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Majority of Troops Happy to See Obama Go


According to a survey produced by the Military Times and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, more than half of U.S. troops have an unfavorable view of President Obama’s eight-year tenure as commander-in-chief. In a final sweeping poll of the military taken only two weeks before Obama leaves office, the survey found that 51.2% of enlisted troops do not approve of the outgoing president. Only 34.8% say they approve of the job he’s done.

Authors Leo Shane III and George R. Altman relayed the results of the survey in a Military Times article published Monday.

“Many troops see Obama less as a wartime commander in chief and more as a politician managing Pentagon affairs,” they wrote. “Through his presidency, Obama has repeatedly promised to keep the military ‘the strongest fighting force the world has ever known,’ but many troops question his stewardship of the institution, particularly when it comes to the defense budget.”

The surveyed troops were displeased with a number of Obama’s decisions over the years. 71% of respondents disagreed with his choice to cut military personnel numbers, 59% said he pulled out of Iraq too quickly, and 64% said he was not clearly focused on the biggest threats facing the country, including China.

Nearly all enlisted troops believe that the spending caps put in place in 2011 hurt military morale to one extent or another. Less than two percent of respondents approved of the caps.

From the Military Times:

The caps — known as sequestration — have been blamed for shortfalls in parts and repairs, cuts in training time and a gradual drawdown in military manpower. They’ve also contributed to a host of compensation trims, as Pentagon leaders have held down pay increases and stipend raises in recent years to help offset funding reductions in other areas.

The survey showed that military troops are optimistic about the incoming administration, however. 49% of troops who voted in the last election cast their ballots for Donald Trump and 46% of active-duty members view Trump favorably.


  • elaine

    No wonder. I am happy to see him go, however it will not be quietly you can bet on that.

  • Baloney

    This poll is bullshit. How many troops were stop-lossed under Obama? Zero. How many were lied into war under Obama? Again, zero. Republicans waste the military Budget. They have forced the Navy into unwanted aircraft carriers, they send money to warmongers like NettedYahoo. Wait until Trump gives our troops an order to commit war crimes. I hope they stand their ground and refuse.

  • The last few weeks, Obamas are acting like people who are about to be evicted from a home, they have all the signs.. They even want people to pity them because they are all so sad and depressing looking. Most people moving to a new home are usually happy and glowing but not Obama family, but then they always did act like they were more depressed then happy, even when they went on vacation, they looked more depressed then happy. l am sure many people are happy they are leaving.. We all know the Military are really happy about them leaving . If you have Military in the family and friends, yes, they are almost having a party reaction within them. They have been sad since Obama was making a sissy Military out of them..

  • bagster53

    well if you remember that’s how he got re-elected , he purposely screwed up the military by not getting ballots to them on time and then they arrived to late and were thrown out,

    • Alaska Woman

      We the People do not elect a President.
      We the People have never elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
      Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
      Start with the Electoral College.

    • Yes he did, and lets never stray again from sanity, and our constitution. There was a private cous going, on and we almost lost our country. I dont want Obama sailing away ? I want the Clintons ? Obama and his administration brought up on treason charges put to death for it! Its out Obama started the Lybian war and sold guns to both sides. Obama acts like hes a muslim because he is one. He done his best giving our money away and freeing our enemies. He left our veterans to die, and over loaded us with his ponzi scheme. Robbed medi – care to feed his voting illegals.
      Opened our prisons, and put a bulls eye on every american who stands in a gun free zone. Oh why dont you just give him your gun! I thought Obamas last speach was his last speach was his last speach. I actually heard it on FOX that they are taking Obamas executive power away from him? Whats that mean he cant use that third bathroom stall he had built in the white house that has the etched out half moon on the door??

      • I thought it had the Transgender symbol on it.

    • Duane

      I recall when I registered to vote In the early 60s. I was in the first years of my 27+ year military career and we were all encouraged to register and vote. We were not being forced to do so but had repeated reminders we had the right to vote and we should all respect that right. I registered and voted by absentee ballot. I have never missed an opportunity to vote since that time. And, I have never voted based on party or by expensive commercial advertisements. I have always done my best to dig into the candidates to ensure I have done my best to see we get the best! I know we have weak, poorly qualified and crooked candidates in both parties; and too often through expensive campaigns, the wrong person ends up in office. That happens even when party leaders do their job honestly and legally!
      I was commissioned several years after enlisting and I took the same approach to encouraging my troops to register and vote. One of the tings O always pushed was it is a personal thing and every one needs to study their options and vote as they see appropriate; not by party but for whom they feel will bet represent their interest and concerns.
      I can not understand how any votes could have been received late without it being a deliberate effort. That though, would be consistent with much of what Obama has pulled off in the past years. We have seen similar efforts within the Democratic party in the most recent years to manipulate our voting; two or three of the senior Democratic party leaders were exposed and without argument resigned from their positons. These efforts went beyond attempts to influence the outcome of Republican voters but to also jeopardize the campaigns within their own party in attempts to see Hillary Clinton win in the party primary elections. Too, attempts from various National media talk show hosts and reporters have been identified passing information to Democratic party leaders to provide leading edges to Hillary Clinton in her debates; a lack of integrity in Hillary’s campaign and in a media we have come to distrust!
      We MUST question the integrity and loyalty to the country when we see these things happening at the highest levels of our government!

