What? Connecticut Students Arrested and Charged for Saying the N-Word

We’ve known for some time that American leftists were going to try their hardest to bring to this country the hate speech codes and laws that govern places like the UK and Canada, and it looks like that day has arrived sooner than later. Oblivious of the First Amendment, police officers in Vernon, Connecticut have arrested and charged two white University of Connecticut students for the crime of…saying the N-word.

From NBC News:

Jarred Mitchell Karal, 21, and Ryan Gilman Mucaj, 21, face charges of ridicule on account of race, color, or creed. They were released with a court date set for Oct. 30 at Rockville Superior Court in Vernon, Connecticut.

Karal and Mucaj’s charges could result in a $50 fine or up to 30 days in jail.

NBC sent emails to the two men Tuesday morning requesting comment but did not immediately hear back.

Campus police learned of the incident from social media footage showing Karal and Mucaj shouting epithets in an apartment complex parking lot, a university spokesperson told NBC News. The men were playing a game that involved yelling vulgar words, university police said, and then started shouting epithets. Karal and Mucaj were walking with a third man, whom police said did not shout epithets and was not charged.

Hold up. “Ridicule on account of race, color, or creed?” This is an actual law on the books in Connecticut? Um, if you’re a comedian of any color other than white, we’d suggest that you’d better not go to Connecticut, seeing as how your act almost certainly consists, in part, of mocking white people. And if the use of the N-word is now a crime in Connecticut, then we’d expect that 99% of the hip-hop community will also want to studiously avoid the state.

To be sure, we’re not condoning these students rambling up and down the road shouting expletives and racial slurs. But once we’re at the point where we conflate immaturity and idiocy with criminal activity, we’ve entered a dark wood. The First Amendment is the light that guided this country to achievements that would have been unthinkable before its founding.

America has survived racism. America has survived controversial – even terrible – ideas. What it cannot and will not survive is a government that jails people for saying “bad words.” Let’s hope fervently that this injustice does not stand.

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  1. This is something from Russia or China. The word police are passing laws that are truly unconstitutional. It may be ugly and anti-social to say such but t is not against our Constitution

    If I was the family of that young man I would be suing that state with some real vigor.

    God, please have mercy on the fools and dictators in this country and save us from their grip.

    • Most colleges and universities are controlled by China, now we are beginning to see the results. These two better fight like h*ll for their freedom of speech. And then learn o say black Americans.

  2. I do not condone the young men from using foul and potentially hurtful language. However, unless the 1st Amendment has been repealed, the law in Connecticut violates the Constitution. With all the stupidity taking place in our country, it is high time that trying to undermine our Bill of Rights should cease and desist. Because of what happened, these two young men can sue the city and state.

  3. I know I am showing my age, but when I was young, it was common knowledge (Non-existent now) that “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Hurt feelings are a different matter, but how hurtful are these laws? Who are they offending in an effort to not offend another? Why is their being offended trump my being offended? Ben Carson is right, and even if a white moron calls a black man the N word, it is not criminal, it is just stupid. People today need to drop the virtue signalling and just learn to be civil. Unfortunately, these same left wing snowflakes are the same ones who put on black masks and act as Fascist thugs. Go figure.

    • Nothing is more emotionally traumatizing than being person afflicted with and suffering from the symptoms of a disease they did not even have any clinical evidence of at the time summing my symptoms up to too much sugar in my diet, as a child and an adolescent in the 60s and 70s I displayed the symptoms of ADHD back then they had no equivalent for Special Education so students who were easily distracted and slow in learning went to the same school as the mentally challenged, at the age of 11 they put me in the same class as my younger sister by 18 months, our classmates wanted to know why they had never met me and why I was in the same class as my younger sister I explained and was labeled a retard.

      I wonder if those psychotic Looney Libtards would categorize that as hate speech as well, doubtful because I am a privileged White person.

  4. Hopefully they will obtain an Attorney and the Law will be blown out. They may want to examine the “FIRST AMENDMENT”.
    That being said, it’s not a word I would use but it is covered by the “CONSTITUTION” and No it’s not like yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    • Yes, and that should scare the pejesus out of everybody in this country. The left-wing socialist, communist mentality involved in this is a threat to our entire free society.

  5. How about “whitie?” Cracker? Red Neck? Kike? Mick?
    We humans have been disrespecting each other ever since language was invented. Most of us were smart enough to let it slice off our backs, but NO – not if you’re Black or Jewish – certain folk have privilege, above and beyond the rest of us. I, personally, an proud of my “Nordic” background and heritage. After all, most of what is our current civilization originated in the traditions of these (awful) blond/blue-eyed folk. How horrible.
    And now it’s all OUR fault? There’s enough fault to go around – all the way around.

  6. Execute any idiot judge who even agrees to hear the case and the same goes for anyone within the DA’s office who attempts to prosecute.

  7. They need to change the plot to the Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court to the Connecticut Crazies In A State Of Severely Insane People.

  8. Very out of order, what these guys were saying to each other was disrespectful , but taken to jail and giving them a fine was wrong. Their freedom of speech was violated and taken away. As a Mexican American we were called beaners, wetbacks, fence jumper, river swimmer, but our pride has never been stronger for who we are as Americans. And I will never hurt or punish others for name calling me. My God was persecuted worse than me, and I leave it up to Him to do the judging. God Bless America.

  9. I hear Blacks a LOT, calling each other the “N” word, they can call each other that but when they call a whote man a cracker (which means…who cares) it’s not whatever it is that someone says it should be! When I was a boy, it was said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Names can never hurt me!” whatever happened to skin that could take ridicule! I take this stuff every TIME I say “The NAME” of Jesus Christ! SO, get over this little baby idea that people need to like you and coddle you and talk nice to ytou just because you think you are someone specal! IF THE LOVE of GOD/Jesus Christ is NOT in YOU, Of course, you will speak like that! THE “LOVE” of GOD will change all that! The GOVT needs to stay out of speech business and get back to doing what they were hired to do…manage this nation!

  10. Our society is so F&#Ked up by the pussified socialist liberals that our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of free speech, as long as it is not lying or slander, is being taken away JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS THEIR FEELINGS HURT. Bullshit, remember the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” does not apply today to these pussies who cry at the drop of a hat. If the “N” word is so inflammatory then the law MUST be applied equally and when blacks use it, they too must be arrested, and so should all the people who think their shit doesn’t stink.

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