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Our Insane World: Teacher Suspended for Calling a Girl a Girl


The inane political correctness currently eating a hole through our American culture (to say nothing of our collective common sense) has spared no appetite for our friends across the Atlantic. This is an LGBT infection that has spread across the entire spectrum of Western democracy, and it’s probably going to get quite a lot battier before we see some relief from the creeping insanity.

The latest nonsense? A Christian teacher named Joshua Sutcliffe of Oxford, England has been suspended from his elementary school for the grave offense of “misgendering” one of his pupils. And by “misgendering,” we mean, calling a biological female a girl – a heinous tragedy in this case, since this is one of those special children who identifies as the opposite sex.

Listen to this tale of unrepentant bigotry and discrimination and see if your toes don’t curl: Sutcliffe walked up to a group of female students – including the one who identifies as a boy – and said, “Well done, girls.”

Are you horrified? Are you on the phone with your counselor right as we speak? Are you smashing an angry Facebook comment about all of the dreadful intolerance in the world, especially among CISHET WHITE MEN!!!1

No? Well, congratulations. You are probably a productive member of a coherent society.

But Sutfcliffe’s administrators thought this was, you know, just SO terrible that they suspended him from work while they launched an “investigation” into his actions. During said investigation, Sutcliffe insisted that he’d worked diligently to avoid using gender-specific pronouns around the special child and had apologized immediately after the “misgendering” incident. But, since the school wanted to make a federal case about it, he also took the opportunity to tell them what he thought about the demands being put on him as a teacher with different beliefs.

“As a Christian, I do not share your belief in the ideology of transgenderism,” he wrote in a letter to the head teacher. “I do not believe that young children should be encouraged to self-select a ‘gender’ which may be different from their biological sex. Or that everyone at school should adjust their behavior to accommodate such a ‘transition’; or that people should be punished for lack of enthusiasm about it.”

That sounds reasonable enough, but apparently the school did not agree. Ultimately, this led Sutcliffe to hire the Christian Legal Centre and file suit against the school.

Where the case goes from here is anyone’s guess, although recent court cases on this side of the pond don’t give us a lot of faith in Sutcliffe’s chances for remuneration.


  • GLEN


  • Hey, maybe a bunch of us have grounds for lawsuits! When I was in Marine Corps boot camp, over 50 years ago, a few times when we lowly (male) privates would screw up, a drill instructor would say, “Come on girls, you can do better than that”. Maybe we could all sue them for “misgendering” us. (But most likely, all the drill instructors are dead by now. maybe we could make it retroactive or something.

    • Terry Arnold

      I’m with you. How about a class action suit? If a person has the plumbing, that’s what they are. Seems simple to me.

      • Great! Maybe we could get a few megabucks. Then I could support my wife in the manner in which she’d like to be accustomed.

      • william couch

        They’re PARAMUCIUM..

      • marshmil1789

        But Terry today we have the atheists who want to re-create the world in their own image. So far they’ve created only chaos and stupidity in their own image.

        • Earl Chrysler

          Please do NOT generalize. I am an atheist and it is totally personal. You are welcome to believe whatever you believe. My evaluation of a person is not based upon any ‘label’ only upon their behavior.

          • marshmil1789

            Mine too so we are on the same page. I just find most anti-God people to exhibit highly obnoxious behavior and want to re-create the world to suit their wishes. Consider for example Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and other communist, anti-Creator individuals. If you find my position offensive that’s your option. It would insult you for me to wish you a “Merry Christmas” so I’ll just say enjoy your life as you choose. My God and I get along fine. He did a magnificent job creating the universe and then keeping it orderly. I’m a believer He plans to reveal Himself eventually to the total astonishment of those who reject the concept that He exists. Hope you don’t wind up on the lost side. Thanks for your post. “Shalom.”

          • Earl Chrysler

            I would never be ‘insulted’ or ‘offended’ by a Merry Christmas wish sent my way since I am saying those greetings very frequently myself. You see, that is what concerns me. I celebrate Jesus’ birthday, praise his good works and I am confident he would approve of my behavior. In point of fact, I believe my behavior is ‘better’ than that I observe being displayed by persons who claim to be ‘Christians’. I do not, however, believe there is an all-powerful supreme ‘being’. I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

          • marshmil1789

            Thanks. I do not see you as an atheist. We believe Jesus of Nazareth is “Immanuel”. *God with us* Judeo-Christian writings attest to that. Much evidence abounds. Christianity is a Faith, not a religion. “He that believes on me though he be dead, yet shall he live.” Jesus is “Messiah” of the Old Covenant”. He will return not as a meek servant but with power and great glory His second time. You can remain an “atheist” if you reject the concept that Jesus of Nazareth is God in a human body. Not meaning to come across as a Bible-thumper but the New Testament First Epistle of John, Chapter 5 summarizes Christianity and Conversion. I do invite you to come along and enjoy the “trip”. It’s wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and yours and I wish you the best for 2018. Tell Satan to hit the road!

