Obama Attempts to Cement His Legacy in Final Year as US President


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  1. What legachie is Obama trying to set up? The destruction of the United States, bringing in millions of illegals from Mexico and south of the border, non-educated, 3/4 of them have never seen a toilet in their life. Making it easy for Muslims to commit Terrorist acts in America. Supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda with money training and guns to kill our soldiers. Being a Traitor to our Country. Trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment, how about the 1st Amendment. And placing Obama (Murder Inc.) Care. I could write a whole book about what a Traitor Rat Barrack Hussein Obama is. He is worse then that great Traitor Jimmy Carter.

  2. Re: Emperor NObama`s Legacy – Ruining Our America

    For doing such a `great` job, according to his loyal acolytes, NObama should remain in office, using his power to skirt the Constitution, specifically the 22nd Amendment, & sign another Executive Order appointing himself Emperor for life.

  3. All you publish is old, re-runs on stories…..and the “legacy” story is a bunch of b.s. Ovomit only wants to destroy Amrica because he hates it……….period. And the spineless GOP hide under their desks, not only giving him a pass, but dong NOTHING to stop or hinder him. He should long ago have been brought up on Treason and Perp-Walked into a Federal prison. Ditto with that treasonous lib-tard Kerry. By the way…..where is the “unsubscribe” button. Please do so for me.

    • I am sorry that you do not appreciate this story. We will not make everyone happy with every story but feel we do a good job overall.