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Classic Trump Comeback: Michelle’s Husband Made the Whole Country Unsafe

This week, the first excepts from Michelle Obama’s forthcoming book were released to the media. In them, the former first lady is seen bashing Donald Trump for any number of things, but the most pointed commentary came in relation to Trump’s so-called “birtherism” campaign – his attempt to get her husband to prove that he was an American citizen and thus eligible to serve as President of the United States. For that episode, Michelle wrote that she would “never forgive” Trump.

“The whole thing was crazy and mean-spirited, of course, it’s underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed,” she wrote. “But it was dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks. What if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to Washington? What if that person went looking for our girls? Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him.”

Whether the quest to determine Obama’s birth country was “crazy and mean-spirited” is up for debate, but Trump’s part in developing the quest is not. The “birther” controversy started long before Trump got involved. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that it may have had its origins in the Hillary Clinton 2008 primary campaign. Whether or not anyone in the Clinton camp went public with their concerns, it is undeniable that they sent a journalist to Kenya to see if there was any truth to the rumor that Obama was not, in fact, a viable American citizen. We haven’t read Michelle’s book, but we doubt there are any passages accusing Hillary Clinton of deliberately trying to stir up the “wingnuts.”

In any event, President Trump was asked about the book on Friday, and he had a comeback that only he could deliver.

“She got paid a lot of money to write a book and they always expect a little controversy,” he said. “I’ll give you a little controversy back. I’ll never forgive Obama for what he did to our United States military. By not funding it properly, it was depleted. What he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you.”

That’s one of the president’s best retorts, and he’s never shy about punching back so that really says something. Obama did far more damage to this country over his eight-year term than Trump could have ever thought of doing with the birth certificate stuff.

Oh, and by the way: Does anyone really care what Michelle Obama has to say about anything?

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  1. Michelle has more wisdom in her pinky then dump has in his fat ass body. Impeach and inprison as soon as possible, beginning in January. Good ridence asshole POS.

    • Michelle Obama is directed to self aggrandizement only. President Trump is in great shape, the “fat ass” of which you speak is protection. He’s not an egomaniac as Hussein is. You have and there IS NO crime or misdemeanor for which he may be impeached. Which grade are you in? I ask because you write very childishly, making statements that are vague and unfounded. Perhaps you should stop making a fat ass of yourself?

    • Michelle has no class at all, and her brains are located in her posterior, so if you think she has a lot of brains, then you are correct. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to use them because she spends too much time sitting on them. You can say what you like about President Trump, but he will not be impeached because there is absolutely no legitimate reason, and despite the fraudulent and illegal votes for democrats, the entire conservative base will rise up and shoot it down. We are finally coming out of the funk and despair Obama put us into with his globalization, fraternization with the enemy (remember that famous line: “tell Putin I’ll have more leeway after the election”? Democrats have gone so far left that they are close to being communists, and when they screech, call names, and get violent, they are no better than trash. At least you won’t be hurt by a conservative when they don’t agree with you. In fact, we pray for your enlightenment because there’s no other hope for you.

    • Michelle Obama cares only about Michelle Obama. She spent taxpayer money like it was water traveling around the world with large entourages including trainer, hairdresser, cook etc. and she did that multiple time, just check the record, She traveled more and spend more dollars doing so than any previous first lady. Her sense of entitlement was indeed very strong. Now she gets big bucks from writing a book and who better to bash than Trump. Pathetic and disgraceful. What we have come to expect from Michelle Obama!!

    • You exist on numerous planes of existence with no mastery of your surroundings in any and incapable of thinking on your own so you absorb every bit of drivel out of the mouths of the Demoncommiesocialistshariaideological party members mouths or the gibberish of the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators mouths, you are warp minded and mentally deviant your opinions mean less than nothing which makes you equally as worthless.


      • I agree why does he have all those records sealed and protected…what is he and the one world government puppet masters hiding. Yes and queen hillery brought up his birth at their 1st debate in 2008

    • Why didn’t ‘Big Michelle’ write who actually start the ‘birther crap?. It was Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary’s big fixer buddy. He started it during the Hillary’s 2008 campaign against Obama. I don’t remember President Trump running in 2008? Isn’t that when her family was put in danger? BTW, it takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to impeach our great President & the great Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

    • Hey Brian, are you talking about the same michelle I seen around for 8 yrs? Hahaha!!! You got to be kidding me. Wisdom?? If she had enough wisdom to fill that great big fat ass of hers she still wouldn’t have a clue. And besides that she’s a he.

    • The only thing Michelle has on her pinky is the clump she pulled from her nose. I wonder if she feels like an American yet?