          • DianePenn

            So Earl, the labels of ‘BOY and GIRL’ have no meaning to you; only their behavior.

    • annie1945

      i was picking my husband up from base during Vietnam when I heard a drill instructor say it’s “N….” like you that give us black people a bad name. Think they can sue now?

      • Sure! It’s become a fad. If anybody ever said anything somebody didn’t like, that constitutes an excuse to sue them.

    • Dan

      Hey why not. Women are bringing up 30 year old accusations of all sorts on men and they are believed without a shred of evidence.

    • Bill Mcadams

      72 years ago when I went through boot camp the instructors did the same thing, seemed to be the way to get the attention of the troops. I was in San Diego right next door to the Marine Corps boot camp, think you guys had it somewhat tougher than we did. Semper Fi my friend

    • Robertfantelli Fantelli

      Great Point! Latrine duty for those libs!

  • DeLaun Fifield

    …Liberal logic on Parade…

    With Libby’s you can’t call a “man” a “man” a “girl” a “girl”.
    And according to them if you are a man its ok for you to go into a WOMENS bathroom or leer at little girls….

    If any liberals would care to defend this lunacy I invite you to step forward….

    • Kenneth Jones

      Don’t worry, they haven’t got the balls!

  • HWayneS

    ASININE !!!

  • ray2hill

    What do you expect when the Republican Party platform calls for girls to be sexually abused at the expense of their virginity so there are no “girls” left

    • Terry Arnold

      This is the UK. Read the article.

    • Dutch

      What on earth are you talking about???

    • dorcus

      ? WHAT?

    • Cobra212

      There is no such thing in the Republican Party platform and last I checked, Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and a herd of others were all Democrats. That’s not to say there aren’t sexual predators and perverts in the Republican party, but that it isn’t exclusive to either party. To think or say so shows ones total lack of objectivity. This isn’t a political issue, but an issue of the powerful thinking they can push themselves on others because of their positions and ability to impact the careers of others. Whether Hollywood, the Media, or in Politics, some of those with power abuse it and their political leanings have nothing to do with that.

      • Vince


        • Cobra212


  • Jr1776

    Incredibly stupid leftist commie progressive horseshit

    • RufusVonDufus

      Your comment does not even begin to approach my feelings on the subject and on all of these fruitcake SJW’s, snowflakes and just total assholes!

      • mad max

        don’t forget basement dwellers!

        • Paul

          Words alone cannot describe the feelings that emerge by the actions of these creatures.
          Sub creatures.
          Sub humans

          • Mo

            Do they even qualify as human? I think not. It may come down to those of us real American Citizens have to pick up our arms and fight as our forefathers did to rid our selves of these wannabe tyrants who are offended by anything and everything this Country was founded upon. Why do you think that they are so HELL BENT on disarming us? Frankly, they offend me with their existence..

          • Virginia Ramos

            Mo, keep on telling it like it is, and keep spreading the word.

          • usncb

            WOW ABOUT, Dem.’s, lib-turds,those who hang out in D.C. and call themselves politicians.

          • Paul

            I do not know what to think about these swamp rats . They are not about preserving my way of life but seek to change everything which in the end will lead to the destruction of the U.S.A. as we know it. Therefore they must go and people that care need to look beyond their years and bet on the future generations .Now as the vanguard I feel the need to speak out and can I can only hope and pray that it is not too late.

          • james Conner

            Yea, Take a good look at the Pervert Gov. Jerry Brown of California, who in fact signed into law the Transgender Verbiage and turned the State of California into a Sanctuary State. For, Illegal immigrants that can commit all kind of crimes, and never turned be over to ICE. In fact they are turned lose to commit more crimes. One was let go in San Francisco for murder. Jerry Brown rewards these Illegals with welfare checks, medicaid, section 8 housing, and has allowed these illegals to own 60% of HUD Houses. If a Illegal Immigrant can obtain a drivers license then they are allowed to Vote in California elections. Democrats will do anything for a vote by buying them. Democrats are the Authors of Voter Fraud! Yes, Democrats do not want border walls, the more illegals here are counted in a Census, which means more electoral votes. California has 55 the highest of all states due to illegals being counted, and Jerry has allowed them to vote. Jerry has tossed Citizenship out the window. The Border Jumpers get Benefits which belong to Tax Payers.

          • Warren

            That’s why Cow Fart Bagger Brown is building the High Speed Rail for a Fast Getaway but so far the Track is only the length of the Train so he can be easily caught.!!!

