of Southern California students. They are rallying to have Professor James Moore fired after he had the unmitigated gall to defend the constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Because, you know, that’s just not how the left wants things to work anymore. Well, unless the accused is a black liberal. Then the rules change again, because oppression.

We digress.

Moore got himself in hot water when he noticed an email that was sent out to all staff and students at the university last Thursday. The email, which instructed students to “Believe Survivors” of sexual assault, inspired Moore to give those students a lesson in the criminal justice system.

“Accusers sometimes lie,” he pointed out in a reply-all email of his own. “If the day comes you are accused of some crime or tort of which you are not guilty, and you find your peers automatically believing your accuser, I expect you find yourself a stronger proponent of due process than you are now.”

Welp, there are some things you just can’t say in this environment, and “accusers sometimes lie” is apparently one of them. Feminist students immediately organized a rally against the professor, naming it “Time’s Up for James Moore.” More than 100 students showed up at the USC Argue Plaza to demand that Moore be fired for his insensitive email.

Now, none of the story up until this point particularly surprised us. We know that liberal college students these days have a warped view of society and its norms. We also know that there’s nothing they love better than to turn an ideological adversary into an ENEMY and attempt to take their job away from them.

But what truly made us sick was the university’s response. Instead of telling these students to get a life, Dean Jack Knott placated them with comfort and assured them that they were right and Professor Moore was wrong!

“What he sent was extremely inappropriate, hurtful, insensitive,” he said. “We are going to try to do everything we can to try to create a better school, to educate the faculty. This is going to be a multi-pronged effort. We are going to have a faculty meeting later this week around implicit bias, sensitivity towards survivors.”

Un-freaking-believable. Extremely inappropriate to point out that the accused in this country deserve due process? Hurtful and insensitive to defend the fundamental underpinning of our entire Western justice system? It is sick and scary to hear a Dean of Students talk this way, and we can only assume we are getting a shocking glimpse into the future of this country.

Beware, because Brett Kavanaugh is only the beginning.

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  1. I have 3 sons and I am terrified! If a woman can accuse a man of wrongdoing, without proof, and have it believed we are in dangerous territory. I pray Judge Kavanaugh does get confirmed so this process does not get legs!

  2. We can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heaps.
    We must physically separate ourselves from them, it is that or civil war.

    • well the war began in the 60’s and apparently we’ve not enjoined the left – so they just keep taking and thinking we’re wimps! This has been going on for a long time – was president of two Veterans clubs and we felt the full brunt of these vicious attacks. So they’ve had 7 decades to arm themselves – buy off opponents – takeover msm – now we’ll have to see if we’ve any resolve – to hold the lines

      • They’ve also taken over academia and have destroyed our youth with their indoctrination crap. It’s precisely why we are seeing these AntiFa, BLM, college kids not wanting to listen to reason, nor anything else except for what those liberal democrat professors want them to believe.

        Our institutions of education need, no must, weed out these Alinskyites. They’re poisoning our youth and these are tomorrow’s leaders? God help us all!!!

        • I agree. Fortunately, we have Fox News, Rush, and the TRUTH on our side. People are realizing all the leftist crap, lies and hypocrisy, and we will NOT let them destroy our fantastic country.

      • I agree ,it’s time the GOP take the “lets all try to get along bullshit ” gloves off & get some balls & start to fight like liberal do, down in the gutters. Republicans have been to pussy like & think the other side will treat them fairly, not realizing when liberals have you down, they’ll stomp on your head or neck, kick you in the gut or balls, piss on you, & if they see any sign of you trying to protect yourself ,start to do over again.

  3. Wow…I wonder if a student claimed that the Dean harassed her and even sexually assaulted her…would he just agree that he must be guilty? How would he feel if everyone called for his resignation without hearing his side (or hearing it and not caring?) I’m writing the dean at to ask him why he doesn’t support his staff; would recommend everyone on here to do the same.

