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Yet ANOTHER Thing the FBI Kept From the FISA Court

According to recent records, the FISA Court held exactly zero deliberations to decide whether or not to grant the Obama administration a foreign surveillance warrant on Carter Page in 2016, so we’re not sure if it really matters what the FBI did or did not tell them in their application. It seems that this court essentially acted as a rubber stamp for whatever Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama wanted to do, even if that meant spying on American citizens for no good reason whatsoever. Tell ‘em about the political origins of the dossier, don’t tell ‘em, what difference does it make if the Court isn’t even taking their role as intermediaries seriously?

But let’s be generous and assume that the FISA court has ways of working these things out – of giving Americans the benefit of their rights – without holding an explicit hearing. We’re not sure how that works, but hey, it’s not the nation’s most secretive process for nothing. We’ll assume for the sake of argument that they gave the Page application lots of thought and (internal) deliberation before giving the Justice Department a blank check.

If we go with that assumption, then we’re back to the FBI and what they did and did not share with the court. And according to a RealClearInvestigations story, we still haven’t heard the full story of the FBI’s glaring omissions.

From the piece, written by Paul Sperry:

The FBI omitted from its application to spy on Carter Page the fact that Russian spies had dismissed the former Trump campaign adviser as unreliable – or as one put it, an “idiot” – and therefore unworthy of recruiting, according to congressional sources who have seen the unredacted document.

The potentially exculpatory detail was also withheld from three renewals of the wiretap warrant before a special government surveillance court. The warrants issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court allowed the FBI to spy on Page and others he was in contact with for almost a year, the sources also confirmed.

The FBI was aware of Russians’ skepticism that Page knew anything of value or was a significant player because the bureau had recorded them voicing such doubts in a wiretap, from an earlier espionage case involving three Russian spies working undercover for the Kremlin in New York.

The FBI cited that 2013 case, minus the disparagement of Page, in its applications to the FISA court.

So we not only know that the FBI intentionally downplayed the origins of the dossier, lied about the political motivations of Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, but also omitted the fact that the Russians were on record denouncing Page as someone not worth their time.

Like we said, if the FISA court wasn’t giving this the due attention it deserved, then maybe it doesn’t matter one way or the other. But it’s still another puzzle piece showing how desperate the Obama administration was to get their grubby little surveillance fingers all up inside TrumpWorld in 2016.

Oh and by the way: Two years have passed and Carter Page has still not been indicted, so…

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  1. The FBI and DOJ continue to show that getting what they want is more important than following the rules. The result is more erosion of trust by the people of America. We need a Department of Justice that provides Justice not Deep State BS.

  2. I would think by now there would be a number of FBI, Justice Department and others in orange jump suits. But alas, our system works very slow when dealing with the inrights. If this was John Q. Citizen, they would have been brought before a grand jury, tried in a court of law and convicted by now. Our so call Justice under the law is losing it’s luster with these Obama’s holdovers. You get the Justice you can afford or in this case, who you know. Shame on our So call system of Justice!!,

  3. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

    • This wasn’t supposed to be!!!Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win the Presidency!!!You guys just don’t understand, Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win the Presidency…it was Hillary’s fucking turn to be Commander In Chief…none of this would have happened if Donald Trump had lost the Presidency…James Comey would have his cush job at the FBI…Andy McCabes lies would have been buried under paperwork and he would have been able to suck of the taxpayer until his death…Loretta Lynch would have been Attorney General,…Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein, and Mueller would be sipping whiskey sours, and Scotch just like regular “good old Boys”… Why did Donald Trump have to go and interrupt so many important peoples lives, by not letting Hillary become President? That’s the way it was supposed to be? What is wrong with US?

  4. Interesting story – but so flawed. You admit you don’t know how the FISA stuff works, and then you criticize it. Based on what? Carter Page was known to be playing footsie with the Russians – and the Russians let it be known that they gave him no value! What a perfect cover! You fell for it. Can’t you see the Russian spymasters releasing the information that they weren’t interested in Page, all the while hiring him on!

  5. Its apparent the FISA court isn’t doing their job either. I wonder, are they working for the Clinton group too? If Mueller needs something to investigate, why not start with the Clinton group. As hard as he tries he hasn’t found anything on Trump. O wait, maybe his part of the Clinton group too. Trump needs to get involved and drain the swamp like he said he was going to do. All this BS for past 2 years is getting old.