          • Virginia Ramos

            james Conner…..how right you are. We just have to become more vocal as you’re being here. However, “we the people” true Americans need to put these American Traitors on the Hot Seat the moment “We The People” realize what’s happening. We can no longer afford to stay silent and allow our Country to become something we never dreamed of being. Perhaps the time has come to start an organization that will be on the look out for “Intentional America Destroyers”. Appears America’s in the middle of the ocean without a paddle to turn around to lead us back. We can’s allow these Crime Politicians to act as though they’re Kings over us and we are nothing but peons, Which we aren’t. However, they’re like dumb Criminals too Dumb to realize they’re gonna get caught. Even thought Brown’s term might be almost over, he needs to be pulled out of office immediately, cause one day after today is too long for him to hold any type of Political Office here in America. The Man has no care for, “WE THE PEOPLE.”. California taxes are so high til sooo Many People can’t even afford live there anymore, especially the “True Americans.

        • sensrbtch

          such as the RATT-SKCHELLERS?

      • Kenneth Jones

        Yep, and we certainly don’t have the monopoly on sheer unadulterated stupidity here in the good old USA, do we?

        • JCluvsTrump

          Oh no. And Europe is worse off than we are. Their leaders invite the murdering, raping terrorists in!

          • Kenneth Jones

            And the poor dumb bastards were stupid enough to think that these animals wouldn’t cause much trouble! You’d think the French would’ve learned their lesson when they let the Moroccan Muslims into the country during the DeGaulle era, wouldn’t you? Talk about planting the seed and letting it grow!

          • JCluvsTrump

            I hate to say any one deserves being over run by Mooseslime degenerates but Jesus Christ!, they keep electing these liberal idiots who are letting them in!! Angela Merkal, a real moron, should have been dragged to one of those WWII surplus ovens for her stupid shit.

      • TrueAmerican

        You are way to kind.

      • JCluvsTrump

        In the spirit of the season, I am giving away comfort puppies to all snowflakes that need one. The puppies are, of course, rabid.

    • tes d’aless


      • melmack 1

        And we have our share here

      • sensrbtch

        tes, how do we fight them? the trumpet just signed a law into effect today, that diktates there will be no more use of the words or phrases: gender neutral;gender bias,transgender or any of thwe sort when hiring in the federal government. or in schools that receive federal funds. that administrators will NOT ENFORCE previous word rulings that favor one over another, such as in this case. the children will normal too their sex @ birth. there will be no more sex-changes in the milifarie or any of the academy’s. it changes the whole of po-lick-tacile spek and think. hoo-ray! English is the language of the land!

      • Lea Anna Cooper

        Yes we must. Creator creates that which we are. Schools of politically correct Bafoons can take a hike. God help us all. And no I won’t apologize for asking God for help. 😇

        • DrBarbara

          Lea Anna, I also ask God for help constantly, and won’t apologize for that. We are wonderfully made in our mother’s womb and our Creator determines our gender. And even if one “changes one’s mind” about his/her/its gender, there is still that pesky Y chromosome to contend with. Change the “plumbing” and the “mindset,” still have that chromosome that won’t be changed.

      • Virginia Ramos

        tes…..Yep……you’re right

    • CP


    • McFerguson

      Finally, a common sense description of what we’re really dealing with. This phony PC crap needs to be strangled and left to die a cruel death. Alone. On the left side of a dark alley that leads no where.

      • Paul

        That side of the alley is the side the dogs pee on.
        The PC cops have infiltrated many of the youth.

        • McFerguson

          Good! Dog urine, PC nonsense and leftist moonbats seem to have a lot in common.

    • DrBarbara

      Actually I think horsepoop is too good to be associated with this mess. It can be used to fertilize the grass. ;^)

    • emag

      Its everywhere and its part of the Soros, Kalergi, leftist Globalist plan to create chaos. That also goes for the mass immigration in Europe.
      Its all a huge plan to get rid of any European culture, religion or country, to make everyone the same, a nice beige color, dumb them down, make them serfs,
      while the elite rules.

  • Arielle

    Totally RIDICULOUS !

  • Sue

    Geeze, as a youngster I would have preferred to be a boy. The stuff they did was more to my liking. However, I love being a women and enjoy the company of men. As I grew older I discovered I could do male tasks and still be FEMALE. The majority of these young girls probably have the same ideas I had. They are anything but whatever the tag of the day is and should not be “herded” into this twisted category.

    • Vince

      I LIKE Females. ALOT!!!!!
      Especially when HAVING SEX!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Welch


  • jdbixii

    The British sense of morality and ethical behavior went out with the reign of Henry VIII, the principal reason for the separatist movement in England which led to the exodus of many to the New World and North America. What is implausible is that, once having reached our shores, they even countenanced the idea that they were still subjects of the British Crown rather than free men under the God of the universe. The notion that freedom is the right to devalue one’s life and deny biological realities and natural, innate purpose as a creation of God is most absurd! The opening paragraph of this article puts it so truthfully.

  • littlebit43

    I guess he should have said Hello girls and queers.

