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Sci-Fi Nightmare: Obama Wants to Clone Himself “a Million” Times

Sci-Fi Nightmare: Obama Wishes He Could Clone Himself “a Million” Times

In Japan to talk about what he’ll be doing with his life with a crowd that probably couldn’t care less, former President Barack Obama said Sunday that he would love to be able to create scores of young people with his mindset on politics and culture. As you calm the shivers running down your spine, let’s take a look at what he said.

Speaking about the Obama Foundation and its efforts to help the youth of America connect with young people around the world, the former president said, “If I could do that effectively, then I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas. Or the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”


In addition to entertaining horrible fantasies about creating a race of Obamas, Barack said that everything wrong with the world today could be fixed by the youth. “A lot of our problems are cause by old men,” he said. Lamely.

He also said that his group was going to be experimenting with ways to get people out of their online echo chambers.

“One of the things we’re going to be spending time on, through the Foundation, is finding ways in which we can study this phenomenon of social media and the Internet to see are there ways in which we can bring people from different perspectives to start having a more civil debate and listen to each other more carefully,” Obama said.

Yes, because everyone knows the real problem with the world is conservative media. Those nasty people on Facebook who just share stuff from Fox News and Breitbart, none of it complimentary to Barack Obama. Damn, if it weren’t for that pesky social media, Hillary Clinton would have won the election with flying colors, huh?

Who knows. We can’t concentrate on the rest of what Obama had to say because we’re stuck on the nightmarish possibility that his Foundation might be able to create a veritable Army of Obamas, all of them just as in love with Islamism and socialism and (most of all) themselves as the original.

Truly, this man is not done making trouble for the world yet. God help us.

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    • Too bad you don’t understand what he was saying: ONE OVOMIT caused more damage than we will be able to clean up in 10 years; this world DOES NOT NEED OR WANT MORE OF THIS CRIMINAL MUZZIE SLIME!@!!!

  1. Obama, a narcissist ? Do you really think so? He’s the stuff of horror films and nightmares !

  2. That man’s ego has no bounds! He was a lousy President who spent all his time in office trying to tear down this country and leaving a mess for Trump to straighten out. I did not support him nor did I vote for him for President, because I thought that he was too immature and naive to be a successful President. After all, when he first ran for President, he was a junior Senator with two years into his first term as Senator. That is not enough experience!

  3. I guess we need to buy more rope. We have only enough on hand to hang about a hundred thousand O’Bummers. Bullets are so messy. Oh well, we do what we gotta do to destroy the evil.

    • You got it. He probably is cloned. I read that human cloning is and has already been going on for the globalists. And, there will be gallows at Gitmo, I hear, so guess they will need more rope as you said.

      • Yep, gallows. 33,000 of them, in two locations in the US. Obama signed a Presidential Order about gun confiscation in the event of martial law, and authorized UN soldiers to do the confiscation, and to shoot anyone who resisted. Also, he listed several ways of death, the second one from the top, I believe, was BEHEADING. Chanel is the manufacturer of the guillotines. They were destined for the FEMA camps, and I don’t where they are at this time. I think they may still be in the two locations of storage because Obama’s plans got interrupted by Trump.

  4. Very Scary for someone too even think that about themselves muchless actually say it out loud!
    In front of a huge crowd noless. He’s clueless.

      • One of the many good qualities Obama has is his willingness too make fun of himself. Something the Donal finds impossible because it damages his huge, but fragile, ego.

  5. The OP of this article is an idiot and so are the folks posting here. He did not say he wanted to clone himself. He wants the young people who come behind the old, crazy folks to do a better job then they have. As for the person here that stated he had no experience. He had more experience then that sexual predator, serial adulterous imbecile you helped elect.

    • You’re talking about Bill Clinton, right? Sexual predator, serial adulterous imbecile…stupid and tasteless enough to have a woman his daughter’s age going down on him under his desk in the Oval Office. Or doesn’t that matter because, after all, he was a Democrat?