    • I just sent this CLOWN an email: Subject; DUE PROCESS IS THE LAW AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT followed by: “I wonder if a student claimed that you harassed her and even sexually assaulted her…would you just agree that you must be guilty? How would you feel if everyone called for your resignation without hearing your side (or hearing it and not caring?) Why don’t you support your staff? You sir should be removed from your post..ASAP, matter of fact I will start the process right now.” I will let you know if I receive a reply. Thanks!

      • You are absolutely correct Keith, this guy should be removed. He must be pandering to the students. Maybe he thinks their parents will get angry at him. I am not addressing the sexual assault thing it’s all about the constitution for me. It keeps getting chipped away and ignored by the left, and California is a perfect example.

    • Done
      Dean Jack Knott

      I just read an article about you not agreeing with one of your professors on due process. I see you caved to those that don’t have a clue about our constitution, something maybe more colleges like yours should teach.

      How would you like it if I sent a letter and stated that 10 years ago you sexually assaulted, sodomized and raped me. By your premise, I am to be believed and you will bear the burden of proof to defend yourself. These 100 woman need to understand the law and know that a person is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. That is how it works in this country and maybe they need to go back to high school and learn it.

      James Moore is correct, they are not and you are facilitating a falsehood, shame on you.

      The only thing this is doing is making it harder to believe a woman who may be crying wolf for perhaps spiteful reasons, is this what you want in this world.

      And the kicker is–I am a WOMAN and am fed up with these feminists, they do NOT speak for me and never will. I have brains and can think for myself

    • thank you for the email address. He just got this
      Dean Jack Knott

      I just read an article about you not agreeing with one of your professors on due process. I see you caved to those that don’t have a clue about our constitution, something maybe more colleges like yours should teach.

      How would you like it if I sent a letter and stated that 10 years ago you sexually assaulted, sodomized and raped me. By your premise, I am to be believed and you will bear the burden of proof to defend yourself. These 100 woman need to understand the law and know that a person is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. That is how it works in this country and maybe they need to go back to high school and learn it.

      James Moore is correct, they are not and you are facilitating a falsehood, shame on you.

      The only thing this is doing is making it harder to believe a woman who may be crying wolf for perhaps spiteful reasons, is this what you want in this world.

      And the kicker is–I am a WOMAN and am fed up with these feminists, they do NOT speak for me and never will. I have brains and can think for myself

    • My email to the dean:

      Dean Knott – I would assume that, as Dean of a college, you would have a clear and concise understanding of the United States Constitution and more particularly the 14th Amendment. But, from your response to 100+ students protesting and calling for the firing of this professor, this obviously is not the case.

      However, if you were to be ‘accused’ of a sexual assault (ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME PRESENT, PAST OR FUTURE), I doubt that you would hold the same babble as you have made to these students. You would then be found guilty before being proved innocent.

      IF you were a smart and intelligent Dean, you would teach your staff on the principles behind the 14th Amendment and then communicate that same TRUTH to your students. They are obviously being taught just the opposite. And if you don’t….well, that will be handled when you depart this world.

    • Great idea. Silence from the Right on this matter is what they expect, so let’s just break that silence with a conservative hammer.

