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Obama Attempts to Cement His Legacy in Final Year as US President


United States presidents often reduce the responsibilities during the final year of their commitment to the country. President Barack Obama is trying to preserve his gains as president by pushing through final key issues that have yet to be implemented by the government.

Obama is hoping to finish his US carbon emissions plan as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal.

A senior official stated that new agendas do not start on January 1, and that the Obama administration hopes to get a lot done during the finish line this year. Obama wants to strengthen the health care system in the country, implement the Iran nuclear deal that is surrounded by criticism, reform the criminal justice system and normalize relations with Cuba. The president also hopes to expand his clean energy agenda.

Obama will have his final State of the Union address on January 12, and will attempt to discuss the major issues that he still sees within the country. While officials do not believe that a long list of items we discussed, it is believed that he will take a big picture approach to issues currently facing the United States.

President Obama will be visiting San Bernardino, California before he leaves for his two week vacation in Hawaii.

  • obama legacy: How I divided a nation.

    • icthelite

      Or : How I kept the racial divide alive and kicking!

    • icthelite

      Also: How I expanded the racial divide…..

    • tom

      Should he cement his legacy, or his feet. Legacy definitely the worst President ever. Move over Jimmy I am taking your spot.

    • He wants all of Satanic Brotherhood Muslims to see how much damage he done to the Country he Hates. When Americans were Slaughtered by Muslims Obama went to play golf. He has Divided this country every Race against the other Races. May the Wrath of God follow him the rest of his days.

      • admin

        All people are created in the image of God. We do not hate all Muslims.

  • Richard G Wrona

    Obama’s legacy will be he was the worst president ever! Carter will be ticked pink!

  • Semper Fi

    The only legacy he needs to cement is from his knees down and fall off a pier

    • DWB

      Sounds good to me.

  • Obama has a lot of nerve,thinking has a legacy. All he has done is hoodwinked the American public with his lies, corruption,broken “change” promises, a disgrace to the black population (he is still half white,but identifies himself as black”)’and so my opinion of his legacy is b,s. As he screwed up a once great country..

  • icthelite

    It appears the comment section is shut down, can’t reply.

    • admin

      Unfortunately, the comment section needs to be moderated. Any comments will be approved quickly.

      Cursing, racial or religious bigotry will be edited out as will spam comments.

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      Comment section is working fully.

  • What legachie is Obama trying to set up? The destruction of the United States, bringing in millions of illegals from Mexico and south of the border, non-educated, 3/4 of them have never seen a toilet in their life. Making it easy for Muslims to commit Terrorist acts in America. Supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda with money training and guns to kill our soldiers. Being a Traitor to our Country. Trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment, how about the 1st Amendment. And placing Obama (Murder Inc.) Care. I could write a whole book about what a Traitor Rat Barrack Hussein Obama is. He is worse then that great Traitor Jimmy Carter.

  • He’s already got both of his feet in cement. Now drop him into the ocean.

    • admin

      He is leaving office shortly. I am sure you dont mean that literally and arent calling for violence.

  • Harry Thompson

    Re: Emperor NObama`s Legacy – Ruining Our America

    For doing such a `great` job, according to his loyal acolytes, NObama should remain in office, using his power to skirt the Constitution, specifically the 22nd Amendment, & sign another Executive Order appointing himself Emperor for life.

  • All you publish is old, re-runs on stories…..and the “legacy” story is a bunch of b.s. Ovomit only wants to destroy Amrica because he hates it……….period. And the spineless GOP hide under their desks, not only giving him a pass, but dong NOTHING to stop or hinder him. He should long ago have been brought up on Treason and Perp-Walked into a Federal prison. Ditto with that treasonous lib-tard Kerry. By the way…..where is the “unsubscribe” button. Please do so for me.

    • admin

      I am sorry that you do not appreciate this story. We will not make everyone happy with every story but feel we do a good job overall.

  • John

    His legacy is Failure, both as a President and a man.

  • BlackLivesMatter

    His presidential library should be located in a porno movie theater.


  • DWB

    Sounds good to me

  • Rjm

    Cement his legacy. Better his boots.

  • joann clemens

    What legacy?

  • joann clemens

    How I tried to destroy American.

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