    • Brian, YOU are a doe doe. Barack did EVERYTHING he could to destroy this country and almost succeeded! Michelle is NOT very bright at all, she is vengeful. Very vengeful. Barack Obama should NEVER have been president, he was born in Kenya Africa, NOT America. So he should NEVER have in office, he BOUGHT his way IN the white house and had NO business being there from the first day, but MONEY got him in. Trump had every right to challenge his birth certificate because and America should only be president and Barack IS NOT an America citizen and if he IS it is ONLY by his WHITE , yes WHITE mother that he is.

    • Your grammar, spelling and syntax is completely incorrect. And your sentiment is fatuous, inane and harebrained. Please take an English class before you make another idiotic statement.

  2. Yes, Michelle’s other half did leave us very UNSAFE for 8 years so that says a lot about the DEMS, they did not have anyone better to run against OBama for the last 4 years. So I am sure that is why all was quite on the home front as all the ANTI GROUPS didn’t have George Soros’s money, that is the reason for all the attacks. Once again it was brought on by the DEMS. God please pray for our country and let all that don’t know your leadership find out just what you can do.

    • Actually, that is a lie. The Republican held Congress did little to help or encourage Obama in his attempt to keep America safe. When will you people grow up and stop blaming everything from the immigrant invasion to protesters to Black Lives Matter on Soros. Listen up, it’s a lie you’ve been fed, and it’s shameful for you to repeat it without questioning the veracity of the claims. Give some proof of Soros’ involvement with these activities or shut up. Oh and, leave your God out of this. The Republican Christians and Evangelicals have turned their back on the tenets of Christianity by supporting a whore mongering, philandering and immoral ass as their leader.

      • We blame the Communist who have brainwashed people to become liberal useful idiots such as yourself…
         “In order to annihilate the institutions of the goyim … we have replaced [their mechanism] by the chaotic license of liberalism. We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, but principally into education and training as being the cornerstones of a free existence.”

        Either change your stupid idealouge or find a way to kill yourself for being part of the problem…

        • I absolutely agree with you. READY2SCRAP. these people would have lasted bout 5 minuted had they shot off their dumbass mouths like Gary B-Horndon not too many years ago. He had best lay off my GOD and really should move to China or better yet, stand in the middle of a busy freeway. The buz
          zards would reject him as bad road kill!

  3. I agree with Trump, Obama aided terrorists and depleted the US military, Obama, in my opinion is a traitor to America and an illegal immigrant citizen of Indonesia and must be in prison at GITMO for life, or shot for treason!

    • I wholeheartedly agree! Not only was he an illegal candidate but committed perjury because he went to school as a foreign national and then swore he was an American citizen to be President.

  4. Obama NEVER did prove he was born in the US, as required to run. He presented a Certificate of Live Birth NOT a Birth Certificate. A Birth Certificate SAYS “We witnessed the birth, here in this hospital.” a Certificate of Live Birth says “We recognize another child was born alive, but we do not know where or when it was born.” Usually used when child born at home or on the way to the hospital. However, the child could be born at home, in a car, or as the song says “in the backseat of a bus rollin’ down hiway 41” or, or even another country. It is not up to us to prove Obama was not born in the US. It is up to him to prove her was, to be eligible to run. Even his certificate of live birth is suspect- The hyphenated name of the hospital on the certificate did not exist until 3 years after the date of the document. Several other things indicate a forged document, created about 2008.
    For Michelle to say it was bigoted mean is a diversion from the truth: OBAMA NEVER WAS ELIGIBLE TO RUN.

    • Letterted wrote a very balanced message! Why aren’t the “heads” of this “nation” address this subject coolly and objectively? They can check the issues “Letterted” and others before brought up! Obamer was/is a Muslim maskerating as a christian (how about Husein?). He has the guts to come in front of a whole bunch of haters, pay in part by a hellish jew that sold his blood brothers and sisters to the Nazis and stole their wealth, Soros, whose name was at the time Schwartz!

    • Maybe Trump should have Obama’s BC shown publicly, in the interest of National Security, due to the actions of Obama while he was the illegal immigrant president?

  5. Michelle Obama is absolutely right to be outraged at Trump’s despicable last minute attempt to jump on the “Birther ” bandwagon . The idiotic claim that Obama was born in Kenya and thus not a legitimate president was debunked from the very beginning years ago , yet so many American idiots continue to believe this blatant lie and use it as an excuse to justify their mindless hatred of a good, decent, honorable and highly intelligent man who was one of the greatest UP presidents .
    Donald Trump is without a doubt the worst president ever . And the most corrupt and incompetent one in US history . None of the previous 44 comes even remotely close . Trump is a HATRIOT , not a patriot . He’s greedy, unscrupulous, ruthless, conniving , a pathological liar and a narcissistic sociopath – in short , pure evil . Trump is a disgrace to the presidency , our government, the Constitution and the American people !

    • Actually it was the Clinton’s who first raised the BC issue, they knew Obama was not eligible but, in their wisdom, they also knew that if the democratic socialist party can come into power, what difference does it make how they do it.