  4. Although an accuser has the right to be heard, they need to have PROOF to back up their accusations! The Accused is not automatically guilty because someone accused them! REGARDLESS of who the accuser is! So many men;s lived had been ruined because some woman took advantage of their gender to accuse someone so that they could get the guy fired and open up a position for THEIR advancement!
    Should Ford be believed although their are so man holes in her testimony? Why was she in a bathing suit? Was there even a pool in the house of the party? Why didn’t ANY of the people at the party back up her story? Why didn’t she make a police report 40 years ago? Why did her “witnesses” only hear about it five year ago? Why can’t she remember who drove her to the party or home?
    If you ever are subjected to a really emotion trauma, it is firmly imprinted into your memory and you will be able to describe events accurately always! So I don’t believe Ford, because none of her story rings true!
    Plus she lied about so many things in her testimony! According to the California database, Ford has never been licensed, so my law, she can NOT refer to herself as a psychologist! And she said that in her introduction! And with investigations, once an accuser lies, the rest of her story is suspect! Why didn’t her lifelong friend that was at the party NOT back up her story? Or ask her about why she left the party without telling her?
    All accusers admit they are Democrats, so could this be a way the DNC plan to delay the confirmation? If Feinstein believed Ford, why did she hold onto the letter for over two months?
    The bottom line is that just because you are accused of a crime or something does not mean that you are guilty! Our society was founded on innocent until proven guilty! And all the professor did was to point this FACT out to people! So should he be fired? Not NO, but HELL NO! If anyone needs a new job it would be the dean!
    One thing everyone should know by now is that you praise in public and reprimand in PRIVATE! So the dean did not back up this principal or back up his faculty!

  5. That’s Liberal Democrat California, just another case of the inmates running the institution!
    They should get an “F” in Civics.

  6. If the students or the University receives any Federal monies in the form of Pell Grants, government backed student loans the Government should stop all payments immediately.
    There should be no federal taxpayer money funding Universities who do not support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Nor should we as a nation look the other way and allow children to dictate how our justice system works and deny the freedom to speak and the freedom to think in opposition to others.

  7. What a farce all this is! First, those students should be censored if not expelled. The voters should demand that ALL schools that use public tax dollars should be entirely neutral in their teaching The teachers/professors have a right to their opinion, but it needs to be off- campus! As soon as stipudents begin to act this way, they need to be tounded up, hauled off to jail and ultimately charged, and subsequently expelled by the university. Of course, since this was CA, we’re faced with the likes of Jerry Brown, so when the Governor is crazier than the students, what do we have left!

  8. It seems that the College Students of today are all very dis-honest or very brain-washed. I do really believe that almost all of them have no Common-Sense. I pity the children being born today as they will be attacked by a bunch of Criminal-Minded individuals.

  9. How about we go by the word of God(Yahweh) in this matter,Deuteronomy 19:15-21 is Yahweh’s instructions concerning false witnesses,it says one witness shall not rise up against a man or woman for any iniquity,or for any sin,in any sin that he sinneth:at the mouth of two witnesses,or at the mouth of three witnesses,shall the matter be established,I added the woman,it does not say woman,but it seems right to add the woman along side the man,sents they are a member of the human race as well.

  10. From All Indications Everyone Might As Well Say, Goodbye To The USA!
    Whenever the democraps retake the Presidency -or should we also change that to Dictator and Vice Dictator, Mikey & Georgey- and /or the House & Senate, the Constitution will no longer exist!
    Reminds me of the Roman Senate just before Rome Died! Everything, especially the Senate, was for Sale!
    Right now they are allowing/actually kissing A$$es, bending over backwards touching their toes, to give the liberal, fascist/socialists everything they want -No, Demand is more to the point!
    They’ve allowed the Illegal Terrorist Aliens -Remember the TROJAN HORSE?- to walk right in while using the regular Illegal Aliens as mules to carry in all their weapons’ parts! FREE to build whatever they want in the COMPLETE PROTECTED COMFORT OF THE SANCTUARY CITES- Anyone ever hear of TREASON -PROVIDING AID & COMFORT TO THE ENEMY?????!!!! ALL FOR VOTES OF THE ILLEGALS -THANKS OBAMY!

  11. Fortunately, “more than 100 students” out of a student body of nearly 44,000 is not necessarily representative. We can hope that this group of reactionaries, less than or about 1/4 of one percent, are opposed by the vast majority of USC students. The hope is dimmed somewhat by the silly post of Dean Knott. l wonder what Dean Knott thought was so “extremely inappropriate, hurtful, insensitive,” and Professor Moore’s post. If the implicit, but clear message, of Dean Knott were adopted as USC mandate, all students would be limited in their speech to “How are you?” and “I’m fine, hope you are too.” Because “the wind is ferocious” could be insensitive to sailors.