    • Anne Mclaughlin

      Since they are out and proud just call them queer if they whine tell them stop lying. You’ve been shouting that mantra for decades so don,’t moan. You got what you wanted so you should be happy. As for changing the English language for a miniscule segment of a demented population leave this Republic and trot off to California where you can date a nice rottweiler, register at pet smart, have a nice interspecies wedding and live happily ever after but only if you agree to raise the kiddiepups as Satanists

    • sensrbtch

      the queers part pertains to thew administration!

  • Larry Gagnon

    Terry Arnold: Your problem is that you want to be rational. That is, you want words to have a meaning that can be conveyed to another person. But the PC people want to force everyone to use situation-correct words even when the situation is not observable. This creates an insurmountable challenge to rational people. If an anatomical girl “identifies as” or “feels like” a boy, there is almost certainly no clear observable indication. Maybe she should display a large badge or carry a sign. The PC people insist that a person who is “transgender” but has not had their body surgically altered to appear as their non-genetic gender has the right to change their mind depending on how they feel. So, to comply with PC demands, we must inquire of every person which gender they feel like today before we address them with a gender-specific pronoun. Unfortunately, for people like Terry and myself, inquiring once a day will be insufficient because a transgender who has not been surgically altered can change their feelings and identification preference at any time and as frequently as they desire. Perhaps, if we could define “feel like a female” or “feel like a male”, we could at least create words that would communicate meaning to another person. Now, we can only guess how the speaker is feeling. For all I know, I “feel like a female” and do not know it. As a very old, very tired person, I sure don’t feel like a “he-man”. When the government, no matter how well intentioned, dictates our speech limitations, we are reduced to sycophants. This type of irrationality will not end well for anyone. The biggest losers will be young people who are persuaded to undergo surgery to achieve an external body image consistent with their understanding of how a particular gender should feel. Psychotic parents are already trying to force children to undergo such surgery because the child’s behavior does not comport with the parents gender-specific expectations. My sympathy flows to the children and my anger flows to the parents.

  • Brady

    if you want to be called a boy/girl, then dress like one or wear a sign.

    • Rodney Dietz

      Brady That’s exactly what I was thinking. If you REALLY want to be called something other than the obvious, you should be required by law “like in California” to have that identity tattooed to your face in BOLD LETTERS!
      To help those that can’t read or speak English “like illegals” maybe a tattooed picture of the correct genital should accompany the letters.
      At that point it becomes actually identifiable you want to be something else and It can’t just be erased on a whim.
      Sounds just as reasonable to me as requiring me to know the difference.

  • Brady

    you show the first lady in a good, and x-first lady head and with that old demo silly smile.

  • tes d’aless

    thanks to obozo and the haters and the liberals, the world and our country are so screwed up – yet they put Trump down for trying to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! we couldn’t say merry christmas, or God in the pledge of allegiance and so on. MAKES ME SICK – THE HATERS AND LIBERALS DON’T BELONG IN THIS COUNTRY

    • They don’t belong on planet Earth.

  • Skip

    When I was in the Army in the 50’s, our platoon Sergeant call us girls if we spent too much time in the bathroom.

  • Yolinda Weston

    If this child wanted to identify with the boys why wasn’t s-he with the boys instead of hanging with the girls???? I blame the liberal socialist society of, “I can be a dog if I want to be. So I can pee on your leg, poop in your yard and everything else an disobedient dog can do, because I identify with being a dog.” Really people!!??? I think it might be opportunistic to build some nice loony bins and have them ready for all the TG’s who go off their rocker in the next 10 to 20 years, or maybe Funeral Homes and cemeteries because many commit suicide. To promote TG.erism in a child is child abuse. “Mental abuse.” What happens when she or he reach puberty? Brain fry, self loathing? She’s a boy and not supposed to have boobs. Enough of this ridiculous ideology.

    • Bob

      This is what happens when you let people leave the state of California.

      • Paul in NH

        That goes for any liberal enclave and big cities are notorious and primarily the culprit…

        • Kenneth Jones

          Not here in the back country of California. We’re still guys and gals…..not he/shes or him/hers.

          • emag

            Be sure no one from LA or the big cities gets in.
            I am not kidding. They came to my little Midwest town to get away from high taxes and so forth. But they brought their leftist politics with them.

          • Kenneth Jones

            Just make damned sure they never get elected to any public office.

  • Clayton

    I wounder if he would have this problem if he said girls and it good job, the that says she is not a girl what does her birth record say if it say girl she is a girl until that is changed she is a girl.

    • Bob

      Apparently it is best not to identify anyone verbally by identifying their gender in his case he would have
      got away with just saying good job but the fact that he added the term girl is what screwed him over. It’s kind of like working in a fast food restaurant and assuming you can tell the sex of a customer over a load speaker and they often get it wrong so the best thing to do is just say thank you please pull forwards and do not say sir, ma’am or a miss or what ever it’s not necessary. Like cops calling suspects sir in an attempt to be civil and polite, screw that just call them an asshole already and get it over with already.

