What’s an Unemployed Washington Democrat to Do?


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  1. http://rossgran.ru/16182-vishivka-lentami-i-biserom.html вышивка лентами и бисером To answer this questions we need to look back to the a time when the was far more respect and pride in our nation than we see today. расписание поездов на адлер The answer is in a speech made by President Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!” These democrats did nothing for their country other than fill seats and take tax payers money. They will not be on the tax payers payroll now and hopefully, those special interest groups will see them as failures and turn their backs on them.
    We saw Hillary Clinton get into one of these positions after we elected her as a Senator; get into a government position, do nothing, and get wealthy at it! We then succeeded in seeing her setting outside the gate while the nation starts looking toward betters days ahead as we “drain the swamp” of the Obama Dead Beat bunch!

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