Transgender Employee Sues Nike For Not Using Her Preferred Pronouns

Former computer engineer for Nike, Jazz Lyles, is suing the athletic-wear giant for failing to use her preferred gender pronouns. Lyles, who was born female (and will therefore be female for the rest of her life), considers herself “transmasculine,” whatever the hell that is. She prefers to be referred to using the pronouns “they/them/their” and is raging mad that other employees at Nike habitually fell back on the pronouns every American has been using since they were born.

Somehow, all of this strife entitles her to $1.1 million in damages.

Willamette Week reports:

Emails and other electronic messages show Lyles politely but firmly communicated with peers and managers, seeking to help them understand why being referred to by the correct pronouns was important. One colleague responded by greeting Lyles, “Hey, girl, what’s up?” Another told them that using Lyles’ pronouns was against her religion.

Lyles cycled through three assignments, becoming increasingly wounded by co-workers using the wrong pronouns. Eventually, they took medical leave and worked primarily from home before their contract ended last fall. In their lawsuit, Lyles says Nike managers failed to safeguard Lyles’ civil rights and blocked them from obtaining a full-time Nike job, as many contractors do.

Wait, who took medical leave? The co-workers who were misgendering Lyles? Probably not, but this is the problem when you start using plural pronouns to refer to a singular individual. Forget about what anyone’s religion has to say about it – the rules of sensible grammar and communication dictate that this is a path towards confusion and absurdity. Nevertheless…

“Nike had a pattern and practice of turning a blind eye to reported and known harassment, instead blaming the harassed, treating them as the problem and as troublemakers, all the while failing to ever investigate or take corrective action to remedy the harassment,” the lawsuit states.

We’re not in the habit of defending Nike by any means, but this is frivolous, bordering on insane. Alas, it goes hand in hand with the UK woman who was fired for stating that “biological sex is real and immutable,” the guy who wants to compete in an Oregon beauty pageant, and the muscular men who are busy making a mockery of women’s sports from cycling to wrestling to weightlifting. And unfortunately, we’re none too confident that a judge will see this for the idiocy that it is.  

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  1. I believe that the explanation that transgenders are simply wired that way is another way of saying that the medical and mental health communities don’t know why people feel the need to change their sex or how to fix it. He/she is not and will never be they/them. And we should not have to capitulate to their irrationality.

    • I want to thank you for using the most important word in your entire statement! The word “capitulate“. This is what it amounts to. Is a bunch of butt hurt young people are screaming for attention and for cheap money. Is an absolute disgrace that these folks think that they can get away with this.

      • These sickos need to just go away. They need mental help and straight jackets. Nike deserves what they get being sued. They ate libtard socialist idiots.


  3. Wait, aren’t “they/them/their” plural pronouns? Isn’t Jazz a singular individual? I think the problem here is “they/them/their” doesn’t understand how the English language works. “they/them/their” needs to climb off her high horse, accept that the rest of the world shouldn’t have to try and keep all these ridiculous pronouns straight. If Nike pays this WOMAN a nickel, they are keeping up with their Colin Kapernick stupidity. I don’t buy a single Nike product, so I won’t help pay for this idiotic nonsense.

  4. Where the heck do you encounter these people/persons/individuals? I have never encountered one. Before you libs start saying that of course I haven’t because I come from a ruby red State. Guess again. New York in the house.

  5. Don’t like the idea of public schools, starting in kindergarten trying to teach kids how to be gay. Health education shouldn’t be about how to apply a condom on a banana. Sex education should be taught by parents.
    Having men in women bathroom and women in men’s bathroom only encourages sex offender to dress as women to attack girls. Gay sex offender to attack boys.
    We need security with guns in our schools.
    Everyone should go to work as gender they were born with. Hired for their knowledge of job, not their sexual choice.
    This person was using work time to promote her, his agenda.
    She doesn’t deserve one dime.
    Trump 2020

  6. I would dismiss this pathologically confused misfit as irrelevant to any real world worth consideration except for the disgusting fact that Nike panders and prostitutes itself to the falsely named political correctness with an enemy of the state Kapernick as Nike spokesman….so… they deserve what they get by attracting, hiring and coddling another PC poster child…they reap what they sow in that artificial reality,superficial, banal, world.

  7. Anyone with more than one brain cell knows there are only two sexes – male and female! If you are under one brain cell, just look between your legs. It is very simple.

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