  • Jerry Hughes

    Most of us have come to realize that we can no longer coexist with the liberal fruitcakes.
    We must physically separate ourselves from them it is that or civil war

  • Terry

    Did anyone ever grow up thinking people could be so stupid as not to be able to take a look down and see what gender they are ? Don’t really care what there mental illness is telling them they would rather be , you are and forever going to be what you were issued at birth no matter what a doctor cut off or add to you . We really need to stop enabling these people in living such a self destructive life . Mutilating mentally ill people is not the treatment they need . You can fool yourself but you can’t fool mother nature .

    • Robertfantelli Fantelli

      Hey-is MOTHER nature politically correct??? Or Father time? How about MANHOLE covers ?Do we have to change to PERSON hole covers?
      And think of the poor French and Italians who will have to change the gender of their language from LE (He) or La (she). to a neutral adjective.! And words like ONE can no longer be referred to as UN( which is Masculine) or UNE (which is feminine)..And think of the money publishers will make “correcting” all the Literature and dictionaries.! What a get rich scheme in the making, thanks to the Liberals, both he’s and she’s!

      • Kenneth Jones

        It’s like calling a woman a priest! It isn’t natural!

  • ld

    absolutely the top rung of STUPID !

  • I’ve been giving this a little (very little) thought, and have considered a few ways to address another person. I thought that simply calling everyone “person” or a group “people” would help,but then realized that such would potentially offend someone who wants to be something else. Then I thought that maybe “humanoid” might work, but then a self-appointed chimp, a porpoise, or a baboon may be offended. So maybe the only thing left that is neutral enough is “entity”. “Good morning, entities” may be the “proper” way to address a group whose chosen genders and/or species may not be obvious.

  • Jmanjo

    This is ludicrous! Brits have really gone off the deep end! Land of the fairies and hairy princesses.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    This is what happens when we pamper perversion and pacify perverts.


    Our education system is in the tank, thanks to liberalism.

    • Robert Zraick

      I wish this insanity was a trivial matter. But this is very destructive. No society can survive if it is guided by insanity. Encouraging transgenderism in children is child abuse.
      The school is guilty of child abuse. Not the teacher. It is the school which ought to be stopped and those doing this need jail time and should be registered as child abusers and sex offenders.
      In the opinion of some psychologists, this is dangerous to the children.

    • Kenneth Jones

      Liberal politics is the absolute WORST thing ever foisted off on the American public…..bar none!

  • Colonel G

    The fact that such politically correct madness is not only tolerated but sanctioned by Western society shows how far we have drifted into an Orwellian nightmare. When common sense is overruled by political doctrine, your country/civilization is well on its way to oblivion. Concepts such as “alternative lifestyle, diversity, inclusion, toleration, acceptance and all the other euphemisms that undermine civilization are but tripwires to extinction. A careful study of history (NOT the politically correct history taught today) clearly shows the inevitable corrosive effects of progressivism.

  • Pat Prybil

    A lot of this hoopla is the fault of the parents. Let kids be kids, and stop with the B.S. of gender labeling them, according to how or what sex they identify with. When I was a kid, I liked sports, wouldn’t wear a dress, or frilly things. I was considered a TOMBOY, but I always knew I was a girl. My parents allowed me to be me, but never confused me by saying oh honey, if you like boys bikes over girls, and like to watch the Lone Ranger, you must be a boy. I grew up, into an independent ,no nonsense woman who can go toe to toe with any man, just ask my husband of 45 years, but a man I am not, because of my likes and dislikes. My great nephew loves pink. He’s six. Does it mean he should be labeled as gay, and pushed in that direction? I am so sick of these parents going out of their way to insist their child is so special, and should have all these special accommodations, while they’re sorting out their own sexuality. I don’t even recognize our Countries values anymore, or I should say lack of. Even if you’re not a Christian, we need to go back to common sense. You don’t need to read the bible to know there’s man, and there’s woman. The DNA doesn’t lie. If parents aren’t willing to just let their kids sort things out for themselves, then they all should be in counselling, because they aren’t right in their head !!!



  • Johnny Roy md

    Where is the silent majority?
    This should stir us into rage ?
    Perhaps into mutiny and start telling all those “politically correct” folks
    that we the people have rights and sensitivity to express ourselves

    • emag

      England is pretty far gone.
      How come the Royalty has absolutely no comment on what’s going on in their country. London is a hel! hole, so many immigrants that it seems like the middle east. They have a muzlim major. Crime is very high. And yet Royalty continues living their rich and grand lives like they always have, with tons of castles, huge properties, fox hunts what have you. No care in the world.
      Its funny, but also kind of sad. Like they are presiding over the downfall of England.

  • Erica Tower

    This is so insane. Girls, even ones who identify as boys, are still girls. Why should someone be punished for calling someone the gender that God made them? Would it be better if we were all called “it”??? STUPID!!!!!

  • mad max

    your brain on CRACK!