    • The percentage may even be lower. The University of Spoiled Children (aka USC) boasts a student population of 47,500 (undergraduate and professional/graduate studies) for the 2018/2019 year.

      Its crosstown rival, The University of Caucasians Lost among Asians (aka UCLA) claims a 44,947 total student enrollment for 2018/2019.


  12. No wonder the USC football team sucks this year. They have a bunch of snowflakes attending the school affecting how they play. LOL

  13. Let me get this straight. People are actually paying big money to have their children exposed to such genuinely stupid and patently UN-American teachings in the hope that they, with a degree from such places will be better suited to get a good high paying job? The unemployment lines will be long!

  14. These students are crazy! I don’t think they are “learning” one blessed thing that will help them maintain and enjoy the blessings they have! A truly miserable bunch! I blame the schools— they have been indoctrinated to follow the path to destruction.

  15. This kind of nonsense started during Obama’s second term as president. Many young men were being accused on college campuses, and the colleges would automatically side with the female accuser. Young men started fighting back, and under Education Secretary Betsty DeVos, she has been bringing Obama’s biased policies against males to an end. So, now the left figures that they can take out two birds with one stone. By trumping up these fake charges against Judge Kavanaugh, they can also push back on Betsy DeVos so that they can keep the crazy Obama policies that began this nightmare. All I can say is that Republicans need to push back during this mid-term election and prevent the psychos on the left from taking over this country. #SupportKavanaugh. #VoteRed.

  16. I have a son and grandsons; too am frightened of the implications of today societal dysfunction. I am especially alarmed by the militant women who think with their emotions and not with any reasonable logic. And in addition to that, it will now be possible for just about anyone to accuse anyone, male or female of just about anything they desire. I such as these never ever reproduce. But they will probably all have abortions anyway.

  17. These professors, teachers, schools, and brain washed snowflakes, and let’s not forget the DEMONCRAPS, are the STUPIDIST people in America!!

  18. Feminazis are deeply intranced, delusional and psychotic bitches just as supporters of Demoncommicrats they demented and deviant and there is no cure for their mental illness but 1, I will leave you all to reflect what the only fix for their mental illness happens to be.

  19. Due process is the law of the land and that’s the way it is. I don’t give a damn what a few ignorant students might say about it. Evidently they have not learned anything at USC. This is common knowledge.

  20. I work in the legal and have for many years. This is crazy. Judges make their own law even thogh thats not what they are suppose to do. Due process is going out the window. Pwople are guilty before proven innocent…a backwords. Anyone can be accused of anything by anyone with no proof. Police do not arrest protesters who have no permit and threaten people. People who destroy property have no accountability. No respect for others or their opinions. Our children are being taught to be stupid and robots. This is crazy. No respect for this country or the President. There are going to be some bad things that are going to happen to some of these people very bad things. Enough…get back to the basics before its too late.

  21. I’m a university professor. I can be almost certain that the Dean of Students reaction was more geared towards the all-important student retention over any implied agreement with their student childish mentality. Intellectual discourse has ceased on university campuses for the most part. It’s pretty disgusting. I’m shocked that parents send their kids to these types of universities to begin with, unless the parents are as wacky as the offspring is. The good news is that there are colleges and universities around that have not drank the Purple Koolaid.

    • Markin, nice to hear there are still some sane colleges and Universities remaining. There are way to many teachers and Professors who are teaching propaganda, ideology and not subject matter. Our young people are being taught disrespect, that’s old school, which undermines parents and grandparents. While on the surface teaching today appears innocent, it is undermining our youth.


  23. Due process is the law of the land. These students, apparently not having learned this basic fact, only display their ignorance of a “basic.”

