Majority of Troops Happy to See Obama Go


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    • пэк челябинск адрес Opened our prisons, and put a bulls eye on every american who stands in a gun free zone. Oh why dont you just give him your gun! I thought Obamas last speach was his last speach was his last speach. I actually heard it on FOX that they are taking Obamas executive power away from him? Whats that mean he cant use that third bathroom stall he had built in the white house that has the etched out half moon on the door??

    • философская проблема характерна для постпозитивизма это I was commissioned several years after enlisting and I took the same approach to encouraging my troops to register and vote. One of the tings O always pushed was it is a personal thing and every one needs to study their options and vote as they see appropriate; not by party but for whom they feel will bet represent their interest and concerns. укрывной материал суф 42 характеристики I can not understand how any votes could have been received late without it being a deliberate effort. That though, would be consistent with much of what Obama has pulled off in the past years. We have seen similar efforts within the Democratic party in the most recent years to manipulate our voting; two or three of the senior Democratic party leaders were exposed and without argument resigned from their positons. These efforts went beyond attempts to influence the outcome of Republican voters but to also jeopardize the campaigns within their own party in attempts to see Hillary Clinton win in the party primary elections. Too, attempts from various National media talk show hosts and reporters have been identified passing information to Democratic party leaders to provide leading edges to Hillary Clinton in her debates; a lack of integrity in Hillary’s campaign and in a media we have come to distrust! инструкция газовой колонки нева 3212 We MUST question the integrity and loyalty to the country when we see these things happening at the highest levels of our government!

  1. эл схемы ваз Arguably, Obama was, perhaps, one of the least prepared or qualified persons to hold the office of president, and he never served in the military. When the mission of the military is adversely affected by politics and personal perspective which run, largely, counter to the history and heritage of the vast majority of the citizens of the United States, it is not surprising that such a large percentage of military personnel disapprove of the president’s performance or policies. Current foreign policy is not only unfair, it is unrepresentative and self-defeating. There are two factors of experience which have served to demoralize and weaken military cohesiveness over the past 5 decades. The management of the Viet Nam war and that of the “war on terror.” The difference between military and para-military forces is a fine one. But the purposes for which each is used are distinctive and their blurring is what has caused needless attrition on the part of both. Domestically, we have seen the denigration of respect for law enforcement and, internationally, we have seen the ineffectiveness of policies which denigrated the value and purpose of sacrifice to establish law and order under democratically-elected, representative governments in the context of two, foreign countries. Politicians, presidents, especially, need to be absolutely certain of the goals and their fulfillment in the policies which they implement and which the military must carry out. This is not achieved in assignments which are little more than being a policeman among treacherous, suicidal and homicidal bombers.

    • свидетельство о рождении через госуслуги Obama has an exceptional educational background and for that we would accept as an accomplishment and worthy of consideration. BUT, what else did he actually have to offer? устают глаза от линз His challenge from a person who would again later challenge another candidate for the White House seat; fortunately, in both times she was defeated based on her qualifications and performance; These qualifications did bring better experience than Obama had in politics or in private life but her failures over road her qualifications and her educational experience has failed to show any strong outcomes; Obama’s education is much better than Clintons but neither has ever shown any high grades in performance. . Obama first of all came from one of the most corrupt and crime riddled communities in our nation. Second, he was dealing with problems in that community that have for years been repeated day in and day our with no improved outcomes. He had nothing to show any responsible accomplishments; but even with that he outperformed Hillary.
      Two candidates neither of which had any creditable experience behind them ran on the Democratic ticket and Obama won the White House. A win with little experience but with an exceptional education and an outstanding ability for public speaking. Time showed his all talk no show performance to be a detriment to the United States. электропоезд до домодедово расписание We can not and should never accept high cost campaigns efforts or promises when voting for anyone; party should always be the last factor in deciding who to vote for.

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    • презентация грибы 1 класс As much as I hated seeing him pulling the troops out when he did I think it was a better thing to do; his lack of support and leadership would have got them all killed. The men and women in Uniform should have a great celebration on the day Obama becomes a has-been occupant of the White House! He so many times made me wonder why I spent 27 years in unformed service and another 21 years in federal Civil Service (DOD- Army and Navy) to this country as he seemed to be throwing away everything we fought for and worked for.
      We all need to stand behind Trump as he tried to fix the mess Obama will be leaving behind AND we need to be ready to shout out loud and clear IF he fails to do the right things.
      We can not afford a third failed president in Washington!

  2. расписание самолетов нижний новгород ростов на дону Last night’s BS session, very small not big like a Trump rally in Alabama. Go Jeff Go. основные черты предпринимательства the communists brag Obama got Bin Laden. Ask them who gave Bin Laden five months to get away before he was forced to act. Why he left the Pakistani doctor to be tortured daily in a prison and never negotiated for his release? To save reward money 25 mil. Every day he has his feet beat and worse. Paul O’Neal and seal team six avenged 911. Obama did lose seal team six to his allies in the CH47 shootdown in a set up ambush.

    10 видов вагин блинчики со шпинатом They are afraid to be labeled a McCarthyite. If you label back with the Rosenberg label. They call you an anti semite. No one knows that the great American judge who sentenced the two communists to death was Jewish, Juge Kaufman. Google his one page sentence to see real American justice.

    благодарность мужу за дочь в стихах The good news is by 2018 Trump will have 70% of the vote anytime he needs it. The demo commos will have ten less senate seats and the beat goes on. The saying in a big family is first up best dressed. Trump starts work at three am. If you want the truth before the communist media can spin it. Just go to Trump twitter the real media.

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    украинская философия общая характеристика I believe almost any junior officer or experienced enlisted leader. from any branch of the military, would have been a better president than Obama has been.
    Obama’s speaking ability was far better than he was.
    Obama proved himself to be a great speaker but a continually failed manager. He leaves the White House still claiming his greatness but a wounded nation knows of his weaknesses and failures; it will take a long time, a lot of work and a lot of money to fix the damage and mess Obama has left this country in!