  • Vince

    I call, “BULLSZHIT”!!!!

  • SZ939

    One of the World’s FOREMOST Psychiatric and Physiological Forum, at The prestigious Mayo Clinic has declared that there is NO SUCH THING AS TRANSGENDERISM! They declared that it is a MENTAL DISEASE requiring Psychiatric Treatment! Also, there are NO BIOLOGISTS who claim that there are more than TWO GENDERS in the Human Race! The Mayo Clinic ALSO DECLARED that any Reports of CHILD TRANSGENDERISM need to be reported to the POLICE AS CHILD ENDANGERMENT!

  • Paul

    So inquiring minds want to know. California recently passed a law with very stiff penalties if somebody in the nursing home field calls a transgender the wrong gender. And now this idiocrisy in England. I mean please tell us what to call a person of this persuasion in order that we do not end up in the pokey . We need to know please and thanks.

    • Libs R Loons

      Call it “it”, and be done with it.

  • Bill Mcadams

    This is absolutely stupid, and there isn’t any way to get the attention of the left, they will vote for the progressive idiots that we have in congress and the, I wanna get rich quick nuts that will run on their ticket. Sickening!!!!!

  • Paul in NH

    This homo, lez, sis, cis zis bi, ci, trans or whatever the alphabet gender flavor of the hour might be, is absolute insanity. If I had a dollar bill for every gender real or perceived. I’d have two dollars and a fist full fakes. Any medical sexual abnormalities are just that, medical sexual abnormalities.
    Don’t like that, then that it up with your creator when your meet Him. Be rest assured, you WILL MEET HIM, after you’ve taken your last God given breath and your heart yields its lifelong job to the grave. You will be immediately be in the presence of The LORD, The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. With your eternity forever sealed.

  • John

    Blame the parents. This child should be seeing a therapist to find out why they feel this way.

  • Rodney Dietz

    I know how incredibility difficult it can be, but we need to not give in to these childish thoughts, whims and behaviors. They are doing this because they want that kind of attention and power. Every person that acknowledges there identity beyond female or male gives them power over you. The day I’m confronted with this non sense that person is not going to be happy, I promise!

  • Jim Hays

    Totally “asinine. If “it’s” got something” hanging, it’s a boy. If not, it’s a girl. No if’s, and’s or but’s.. anything else is just trying to make something out of nothing! Let’s see female “father” a child, or for that matter, a male have one.

  • NickinATL

    The world is getting increasingly more and more BATSHIT CRAZY with each passing day !!!

  • ch

    I have been in many groups of people, male and female (me being female). A male walks up and says “hey guys how is it going”? I have never once been insulted. Some things are just an old figure of speech. People have become way too butt hurt about nothing. If you are born a girl, that is what you will always be, no matter how hard you try to be something different. When she decides to be a tree, bury her deep.

  • Cissy Nobbe

    Europe is more corrupt than America., although when Clinton and JFK were presidents, their own claim as Christians was always refutable due to their psychotic, immoral behaviors. I hope the teacher wins this case. There is nothing scientific about the origin of transgender identity! This mentally deranged personality is a very confused and disturbed individual which is unable to accept its birth identity, and that is being as open-minded as possible. Transgender, for me, is about a demonic strategy to obliterate moral society. England has a long way to recover their moral identity, in regards to the poor example of the royals, and the fact that the mayor of London is a Muslim. Look at Prince Harry, now, and his so-called “humanistic” bride-to-be. Outrageous, and a bereavement for all of the world, as well a huge slight upon Princess Diana.

  • BCain

    These stupid dumb ass people should wear a big tag on their shirt/blouse .. whatever … that identifies them as to what they think they are. Better yet, have it painted on their forehead … I am a girl, I am a boy, I am a born again hampster or I am just a stupid mixed up person that has no idea if that is a hole in the ground or it’s my AH.

  • donald coder

    The gender confused population have made themselves ugly and repulsive by their aggressive behavior. Why can’t they just enjoy their own gender confusion without dragging normals into their twisted world?

  • rtryon

    Lets hope that soon a movement is started by all students…or as many as care to do it, report on arrival to school, “Ah today I awoke and determined that my gender preference is neither boy or girl, male or female. That should provide a day off to protect the teachers from being fired or suspended. Then next day the group comes in and announces a new preference as opposite of their biological appearance, assuming appropriate dress is not an issue; and then confusion is complete. ALL must be called “uniques”- you know mate- neither on or the other. Oh well, the adults will figure it all out…won’t they?

    • My country

      They already have have ! Harvard has declared gender is fluid .Meaning I might feel female now and in a little while I might feel male .Hogwash with a dose of stupidity!

  • Vicki M

    Are there ANY mature, adult, commonsense people in that school? Is everyone brainwashed? The poor students who don’t have a parent to complain and support morals and ethics. Where are the people who are not nuts?