  6. Michelle talking about her lame husband is all the Democrats can talk about besides their getting caught cheating in every election across the country. They are pathetic and the American people are not going to let them get away with any more with harassing conservatives just because they are sore losers. They will all be showing us how damn crappy there are for the next couple years and providing plenty of fuel for the nation to vote them all out of office in 2020. We don’t want a Clinton. We don’t want an Obama. ..and we sure don’t want any of the freak show Democrats in office now!

  7. Trump is the right guy in the right place. BHO is an ego driven no gut wonder. Trump has a work ethic that is hard to beat and a genuine love for this country!!!

  8. I spent 20 yrs of my life issuing ids and licenses. I have had to decipher all sorts of birth documents both foreign and domestic. Tangent question 04/07/2019 means which of the following dates? April 7, 2019 or July 4, 2019? The answer is it depends on where you are from sort of. In the US non-military it means April 4, 2019 in most of the rest of the world and the military it mean July 4, 2019.

    Back to the birth document of Obama. I did not have an opportunity to look at the actual document. That being the case it may or may not be a valid document. I would not have accepted the document as pictured on the internet due to differences in font characteristics within the document. This may have been due to the photo -> scan -> internet process. So I just want to point out that as a person who dealt with this stuff from ’87-06 I would have asked for more documentation regarding his DOB. He has a passport so in all likelihood that would have been used and recorded as the document presented for DOB.

    • Does he have an American passport or an Indonesian passport, OR BOTH?
      He raveled to Pakistan (I believe it was) BEFORE he has (if he has one) an American passport.
      When he was adopted by the Indonesian, so he could attend Islamic school, he was removed from his mothers passport…. is there a clue here for those who can think?
      He traveled on nothing for a passport as president and in all likelihood is still traveling on that assumption.
      NOW, where he is talking with foreign leaders (and comrade Kerry, also) national security demands his BS be made public along with what he is using as a passport.

  9. Michelle Obama’s sense of entitlement is huge. She spent more taxpayer money traveling all over the world with large entourages including trainer, hairdressers, cooks etc than any previous first lady!! Now she write a self serving book attacking who else but President Trump to make more bucks at the country’s expense!! Typical Michelle Obama, a frustrated unfulfilled woman for who know what reasons always having something negative to say about the nation she was born in. How pathetic is that??!

  10. Way to go Mr. President. Don’t take crap like that, and good for you for reminding us about Obama’s treatment of our brave military. As to Michelle’s book statements, I thought it was common knowledge by now that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya in the presence of 4 family members, two of whom swore to the fact. But knowing that his mom was a citizen and his real father, F.M. Davis was a citizen, I have no ‘birther’ argument.

  11. You warp minded and devious components of toxic waste need to get it through your head that the 14th Amendment specifically States that only legal US citizens are categorized as such, and acted post Civil War categorizing freed slaves as legal US citizens means any children that they had as well were legal United States citizens, just because toxic waste illegals spread it does not make the excess anymore healthy for the state of the environment.

    • Correct, it was only for the released slaves AND THEIR children.
      It had been misinterpreted for too long and needs to be rescinded.
      BTW: Marco Rubio is an American citizen only on the 14th Amendment being wrongly used.
      AND there may be others… This has been overlooked for to long and must be rectified.

  12. i would go a step further , oboma made the world unsafe , iran , iraq, turkey , syria , u.s. , n. korea , libia, yemen ,pakastan, every one of them the violence has escalated ,then i would ask her what did yous spend millions on hiding from americans and what did yous spend 10 trillion dollars on, we didn’t have any of this racist crap till you and your kenyan hubby came along

  13. What if. If is a big word. IF the didn’t stop to take a shit he would have caught the rabbit. So mooch go home and let your husband suck your dick. No body gives a fuck what you think. What if dont mean shit coming from you

  14. Nope.. don’t give a damn what Michelle has to say. she is as big a liar as her husband… and yes.. he did make our country more unsafe and allowed the communists to take over the Democratic party. But hey, they are rolling in dough now.. so what do they care.?

  15. Robert, take your head out from your butt, Obama was a fiction in all ways presented to the American voter,.
    His Birth Certificate was computer generated, the Hospital referenced on the Cert. of Birth did not come into being some 2 plus years after his birth in the merger of two hospitals, his mother we truly know was not able to pass her citizenship on to Obama because she was under 18 years of age at Obama’s birth in most likely Kenya, NOT Hawaii.
    Obama’s saving grace is the father most likely was Frank Marshall Davis, conceived by him when his mother was cutting school to pose for naked pictures in FMD’s “home studio”.
    The nude pictures were found in timely nude magazines, the connection confirmed when his mother returned Obama to Hawaii from Indonesia, where she married her first husband, with instructions for Obama’s frequent visits to Frank Marshall Davis.
    His increasing likeness to F.M.D. confirms this

  16. Fat ass…you must be referring to Michelle…you could follow her in a buffet line and not need a tray…just lay it on her big behind!

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