  6. Does America still have a Justice system, sure doesn’t seem like it, or if they do they just don’t do their job.; or they do the job that your money pays for, or belong to a party that can back your time in court. if a democrat you get off free a republican pays big time, drags on and in may case that person goes bankrupt, and those serving don’t care as republicans are a nobody in their eyes. The FBI and DOJ continue to show us that the can get what they want and it is more important than the law or any of the rules. The American people are losing their trust in the justice system, we want the Department of Justice that provides Justice not that evil that the Deep State BS calls justice, I personally feel there are a number in the FBI, JD, house, senate, congress, Soros, lynch, walters, Hillary, Obama and others that will be wearing orange jump suits very soon for their acts of treason and being a traitor to our Nation and her leadership. . It often times sadden me that, our system works slow when dealing with the rights or people in their own party. If this was John Q. Citizen, they would have been brought before a grand jury, tried in a court of law and convicted by now and would have faced the firing squad. It is hard for them to convict their own party as they are all so closely linked, so they just do cover up of crimes and pretend it never happened. They can’t do that anymore they have been exposed for what they are criminals, liars, thieves, traitors, treason, involved in sex traffic, perverts, drugs, murder, slanders, and of course poor losers. CRIMINALS NEED PUNISHMENT, and it is TIME JUSTICE BE SERVED VERY SOON the firing squad will be ready for the first back of traitors and those that committed treason. Here will be others to follow. Then if we enforce true law and justice and people from both parties see we mean business perhaps they will think twice before breaking the law. REMEMBER GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING, YOU CAN’T HID FROM HIM, WE MAY NOT GET YOU BUT HE WILL.

  7. Rod Rosenstein signed the fourth application knowing the dossier was false. The most dangerous aspect of FISA Court warrants is they allow “the two hop ruls” that is in this case, the FBI could look at Carter Page’s email then hop to the emails of those with whom HE wrote AND THEN TO THOSE TO WHOM THEY WROTE.
    What if the FBI (after President Trump fires Christopher Wray) obtains a FISA Court warrant Christopher Steel or Joseph Mifsud or Oleg Deripaska? The new FBI could then hop to Peter Strzok and then to Huma Abedin’s email. What a treasure trove!

  8. Regarding Realclearinvestigations claim to the effect that there is more here than meets the eye, being one way of phrasing, think that We The People will ever get the whole, unvarnished, unadorned truth, whatever it might be?

  9. Well, if Paige was a Russian spy, then why hasn’t he been indicted. He’s certainly been investigated with every piece of investigative technology known to man and we have nothing. Tells me the Russians had it right, not providing a cover.
    Also, this entire operation is about the dems breaking every law they want win an election. There thinking was we can’t lose and therefore no one will know. This goes right to the heart of the dems at the time, Obama himself, Hilary and Bill Clinton , the DNC, and every dem involved in the denial and coverup. Obama has corrupted the FBI, Justice Dept., NSA, CIA, and government in general by putting molds throughout the government just in case the worst happened. And it did, you see the result.
    I’m sure Sessions doesn’t want to do anything because he knows how bad it really is and the American people would not put up with it. We should demand an independent investigation and full prosecution of all involved starting with Obama.

  10. After serving 25 yrs in Special Forces, traveling the globe to 3rd world countries and dealing with their governmental systems, we are right at the level of a 3rd world.
    DAMN COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The FISA Court is every bit as guilty of treason as the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has anyone ever heard of due prudence? Obviously not in the case of our federal law enforcement agencies and our federal court system.

  12. The fisa court is as guilty of treason as the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  13. so what’s new, oboma had all government agencies and judges afraid of him , don’t do what he says and you die a thousand deaths ,either smear you out or just make you die mysteriously

  14. The whole Russian Collusion topic is nonsense, a ploy to take the attention away from the FBI’s failed effort to have Hillary Clinton elected. In reality the culprit here are the FBI, as evidenced by Peter Strzok’s emails discussing the “Insurance Policy” to destroy the Trump Presidency, his recently released text messages where he and Page colluded to sway the opinion of a FISA judge. He and his co-conspirators, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rob Rosenstein , Andrew Weismann, Bruce Ohr and of course Fusion GPS, attempted to control the presidential election and belong in JAIL! Remember there are 1.3 MILLION FBI emails, and so far Congress only saw 3,000. Was very disappointed with to Inspector General Michael Herzog’s report he sheltered his buddies. He made a fool of himself, sold out, sold his soul to the devil.

