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Spoiled, Liberal College Students Want University to Fire Brett Kavanaugh

Apparently the George Mason Law School, as reputable as it undoubtedly is, isn’t doing that great of a job teaching its students about due process, the statute of limitations, and that whole inconvenient concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

No, like most American campuses on the East and West coasts, George Mason appears to be eaten up with the social justice virus and populated by hundreds of clueless students who get their facts from the liberal blogosphere rather than their law books. As such, these students are incensed that their school would hire Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to teach a course in the summer semester…even though that course will be taught nearly 4,000 miles away in Runnymede, England.

From the Washington Post:

“As a survivor of sexual assault, this decision has really impacted me negatively,” one student said, according to a clip of a meeting last Wednesday with the university’s Board of Visitors that was published by the College Fix, a conservative site focused on higher education. “It has affected my mental health knowing that an abuser will be part of our faculty.”

In a petition, a group that calls itself “Mason 4 Survivors” is asking university administrators to remove Kavanaugh and issue a formal apology to victims of sexual assault. It also calls for the public release of documents related to the judge’s hire, including “emails, donor agreements, and contracts.” And it requests a town hall by April 25 to discuss the “implications for students” of bringing the Supreme Court justice on board.

The petition, created about two weeks ago, has garnered nearly 3,500 signatures. And it has yielded separate forms for parents and alumni to pledge that they will not donate to the university so long as Kavanaugh is teaching.

Thus far, we are glad to say, the university’s administration is holding the line. President Angel Cabrera has said he will not “kick Kavanaugh off campus,” the way the protesters are demanding through their chants. One reason, perhaps, is that Kavanaugh won’t actually BE on campus.

“I respect the views of people who disagreed with Justice Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation due to questions raised about his sexual conduct in high school,” Cabrera said in a statement last month. “But he was confirmed and is now a sitting Justice. The law school has determined that the involvement of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice contributes to making our law program uniquely valuable for our students. And I accept their judgment.”

Ah well, today’s college students are always on the prowl for the next thing to protest, the next injustice to get outraged about. We assume these ungrateful, miserable SJWs will not be making the trip to England to learn about the Constitution from Justice Kavanaugh.

Their loss.

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  1. There seems to be an endless supply of college educated fools in this country. Couple of my relatives in the bunch.

    • Yep, my sister who was raised Conservative, moved to San Diego about 20 years ago and she has become of the blithering idiots. And she has raised her son to be the same kid of fool. I cannot talk to her about anything important since we no longer agree about anything!

  2. we have to go back to basic love America , bleed for America and if u wish to live here follow the simple rules if not GET THE F++K OUT NOW

  3. What do you expect when our whole education system is run by socialist democrats from school board members, teachers, college president, and professors. They have no right to enter fear with our freedoms. They have brain washed our children from kindergarten on, parents must fight back against their socialist agenda.

  4. Just another idiotic instance of the dis-satisfied assuming they have the power to dictate institutional policy. (In non-politically correct parlance this is called letting the inmates run the asylum.
    These uber-privileged children should be using their free time to study more and prepare themselves for real life when they will actually have to make a real contribution to earn a pay-check. Why are they even allowed to imagine they hold any kind of swy over University policy?
    Grow-up, children. Tantrums are not well regarded by productive society.

  5. Wow, a survivor of sexual abuse is a “snowflake”. You are very unkind and thoughtless folks whatever you think of Kavenaugh.

  6. I do not wish to belittle women who have been sexually assaulted, but I firmly believe and will go to my grave believing but that lady that accused Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford was lying through her teeth.

    I believe that she was a pro abortion overzealous supporter and I believe that she knew exactly what to say and how to say it. I believe that she felt that her testimony would be enough to keep Kavanaugh off the court because none of the women Republicans would support him. I am very proud of Susan Collins to this day for seeing through that nonsense. I think that she and the other Democrats felt that if they could stop Kavanaugh it would give the Democrats enough momentum to retake the Senate and thereby keep Trump from putting anyone else on the court.

    God was with us and it totally backfired.

    The simple fact of the matter is Cavanagh is not an abuser because he was not convicted of anything.

  7. These little brats have been inoculated since grade school by leftist liberal teachers who are not teaching them how to read, write and do mathematics. instead, they are indoctrinating them into liberal anthologies.

  8. Before you ingrate spoiled liberal wannabe communists/socialists RIOT OR OCCUPY THE CAMPUS LUNCHEONETTE OR START ANY OTHER BULLSHIT, I think you morons should should read up on this ‘PRESIDENT NIXON AND KENT STATE RIOTS AND THE STUDENTS WHO WERE KILLED BY ACCIDENT (?)’. Because any of that bullshit and President Trump will do 2 things, 1 SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD & 2 STOP ALL FEDERAL FUNDS TO YOUR SCHOOL!

