Can Trump Rescue the U.S. From Obama’s Foreign Policy Blunders?


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  1. First of All – Trump will “stop doing stupid things” – it won’t take much to prove that the new broom is sweeping clean.

  2. Yes, Trump can improve our foreign relations but it will take some time and the replacement of Barry’s incompetant political appointees. Some of these so called ambasadors could not find the country they would be dealing with on a world glabe.

  3. Hey, Trump has already started mending America’s past offenses and insults. AND many countries’ leaders have already called called him, congratulated him and know there will be actual connections made all to the good of all countries. Trump didn’t waste time starting America back on track and to greatness. Thank you God for Trump.

  4. These Treasonous actions were not blunders he was following orders from NWO (Bilderbergers) every step of the way. Hillary would have been the same NWO has been in control since they got away with clipping Jack.
    I have Hope that Donald can break their Grip on us but I do worry about his protection.