      • Dan

        Truthful and honest post Duane ! Obama reminds me of the kid on the street that wanted everything his way and would cry to mommy when he did not get. I would have loved to see service members ignore his rules of engagement and do what was in their hearts.

  • John Himbert

    Good riddance to be sure. I am surprised that his disapproval from the military
    wasn’t at least 90%, what are the other 48% drinking who did approve?

  • Linda

    Our troops deserve the best and Obummer was the worst. He doesn’t care one bit about our military. Thank the Lord that our President Elect is all behind our troops and will make sure they are taken care of.

  • John Beach

    The military is “governed” by one pervasive, respected factor– respect for experience– regardless of how “collective” the experience may be. The concept of military discipline is effective because experience is respected.
    Arguably, Obama was, perhaps, one of the least prepared or qualified persons to hold the office of president, and he never served in the military. When the mission of the military is adversely affected by politics and personal perspective which run, largely, counter to the history and heritage of the vast majority of the citizens of the United States, it is not surprising that such a large percentage of military personnel disapprove of the president’s performance or policies. Current foreign policy is not only unfair, it is unrepresentative and self-defeating. There are two factors of experience which have served to demoralize and weaken military cohesiveness over the past 5 decades. The management of the Viet Nam war and that of the “war on terror.” The difference between military and para-military forces is a fine one. But the purposes for which each is used are distinctive and their blurring is what has caused needless attrition on the part of both. Domestically, we have seen the denigration of respect for law enforcement and, internationally, we have seen the ineffectiveness of policies which denigrated the value and purpose of sacrifice to establish law and order under democratically-elected, representative governments in the context of two, foreign countries. Politicians, presidents, especially, need to be absolutely certain of the goals and their fulfillment in the policies which they implement and which the military must carry out. This is not achieved in assignments which are little more than being a policeman among treacherous, suicidal and homicidal bombers.

    • Aja

      Beautifully said sir

    • Duane

      You are correct; and this is the basis for the idea that education is only a portion of what it tales to lead, lead In the correct direction and lead effectively. We have well known men living a life in prison who were leaders as they led a group murdering people; they led but led in the wrong way and for the wrong thing!
      Obama has an exceptional educational background and for that we would accept as an accomplishment and worthy of consideration. BUT, what else did he actually have to offer?
      His challenge from a person who would again later challenge another candidate for the White House seat; fortunately, in both times she was defeated based on her qualifications and performance; These qualifications did bring better experience than Obama had in politics or in private life but her failures over road her qualifications and her educational experience has failed to show any strong outcomes; Obama’s education is much better than Clintons but neither has ever shown any high grades in performance. .
      Obama first of all came from one of the most corrupt and crime riddled communities in our nation. Second, he was dealing with problems in that community that have for years been repeated day in and day our with no improved outcomes. He had nothing to show any responsible accomplishments; but even with that he outperformed Hillary.
      Two candidates neither of which had any creditable experience behind them ran on the Democratic ticket and Obama won the White House. A win with little experience but with an exceptional education and an outstanding ability for public speaking. Time showed his all talk no show performance to be a detriment to the United States.

      Education can never be ignored BUT proven experience with the right outcomes MUST BE an even better endorsement of the qualities and expectations of those we vote for.
      We can not and should never accept high cost campaigns efforts or promises when voting for anyone; party should always be the last factor in deciding who to vote for.

      Proven experience with proper outcomes is far more important than the impressive educational accomplishment; Obama has shown us all that education means little if you lack the ability to get the job done; education does not make a real leader. He certainly failed to learn and understand that ignoring a problem is NOT the best way to see it go away! We need to see and understand that those we expect to lead tis nation and do so supporting our values, our integrity, our morals and values is a challenge of leadership and management that comes from a decent education (not necessarily an outstanding one) and experience. >

      • JAMES2U




  • the only people who seemed to “respect” Obama are the ones riding on his coattails for the past 8 years. watch how their “respect” leaves town with them when Obozo leaves the W.H. and has no more power.

