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Stacey Abrams’s Sister Had No Business Ruling on GA Voter Case

In one of the most stunning example of judicial conflict of interest we’ve seen in…well, ever…District Court Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner ruled this week that two Georgia counties cannot move forward with a plan to remove names from their voter rolls.

Why was this ruling such a travesty of justice? Not because of the merits of the case – which may or may not be sound – but because of who Judge Gardner is. Or more specifically, who she is related to. She’s the sister of Stacey Abrams, the woman who has dedicated her career to opening up the vote in Georgia ever since she lost the 2018 gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp.

According to Judge Gardner, the counties in question had improperly removed names because there was unverified change-of-address information on record. We’re not sure why this qualifies as “improper,” but we do know that this ruling would have gone down more smoothly if the judge had been literally anyone else.

The counties involved in the case tried, unsuccessfully, to get Gardner to recuse herself beforehand.

“Judge Gardner is the sister of Stacey Abrams, a Georgia politician and voting rights activist who was the Democratic candidate in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election and has since engaged in various highly-publicized efforts to increase voter registration and turnout for the 2020 general election in Georgia,” a motion from Muscogee County read.

“Abrams’ interest could therefore be substantially affected by the outcome of this proceeding,” the motion continued. “For this reason, Judge Gardner’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned were this case to proceed before her. The Muscogee County Defendants respectfully request that Judge Gardner recuse herself from further involvement in the present case.”

If there’s ever been a clearer demand for recusal in judicial history, we don’t recall hearing about it. Nonetheless, Gardner rejected the motion and remained on the case, subsequently ruling in exactly the way we would expect the sister of Stacey Abrams to rule.

On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) expressed his shock and dismay over the decision.

“This is absurd. This is an obvious case for recusal. For Stacey Abrams’ sister to refuse to recuse — and issue this decision despite her indisputable bias — undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system,” he wrote.

Cruz may be outraged, but a cursory look around the internet shows us that all of those news outlets and pundits who were SO CONCERNED about Kemp’s role as Secretary of State in 2018 are not in the least bothered by this clear-cut conflict of interest.

How about that.

What do you think?

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  1. Well no s**t! Then why are these idiots being allowed to insert themselves into this stuff? Oh, that’s right, everyone’s scared to tell them to pizz off cause they have lots of melanin!

    • You are correct! Abrams sister must recuse herself! The 2 counties in Georgia should proceed with their actions, to hell with a cheating judge and her crooked sister!!

      • Democrats like to protest maybe if you protest in front of there houses you would see how they like it for next 4 years

    • Press release in the Sarasot Herald Tribune, 1/6/2021
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  3. This is just another travesty of justice in this corrupt election. Not just the states where there is evidence of rampant fraud and deception, I believe that this occurred in each and every state, and they just got greedy when it was obvious that Trump had won the race. All the obvious obstruction of justice, not from just this judge, but all of the judges involved in throwing out the fraud “allegations”, (which are more than just allegations, they are provable facts). There is proof of dead people voting, which is the most unbelievable overlook in the entire procedure. I am sure that dead people have been voting forever, but not as many as there have been this election cycle. Children voting, dogs and cats voting. Trucks, and trucks full of ballots, never folded, never mailed, printed on plain paper. We cannot pretend this did not happen. It is going to happen again in Georgia on Tuesday. WE THE PEOPLE WANT OUR VOICES HEARD. WE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS ELECTION WAS FAIR, AND WE KNOW THAT THE GOVERNORS AND MAYORS INVOLVED ARE BEING PAID OFF. CHECK THE BANK ACCOUNTS, LOOK FOR HIDDEN MONEY OFFSHORE. THE TRAIL IS THERE. FIND IT. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. This is the worst thing I have seen in my 73 years of watching this corrupt voting standard, which has been happening since the beginning of this country, but now it is blatant and they think we should hide our heads in the sand and be sheeple. I want to be a PEOPLE, of WE THE PEOPLE, IT DOES NOT SAY WE THE SHEEPLE.

    • Sorry my friend. But you don’t really think anything will happen to that thing, do you? NOTHING! Happens to the piece of sh…. Dems! NOTHING has, and, NOTHING! Ever will. Sickening I know.

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  5. All good comments here. Just more crooked politics by the communists and the weak Repubs allowed it all to happen all across government.

  6. So who will judge the truth ? If supreme Court doesn’t ! And who will be imprisoned for their fraud . We seen them , there’s plenty of proof , do where’s justice in America .

    • The Judges know there is Proof. But by Not looking at it , they can say Not enough. Most if Not all don’t want to rock their boat . They are cowards when it comes to dealing with the demonutz . Plus, Most are paid off by Soro’s and his groups . Follow the money trails , especially out of the country !

      The Demonutz will do anything to keep President Trump out of office . They are afraid of what else will be discovered with their crooked ways . Like President Trump said, The Corrupt Swamp runs deeper than anyone originally thought !!
      President Trump cares more about our Great Country than anyone in office or anyone that was ever in ! He truly Loves our Country.
      Think about this , You may not like his personality ……..But He has done More for our Country than anyone Ever has . Plus, he donates his salary .
      As a Millionaire Demonut to do that . Won’t ever happen !!

      We Need to Keep the fight going and fight no matter what it takes !!

  7. Sheeple we are and sheeplewe will remain, until the Court itself enacts stronger more stringer rules to ensure the recusal of judgeswhen required. Sisters Abrams and Abrams Gardner both were aware this judge needed to recuse herself. Her actions were despicable. She needs to be removed.

  8. These two idiots and i call them idiots where do thry get off playing with the elecyion they are both obstructing justice and cheating.
    Both sisters should be removed from holding positions in goverment and they ssf hould get jail time for their down
    Right dirty low handed moves.
    Stacy abrams is no sngel and is crooked she slone is respondible for votes being temoved and given to a man pretenfing to br president.
    The feds i think need to look into this act of tampering with votes.
    Stacy needs a long long prison sentence.for interference.

  9. It’s the same old story that’s been going on for decades. These fat black hogs are being allowed to get away with this because of their race. I’m sick of these white pansies rolling over and allowing scum like this to destroy this country. When I hear all of this so called “white privelige” garbage it turns my stomach.

  10. Good Morning that’s all the problems nobody’s going to Jail so if we the people keep letting them getting away with this Bullshit and or elected officials are not doing anything Well who’s left the people will have to elect those stand by the constitution and the rule of law Abraums and here sister that’s a judge put them in Jail

  11. No we won’t ever see Justice IF China Joe and the Demonutz take over . Our Country as we knew it will be gone .
    They will make sure IF we still have Elections that they Never lose .

    I feel for All the Military people that fought and gave their lives to keep us Free .
    I personally want to Thank the one’s gone and the one’s still serving .

    We Need to fight and Fight hard to keep our Country Free , Whatever it takes !!

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