    • Obama was the worse curse America every had to suffer thru. Everything from secretly giving Iran billions to his continual lying about health care. I agree Obama had style and talked a good fight just like his line in the sand but he was a coward and still is an arrogant ass. He made the US a laughing stock, released over 500 criminals on his way out and is just a terrible excuse for a man that is probably the most arrogant man to ever live in the White House. Trump is mouthy and pushy but has achieved more than Obama did or will in his lifetime. The economy is booming, Korea is willing to talk, China is willing to negotiate and I could go on. Obama is like the doctor that has a great bed side manner but a reputation for being a very poor surgeon while Trump has no bed side manner but gets results as an excellent surgeon. Tell me which one do you want operating on you ?

      • The money Iran got was obviously no secret, since you know about it. Also, it was their money that we had confiscated.

    • You’re talking about Bill Clinton, right? Sexual predator? Check! Serial adulterer? Check! Imbecile? Stupid enough to have a woman young enough to be his daughter giving him a blow job under the desk in the Oval Office? Check! Oh, but I forgot…all that doesn’t count because he’s a Democrat and a Clinton, and all the Clinton’s are exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else, right? You lefties are all hypocrites.

  6. “In addition to entertaining horrible fantasies about creating a race of Obamas, Barack said that everything wrong with the world today could be fixed by the youth. “A lot of our problems are cause by old men,” he said. Lamely.”
    Well, Mr. Obama, you need to remember, you’re one of those old folks. hell, your 8 years really screwed up race relations, medical care & it’s insurance, left wing extremist, and attitudes towards law enforcement. Oh and not to say your international policy (lack of it) and willingness to either avoid or decision not to do anything when the hard decisions arose.


  8. Dear God, isn’t there any end to this man’s conceit and insufferable ego? There are already too many little clones in his image running around doing nothing and extorting money from the Government. I can’t even say his name anymore without getting sick but you smart people out there know who I’m talking about!

  9. WHO in their right mind would want to see even ONE MORE of this dummy.The world would have been a better place if his mother had practiced safe sex along with her drugs.As far as another Michael,one of him was also toooooo much!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have never seen somebody have so much confidence in themselves and actually believe they can get someone else to believe as they do.

  11. “….that he would love to be able to create scores of young people with his mindset on politics and culture.”
    Oh, but just think. The 1.3 million babies that are aborted every year represent his mindset on politics and culture. This is the legacy of the left. Attrition, attrition, attrition. Utter waste.

  12. Why is it that Democrats who love Obama get so nasty when they see things written
    that they don’t like. Like the guy Rafael who commented something stupid and that girl Monica Martinez, she just had to call Trump weird nasty stuff because she got her feelings hurt about a post about Obama.
    Grow up you two! If this stuff is too hard for you to see then just log off OK!

  13. There is one saving grace about cloning. You clones may look like you, but that doesn’t mean they will be a dumb or anti- American as you. In fact there is nothing to say they would even LIKE YOU!!! The other saving grace about cloning humans is it is still illegal!

  14. there is a very large population who are backers now. Take a look at louis Farrakhan and the Black Caucus in congress. Don’t be naïve, Obama is very dangerous to the Democratic USA as it exist now.
    He and his muslin buddies would enslave we infidels and jews (if and} when the opportunity arrives.
    Pelosi and Schumer along with Flake, Schiff, and even Feinstein would help Obama take over.

  15. Sci-Fi Nightmare: Obama Wishes He Could Clone Himself “a Million” Times

    That would be in effect tantamount to the movie Boys from Brazil in which Josef Mengele creates Ninety-four clones of Adolph Hitler, and the clones spread all over the world.

  16. One of him and his transvestite whore was enough. A million of him would even get the Loony Left worrying about the future. Perhaps the KKK need to rise again!

  17. Quick, we need him arrested on charges of TREASON, have him tried and convicted so we can EXECUTE these moron before he has a chance to do this. One of this TRAITOR was enough.


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