    • dolores

      Liberals and welfare recipients are the majority that like Obama…

    • Duane

      No one respected Obama more than Obama himself; he was so separated from reality and his staff of “yes” men and women, just as his intelligence leaders were doing, continues to stroke him instead of being honest and up front with him. BUT, they knew he would dismiss them in a heartbeat if they disagreed with him.
      As much as I hated seeing him pulling the troops out when he did I think it was a better thing to do; his lack of support and leadership would have got them all killed. The men and women in Uniform should have a great celebration on the day Obama becomes a has-been occupant of the White House! He so many times made me wonder why I spent 27 years in unformed service and another 21 years in federal Civil Service (DOD- Army and Navy) to this country as he seemed to be throwing away everything we fought for and worked for.
      We all need to stand behind Trump as he tried to fix the mess Obama will be leaving behind AND we need to be ready to shout out loud and clear IF he fails to do the right things.
      We can not afford a third failed president in Washington!


    TO TRULY UNDERSTAND Obama, you must REVERSE everything that he says!!!

  • And about 80% of the rest of America as well.

    • JEAN


    Last night’s BS session, very small not big like a Trump rally in Alabama. Go Jeff Go.

    Nice try communists. You fooled us for eight Shiite years. Now it our time to rebuild what you destroyed. Good riddence to Obama Bin Lenin bin Laden. When
    the communists brag Obama got Bin Laden. Ask them who gave Bin Laden five months to get away before he was forced to act. Why he left the Pakistani doctor to be tortured daily in a prison and never negotiated for his release? To save reward money 25 mil. Every day he has his feet beat and worse. Paul O’Neal and seal team six avenged 911. Obama did lose seal team six to his allies in the CH47 shootdown in a set up ambush.

    It seems Obama has a leave behind mentality as well as his lead from behind tactics.Whether it is leave no carrier in the gulf, leave two navy boats to be captured by an Iranian fisherman with an ak47. Then comes relieving. The admiral and the General who wanted to go rescue the witnesses. More media cover up anybody? Then there is Benghazi covered up and abandoned. What a legacy.

    Thanks for nothing President divider. Thanks for reinforcing communism with your party of death to little children and communist propaganda. You have won the brainwashing war. Even the conservative media is afraid to say the word communist. They will say leftist,liberal, progressive and democrat but never the word communist.
    They are afraid to be labeled a McCarthyite. If you label back with the Rosenberg label. They call you an anti semite. No one knows that the great American judge who sentenced the two communists to death was Jewish, Juge Kaufman. Google his one page sentence to see real American justice.

    Now we have new doctors in the house, senate and a working CEO. The communist virus has been arrested and now comes the cure. Big medicine starting with American health care.
    The good news is by 2018 Trump will have 70% of the vote anytime he needs it. The demo commos will have ten less senate seats and the beat goes on. The saying in a big family is first up best dressed. Trump starts work at three am. If you want the truth before the communist media can spin it. Just go to Trump twitter the real media.


  • Duane

    Sun Tzu (The Art of War.), said, “If the campaign is protracted, the resources of the State will not be equal to the strain. “ And, “Thus it may be known that the leader of armies is the arbiter of the people’s fate, the man on whom it depends whether the nation shall be in peace or in peril.”

    Obama would have done the nation and our armed forces far better had he studied Sun Tzu rather spend so much time planning, studying and advancing his own agenda. He failed to accept the major duties of the President of the United States; ensure a safe and secure nation, manage the nations needs, keep America great.
    I believe almost any junior officer or experienced enlisted leader. from any branch of the military, would have been a better president than Obama has been.
    Obama’s speaking ability was far better than he was.
    Obama proved himself to be a great speaker but a continually failed manager. He leaves the White House still claiming his greatness but a wounded nation knows of his weaknesses and failures; it will take a long time, a lot of work and a lot of money to fix the damage and mess Obama has left this country in!

    • Janelle

      His ability to read scripted speechs was good. Being off the TelePrompTer was a cross between Elmer Fudd and Sylvester the Cat, Duane!

    • JAMES


    • Martbigee

      Correct. Obama could and should have pursued wars with a number of Nations. We needed him not only not to cut our forces, but to increase them. True, we would have lost thousands of men and women in the fights, but we would have been safer. Now we face a nuclear North Korea, and we could have totally dismantled it before it had the weapons we will now have to deal with. Syria is a decided Obama failure. He said he’d do one thing, and then did nothing. Now Russia rules there. ISIS should have been annihilated by now. All this would have required more troops, and more loses, but by now we would have a safer world. We need Trump to deal with all these things now…costly yes, but we can spend our tax dollars on becoming more militarily dominant. Spend what we need to accomplish these things, even if we have to eliminate medicaid, cut medicare and cut social security. Let’s plan and act to make our futures better.