  24. As a 100% disabled USMC before Nam heated up in 1964 when we should have gotten out since our obligation under the Geneva Accord of 1954, I had learned what was later revealed in the Pentagon Papers – that there was no way that we were going to ‘win’ in any way since the Govt of S. Nam did not have the support of the people, and so I joined the protest. Every Marine has the duty to try to save the lives of other Marines no matter when they served. The last KIA there was a USMC Cpl who was trying to get into a chopper – over 55 thousand US deaths for nothing and more competition in getting care at the VA since they got into saving the taxpayers money. The first obilgation of a country is to its people and that includes the disabled vets and even those who were not disabled in combat but who cannot provide for themselves because of old age. Now the homeless are at least 3 times as many as those who are officially unemployed. Wages have been stagnant for years as profits for businesses have increased. 40 years ago our highways and bridges were the best in the world and now are at the bottom of western countries. Yesterday, we finally got the first CEO to raise the salaries of all of his employees to the level where none will be eligible for the corporate welfare of earned income tax credits. Congress is the biggest bunch of wimps – we have not had a declared war (the job of Congress) since Dec 8, 1941, and are now in the longest ‘war’ in US history which is just another Nam. Kabul has better streets than most of our cities. Congress has the Constitutional responsibiliity for immigration and natualization and hasn’t done a damn thing in 40 years; it also has the responsiblity for tariffs and commerical relations with other nations and now we find the draft dodger in chief waking up one mornng and saying I am going to get China by imposing tariffs, which since we do not make anything here any longer, will be paid by the American people as Walmart and other said.

  25. Jack Knott is clearly a foolish man and the board of directors should replace him immeduately. Whathe did and said was wrong. Students do not run the schools or make the decisions. What a weak Dean.

  26. Left Democrat Professors and a mob of Liberal students want to control us. They give us two choices: either keep our mouth shut or follow their “Stupid” & “Crazy” ideological racism.
    We, women love our men, sons and grandsons. We stand by our constitutional right to be presumed
    innocent until proven guilty. We have a very loud voices to support Professor Jameres Moore.
    American is not a Communism or Socialism country.
    USC, Dean Jack Knott tell those Liberal Female demonstrators that we are all innocent until proven
    guilty. This is our great American built on.

  27. Younger voters! What can I say? The Universities have been corrupted by the communist left! You might as well call it like it is. There is no democrat party anymore, they sold out to the commies yars ago. Lately there has been a socialist push to raise the age to purchase a firearm to 21, fine. While they are at it raise the minimum age to drive to 21. And most importantly, raise the age to vote to 21.Make having graduated from highschool with the completion of 2 semesters of State and Federal Government courses taken and passed with at least a B grade. Civic class should be mandated also as well as having completed 2 years pf military service honorably. We used to require voters to be a White Man and a property owner so this wouldn’t be unreasonable. Idiots who believe in socialism and being unemployed have no right to vote. Democrats want 16 year old illegals to be allowed to vote. San Fransico just passed a redolution to allow illegals the “Right” to vote in”Local elections” Do you think SF will stop there?

  28. I was listening to the Radio, they were talking about how so many Citizens no nothing about our Constitution and exactly how it came about. They suggested the students learn World History first then they MIGHT understand why the CONSTITUTION is so important!!!!!! And exactly why we love it.

  29. All Rape accusers must be believed, women like Crystal Magnum, Susan Shannon, ”Jackie” of the UVA, Columbia’s ‘Mattress Girl’, Emma Sulkowicz, Wanetta Gibson, Tawana Brawley, Gregory Counts and Van Dyke Perry’s accuser, etc.. They would never lie, unless Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, Anthony Weiner, Al Frankin, etc. is accused.

  30. The Dean has to go. He has done the students a disservice. They are entitled to an education. The Professor was actually educating them. What the Dean has done is teach them the wrong thing.


  32. Shit like this is WHY we elected Trump & they wonder WHY we consider them “Enemies of the People” & Fake News
    they are nothing but propagansists for the democrat party
    they are the “decepticons”
    I havent watched any of it since BENGHAZI
    that was the final straw..i didnt need to see anymore lies & cover ups for the vast corruption of the Obama Nation

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