  15. I think we the people are tired of paying for this witch hunt, it’s already cost us millions of dollars, it’s time for it to about starting to arrest some of these swamp creatures, the whole lot of them retired or not planning to run again…take away all those fat pensions that they don’t deserve to have..why should we keep on paying for those swamp rats and there family’s…if it was any of us we would be jail without passing go or collecting 200 dollars…it’s time for action now, screw this election it can’t get any worse than it is already, maybe it’s time for those snowflakes to find out the truth…each and every day they make fun of our judicial system and my President..enough is enough…take the trash out and burn it…

  16. We had eight years of an administration that didn’t give a tinker’s damn about what the courts or anyone else had to say or think. In case many don’t understand, we were living under a virtual dictatorship with Obama as the big dog with the brass collar. He, and people in his administration ignored requests by congress to appear for questioning. Obama and his administration, partners in crime, ignored subpoenas and lied when the truth would have done more good. Obama also totally ignored the U.S. Constitution unless it suited his desires. Now we have a president whose trying to do what the country and the people need, and he’s condemned and threatened with impeachment. All any of this means is that a bunch of no good socialists are in the process of trying to overthrow our government and take over our country. And seem to be pretty much getting away with it.

  17. Lets face it if the FBI and DOJ continue to show that getting what they want is more important than following the rules then there is a serious problem within those departments.. This results in more erosion of more trust by the people of America. We need for the Department of Justice to provide Justice and we needs the FBI do their job correctly not according to the democrat way that they have done for the last eight years. Our government is is BIG trouble, and the democrats are behind all the corruption and it is time the DOJ do there job and indicate those causing the corruption, going all away back to Obama and his administration. If your not going to do your job then maybe you should be fired and indicated for obstruction of justice. The FBI and DOJ are traitors and possible have committed treason against America for not doing their job, time to arrest them., remove them from office, no benefits, no freebees, no free get out of jail pass, and take your punishment for endangering our country, spying on innocent people. Maybe it is time to spy on you., and see what skeletons you have in your closest. we are tired of our tax money paying for this witch hunt, it’s has cost us millions of dollars, this needs to END NOWS. Why hasn’t the DOJ or FBI arrested the true criminals and the swamp creatures, the whole lot of them retired or not planning to run again however they should not be allowed to get away with the crimes they have committed over the years against our nation and her people. Democrats need to be held accountable for their crimes. There should be no pensions, benefits of any kind including those from their secret fund which is like the Americans SS fund, We should not have to keep on paying for those swamps and their rats nor their family’s. If these crimes had been committed by a republican they would already be jail without passing go or collecting 200 dollars…It is PAST time for action to be taken against these crooked, corrupt, traitors, etc The democrats have already tried to commit voters fraud at midterm in many states, when this happens I thing the party committing the fraud should made sure all their candidates drop out for cheating. and republicans WIN because of democrat cheating, of course they re going to win anyway but will do so honestly. , It’s time for the democrat snowflakes to find out the truth… why is it they are losing so much, because Americans are tired of them bashing the president and threatening him or his administration with this or that law suit, or anti something groups, if they would spend their timed protecting our nation and her people, each it might be different, but right now they are loses and have been loses for a long time, and have only won in the past because they have cheated by fraudulent voters ballots from dead people, or people under age, or illegals and prisoners votes. GAROW UP snowflakes, and try to learn from all the day by day mistakes you have made and your fake news, and leaks and making fun of our judicial system and my President. .enough is enough… it is time to remove the trash and burn it to ashes , after the firing squad burn them and toss the ashes, don’t waste the land to bury them, or more ta money to house them in prison.…Lets face it Obama and his evil administration, partners in crime, have ignored subpoenas reacted documents to protect themselves, and lied knowingly to cover their crimes up.. Obama for 8 years totally ignored the U.S. Constitution and has even tried to change it to suit himself and his party.. Our WONDERFUL President Trump has been trying to get America back on the right path and fill his promises to the people. and the snowflake democrats condemned and threatened him with impeachment. We all know it is the democrats and their socialist of evil people who are trying too overthrow our government and take over our country and they need to be stopped. Obama is even trying to take credit for all the things our President Trump has done to make America great again….he did nothing for 8 yrs but commit treason and being a traitor to America and her people, he should get death penalty by the firing squad. Make GOD bring these criminals before the courts for their crimes and let them receive their punishment for the evil they have done.

  18. For honesty in government, we need to investigate the investigators so we can clean the swamp. This has already gone too far and really has turned out to be “A WITCH HUNT”! It appears there is no shame for what certain people have been allowed to do to others merely because they disagree with their philosophy, and have the capability and backing of the highest legal system [DOJ] in the land. While this is not morally right, it becomes all the more onerous to see what is allowed at the highest levels in our government. Chuck

  19. I agree, since 1970 I’ve been saying the entire government was corrupt. Have you read Eisenhower’s farewell address? He warned about a military machine growing too big. He meant the whole government, but he was being watched and knew it. It’s great that taxes are lower, but they should be less than half what they are now.

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