  • Marvin C

    This is what government does, it was and is there intention to make anyone who doesn’t comply a criminal!

  • icate

    Destruction of language is meant to remove the advantage education gives to the white middle and upper class so hated by American leftist traitors. Words now mean what the totalitarian left say they mean. Female is male, left is right and the Right is always wrong. The war that Lenin and Stalin could not win is now being conducted in schools, colleges and many churches including the Vatican. We are far along the road to Stalinist tyranny. Americans need to object whenever institutions, politicians and journalists use Orwellian language to obfuscate reality.

  • Alan404

    I would not think that religious orientation of the lack thereof was the least germane, or worthy of mention, why was it mentioned? That said, if this young person looked like a female, it is entirely within the bounds of reasonable expectation for people to refer to her as female. If the school administrators cannot grasp that simple principle, then their continuation in positions of authority raises the most serious question as to the mental state of these people, and their superiors..

  • Karen Hughes

    only god can help him now, Amen.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    This is absurd. Just because one “girl” refers to herself as a “boy” and the teacher apologized right after that statement, the school should not have suspended the teacher. I understand the teacher’s views since they are my views. I don’t like transgender especially children.

    • nocbsfan

      Good Girl

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Thanks. Have a Merry Christmas

        • nocbsfan

          Same to you Sweetheart

  • Busdriver Bill

    She may “identify” her ass off, but she still is XX when examined clinically. But, to encourage this outrage is just that – an outrage.

  • Robert Zraick

    Are you aware that the Disney Company has a program on Netflix called “Bill Nye the Science Guy saves the world”?
    They had one program devoted to sex. This is a show for kids and with kids in sort of a peanut gallery. On this show the phony Bill Nye, who is not a scientist but a failed comedian, teaches these children and all who watch this horseshit, that there are all flavors of sex. And shows an animated segment which features a chocolate ice cream cone arguing with a vanilla cone that there are many different genders. A whole rainbow.
    Then all these different flavors of ice cream shed the cones (clothes) and all jump into a big bowl (hot tub) for some “fun.”
    The symbolism is totally clear. The animation is aimed at children. This is sponsored by the Walt Disney Company.
    This is where things are headed folks. It is time to put a stop to this.

  • My country

    The insane part are the parents and those who tolerate this behavior .It is a sick trend that has gripped the world and is straight out of Hell . When you have people telling children they are sodomites then you have mentally deranged unfit people .Children do not know or understand the ramifications of this kind of choice being forced upon them .When you have their own parents telling them they are not what they were born to be . Great example is Brad Pitt and Angela’s daughter she has been turning into a boy . This is madness with no end except in Hell .And those who think this is ok is just as sick as the ones who are born with a certain part and then think they want to be the other ._Theres nothing gay or happy about pushing this on anyone .This brings with it diseases and mental problems and destruction of the family of which God sanctioned .Apparently they haven’t been reading or watching the things children of sodomites think and the problems they have because of being raised in a same sex household .,It really took hold in America with the takeover of the feminists movement by the sodomite females who are aimed at every man in the world . They find nothing wrong with damaging a child to get their way .If everybody is same sex then mankind will cease to exist especially with all the abortions .

  • ponurse2

    while I think this is insane and an over reaction, tranies are not gay. It is gender identity by hormone assignment..before birth all babies are female until homone assignment happens. This is hard for a lot to understand..just like babies born with other issues..such a dual sex organs..they are not gay..it has nothing to do with choice it is nature….I have seen a lot of births as a nurse and things happen, some so unbelievable…just like conjoined babies…

  • Jane Graham

    Lots of educated people seem to become more ignorant all the time!

  • Raoul Fazool

    “We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.”
    Carl Bernstein, U.S. journalist
    Guardian (London, June 3, 1992)

    Obviously Britain has its own idiocy going on.

    Personally, I find this kind of nonsense to be pervasive, absurd, and abhorrent.

  • Thomjeff

    These people aren’t human, they are subterranean creatures. No, I’m not talking about the student, I’m talking about the administrators.

  • David W BmyBud
  • Dennis B Anderson

    You know to the Obama generation anything goes? For myself if you lookie like a man, act like a man, and hit me like a man Ill break your fucking neck. For the rest of you Ill leave you to patch up whats left of your shattered faith in human nature.
    One of the reasons why GOD created the chimpanze was because he was so dissapointed in man.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    Can’t cure stupid now can we! Total bull crap mentality, typical of socialist, commie degenerate societies.

  • Richard Wittauer

    Think these schools should screen these type of teachers much better before hiring them This one should be let go.. NOW https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7b3efa9b6806cd7d1594d5ca3db0bed8cfaf0d628d0fd0b0a1304d21b064712.jpg

    • jesusknight

      What types of teachers should be let go again? The ones who say well done to students who did well? How will that help anyone?