  • Being a fellow Veteran I’ve felt for our Brave Soldiers that had to serve under this American Traitor, such as Obama. After 8 years of his anti-Americanism-he still has that egotistical and wise smirk on his face. He really pulled the wool over the eyes of about half of our Nation. He’s probably smirking about that, other then that his presidency was a total failure.

  • NunyaBiz

    Total BS, more like 95% “Military Times” has been a left leaning rag for 20 years. It does NOT represent the military personnel or their views and consistently writes leftist articles. The comment sections are always full of comments against whatever the douche author happened to write about. I can’t stand that awful publication.



  • Nikita63

    Obama was NEVER qualified to BE president or Commander in Chief in my opinion and I have had a degree in Government since 1967, served as an enlisted man as a Chaplain’s assistant in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade 1N 1968-1969, and was personal assistant to and protection for Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky, MEDAL OF HONOR AWARDEE FOR VALOR for my 1st 6 months and his replacement, Andrew C. Berthold my last 6. I finished my active duty on staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D. C. and was appalled at the preferential treatment given to Congress Cretins over our combat traumatic amputees and it changed my life plans in public service and I instead went into manufacturing and transportation because of the utter corruption then, In 1969. It is far worse now with a criminally complicit, cowardly and enabling and empowering of the most inept, incompetent irresponsible fraud to ever hold the officer. Were I eligible today, I would NEVER serve in the bad joke this fraud has made of our military. He is a disgrace, never takes responsibility or accountability for anything , praises himself for atrocious behaviors , has no accomplishments and no respect for the Constitution he is SWORN to defend and uphold and neither does the criminally complicit Congress and cowardly media that have allowed the abuses to us all! The Middle Class is impoverished and shrinking. Veterans are dying in droves from lack of EARNED care AND VA abuses, Seniors who PAID for SS and Medicare are being double taxed, raped and robbed and this year, the Social Security Administration and expanding the financially hurting programs to illegals; some 5 million of them! Enough is enough! TRUMP WON THIS ELECTION BECAUSE OF THE ARROGANCE, NARCISSISM AND INCOMPETENCE OF THIS ADMINISTRATION FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS AND HAS ACCOMPLISHED MORE PRIOR TO BEING SWORN IN THAN HIS PREDECESSOR HAS IN ALL OF THOSE 8 YEARS OF A POSITIVE NATURE FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS; REMEMBER US? WE ARE THE CONSTITUENCIES YOU CAREER PARASITES HAVE IGNORED, BETRAYED AND IMPOVERISHED AND WE ARE GOING TO REMOVE YOU ALL, OVER TIME~! It is all you deserve, and the failure and fraud in chief outgoing deserve, AND, if we lived in a country ruled in equitable law , which we do not, most of you would be where you belong rather than where you are, : IN PRISON AWAITING TRIAL FOR YOUR PITIFUL PERFORMANCES AND TRANSGRESSIONS, NOT IN PUBLIC OFFICE!

  • Texas Belle

    Can’t blame the troops for celebrating Obama’s departure; he has gutted the military, both financially and the personnel, firing many officers who dared to disagree with his policies. His rules of engagement put troops in danger every day and tied their hands from doing the jobs they were sent to do. He is not a leader; he is a Dictator and the country will be better off when he is out of the White House.

  • Bravo to all commentors….now, all we need do is hang on for five more days till Trump is sworn in, then let all these “progressives” suck it up and leave the Country – we do not need them!

  • Tom

    What really bothers me about the exiting failure in chief is how he conned people into voting him in back in 2008? Why did people vote for this fraud? I could smell trouble the first time I heard of him. The voting populace in 2008 appeared to completely misunderstand the whole process. It was even worse in 2012 but Romney had a lot to do with that loss and Ocriminals mistakes had not completely caught up with him. Meanwhile in 2016 the same people voted Trump into office, I love what Trump is doing but will someone explain to me how that turn-around happened. Not only that, but look at the number of seats in both houses (plus govenors) that have changed hands in the last three election cycles. Granted the Republicans have done a terrific job at the grass roots levels. But the Democrats have gone completely down the tube. With the retention of Nancy Pelosi (Miss Lube Rack of 1953), Obama saying he wants to rebuild the party himself and muslime sympathizer Keith Elliason in the wing,s the Democrats are done, period. Could not happen to a better bunch. I’m going to get my beer and popcorn and watch the show!

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