Donald Trump Flip-flops – Voters Get Amnesia

Donald Trump, a billionaire turned television personality turned potential president of the United States. A wealthy American, Trump is a business man that is known for his bullying tactics and harsh words on the campaign trail. The issue is that he is also the Republican front-runner and brings absolutely no political experience to the table.

Voters are supporting Trump, and for many Americans, this is a scary idea.

Trump likes to be in the limelight – there is no denying that – but he has also shown that he can flip-flop on topics almost as much as Hilary Clinton. Voters seem to have amnesia and look in disbelief as they watch videos of Trump just a few years ago making statements that are in stark contrast to the Trump that people are flocking to the polls for as the next president of the United States.

1990: Trump Believes in Legalizing Drugs

People’s opinions change, especially in a 26-year period. Trump’s opinion in 1990 was “You have to legalize drugs to win the War on Drugs.” During the CPAC this year, Trump said that legalizing marijuana was “bad,” but he has backed medical marijuana which is beneficial for many illnesses.

1999: Pro-choice – 2016 “Pro-life / Pro-choice”

“I am very pro-choice” stated Donald Trump in 1999. Fast forward to today “I am pro-life with the exception of rape, incest or when medically, the mother’s life is in danger.” Later on in the same exact interview, Trump states “it depends when, in a woman’s pregnancy, if abortion should be permitted.”

So, maybe at 4 weeks it’s okay to get an abortion, but after 4 weeks and a day – no way.

2007: A Fantastic Senator (Clinton) and the Political Leader this Country Needs (Bush)

A little closer to home, Trump donated to Hilary Clinton’s campaign in 2002, 2005 – 2007. “A fantastic Senator” stated Trump when asked about Hilary Clinton. Remember, this is the same Clinton that Trump says is the “worst Secretary of State in the history of America.”

In 2000, another contradicting statement left Trump’s mouth “I believe the Bushes can give us another president, he may be the one.” Who? None other than Jeb Bush, the presidential hopeful that has been called “pathetic” and has been accused of an immigration policy that is “baby stuff” by Trump.

And, these are just some examples of the flip-flops that Trump has made along the way. A business man would do what was in his favor. Right? Trump suggested a 14.5% tax on individuals making more than $10 million a year in 1999, in 2011, he introduced a 4-tier tax system that eliminates estate and corporate income tax.

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Written by Jacob Maslow

A native new Yorker, Jacob Maslow is a writer and marketing specialist who began his career as a payroll manager.

Maslow has founded a variety of news websites, including  Daily Forex Report and Legal Scoops. He is a frequent contributor to many authoritative publications including, social media today and 



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