    • Nixon didn’t send the troops into KSU, Governor Jim Rhodes did. And, the 4 students killed were not protesters that day. They may have been the night before when they burned down the ROTC building, they may have been during the Water Street riot, but, they were not protesting when they were shot. I remember it well.

  9. Lets fire Ginsberg and all the liberals on the court. Whats fair is fair. Lets kill all libdrals too. Will that make the liberals happy.

  10. If the students are so afraid of a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Jurist, then where’s the problem? It’s them. Best is expel them from law school, send them to Venezuela or Russia, and leave them there. If they are getting student loans, pull them and attach their wages for life until the loans are paid back in full plus interest. What they accomplished is show that the George Mason Law School is not an acceptable college and their credentials should be revoked.

  11. This is the lesson that needs to be realized by those who are attacking Judge Kavanaugh. When you begin your statement with the claim to have been a victim of sexual assault you must also include how you handled the aftermath. Did you immediately report the assault? Did you leave a mark on the attacker? If you are sexually assaulted, the onus is on you to make sure that person never gets the opportunity to repeat their crime. The first point is to always be aware & try not to find yourself in a place that you could become a victim of any type of crime. Second, if you do become a victim make sure to get DNA by the simplest manner, which is using your fingernails. Third, immediately report the attack. When women wait for days, weeks, months, or years to report an assault they will lose a great deal of credibility since memory may be compromised, DNA evidence is destroyed, & witnesses may be no longer available to substantiate your claim. Judge Brett Kavanaugh was adjudicated of any & all of the claims made by his accuser. Her story was deemed to be not truthful by an expert analyst. The majority of people who sat in on the televised hearings realized that the accuser was not being honest and was not believable. Judge Kavanaugh is a very intelligent & in my opinion honorable man from whom the students at George Mason Law School could learn from. The first thing any law student should want to learn is how to develop a good sense of truth, integrity, and always doing the right thing. Again, for any person that has been a victim of any crime, report it immediately.

    • Sue: You could tell that the Ford woman was lying from the start…First, when she said that she was “terrified” to be there…such unctious BS from a Liberal/Democrat progressive, who has spent her entire career in a feminist culture…Second, when she said that her fears of flying, and travel were part of her excuse for not “wanting to have been there” was such out right lies, and white washing her “little miss hurt” voice and actions…C’mon this woman was playing to the heart of the #MeToo culture nd she and every Democrat/Liberal progressives knows it…

      As far as these butt-hurt, silly little kids who believe anything the Liberal/Democrat progressive tells them to believe instead of using their minds, and God forbid common sense, I pity these young people for falling victim to and prey of this evil culture that demands everything of them, including their ability to think for themselves…God have mercy on them when they are finally forced to think for themselves…I holdout NO HOPE for the consequences they are bringing on themselves for these slights to both wisdom, and knowledge…God Bless America, Again, PLEASE?

  12. I can not believe that these stupid students are “law students”. What is our future with these ignorants youngsters representing us in court in the future. They are willing to push for raw justice and mob hate instead of following the most important principles of the law “innocent till proven guilty”. The Internet is creating cowards behind screens that are willing to ruin anybodies life without a single thought.

  13. Let them be arrested for something, anything, ESPECIALLY if they didn’t do it and see if they change their “minds” about due process and assumed innocence until PROVEN guilty!!

    Especially the men being arrested for a rape they didn’t do!!

  14. You:HI, I’m here to apply for a job in the legal Profession. Interviewer: Where did you graduate from? You:George Mason Law School. Interviewer:Great school. Did you study under Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?? You: NO, he’s a sexist and I was part of the group that got him fired. Interviewer: We’ll get back to you. NEXT!!!

  15. What SHOULD COME FROM the College Leadership/administration:

    “Dear affected students;

    You are no longer welcome on this Campus for your failure to believe in the RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

    You are NO LONGER WELCOME on Campus Grounds, your Tuition WILL NOT be refunded, you personal belongings will be in cardboard boxes placed at the curb for you to pick up in a few days.
    Any Credits you have received will be Retracted and disappear from your records.

    No, you WILL NOT be allowed to attend any courses on any Campus associated with this institution in the Future, including Online studies.

    Go find work in a HARD LABOR employment situation and LEARN HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN in real life.!

    Thank You,
    The Administration.”

    Do that on a few Campi and their education will BEGIN!

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