      • Richard Wittauer

        Answer to your first question Done Well in what subjects ? Communism, or Socialism ? No they haven’t done their job to teach students what they should have taught them, should be what I first wrote Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Other wise they should be teaching whats against our Nations Constitution, and the true History of our country, by not removing parts they don’t like that doesn’t fit their own political agendas.

        • jesusknight

          The article states he said “well done, girls” to a group of girls at the school where he teaches. What is wrong with what he did? As far as the rest, I agree wholeheartedly that the teachers who don’t teach what they should, should be fired and replaced by ones who do.

  • Virginia Ramos

    We need to come back to God, Jesus Christ our Savior, and start Prayer in Schools.We can’t please everybody, so We have to do our own American Culture (Christianity). Others here from other Places with different beliefs, we won’t try to stop them, but just leave our Original American way ALONE. Otherwise America is on a Road of no Return, only to become Worse..

  • Richard Wittauer

    This country of ours had gone sue crazy. We have to stop the dumb things that are going on.

  • Dave

    The Brits have become twits. The leadership there has lost its collective soul. And for that and a few other reasons- England is dead, along with France, Germany, Sweden and others. This gives true meaning to God save the King or Queen or whatever they call themselves. One saving grace: LONG LIVE ROCK!

  • Dave Fischer

    Many of the school administrators are fucken morons anyway, what else would you expect from these overpaid jerk-offs?Where the hell are these people coming from who make a mountain out of a mole hill regarding everything and anything one says, or does, that could be considered an honest mistake, give us all a break…..it is ridiculous….

  • Estell Newton

    I say fire the head teacher. That child probably didn’t like the teacher. Children should not be allowed to run the schools and that includes colleges. They go there to learn not to be boss.

  • Federico Box

    It all started when we agreed, to call it a pond. It is not a pond, it is the Atlantic Ocean. Please!!!

  • kassa1

    The only reason the Marxist left a.k.a. Democrat party, or involved in any of this immoral or insane things or for the purpose of destroying our culture, nothing less than that. These people are mentally insane and possessed with the devil! Their only getting by with what We the people are allowing!


      Sure, THEY’RE mentally ill. Because the guy screaming how “liberals are possessed by the devil” is totally sane behavior.

  • jamon377

    Perhaps what he should have done was to walk up and say “well done shitheads”! That would cover all of them equally.

  • boone1

    I would never apologized for calling a girl a girl and to any communist queer snowflake liberal POS that said I had to. Like I have always said liberals are very sick people and need help.

  • Stephen Pettine

    Will being accosted by a foreign power via nuclear/biologic weaponry bring about a return of focus to rationality by world powers? In that regard, among one area of important concern is gender assignment gone madly awry, not to mention the danger of youngsters making such decisions — often abetted by lunatic parents, — unless, of course, the child is born with both sets of genitalia. .

  • GuardianFlame

    You can thank the selfcentered actions of one misguided egocentric mother who decidrd to play God and change her son into a girl. Why? Because she only wanted a gitl NOT A BOY BABY, so she started dressing him like a little girl and only giving him girl toys to play with. As he grew older, wearing girls clothing was natural to him. Then she decided to do the UNTHINKABLE -SHE HAD A DOCTOR REMOVE HIS BOY PARTS TO MAKE HIM A GIRL. He eas only 4 years old people – not old enough to make that choice, but mummy dearest made it for him.

    FYI: He was a perfectly normal healthy little boy that this liberal motherdemon decided to ruin his life. Because he will have to take estrogen hormones daily for the rest of his life.

    One could hope that this “he/she” pretend little girl will one day wake up realizing she is really a boy not a girl loke mummy dearest wanted -‘ and take his revenge wholly out on his mother until she can no longer breathe. Or better yet, disappear from his mother’s life never to be seen again! Either way, Mummy Dearest is going to feel a huge world of hurt….

  • Yojinbo67

    As an obser4ver, I’d say America is heading for a civil war. And when it begins, the lefties should head for cover because the last time I looked, the conservatives own more firearms.

    • Robert Dostoevsky

      On every site there is usually a really stupid post, yours wins.

  • Yojinbo67

    Let’s face it! Conservatives need to get their shit together like the lefties. We need to look long term and organize better. Use Alynsky’s (sp) Rules for Radicals against them.

  • billy bob

    How, what, when is something going to be done to correct this blatant insanity? It cannot go on! It is a sickness that the moral majority is letting happen. History will not bode well for Western Man if it is allowed to continue.

  • Ron Dapo

    I’m 65 years old, and never have l seen such unmitigated bull shit in this country and other western countries in my entire life!! Someone needs the crap kicked out of them, before they ruin another generation!!!!!!

    • nocbsfan

      Just blame the democratic party and CBS

  • Richard B

    It seems the teacher might not know about what he should know about transsexuality and transsexuals. He needs some educating here. Too many people just jump to conclusions about transsexuality without knowing a thing about. Get informed before you open your mouth.

    • jesusknight

      You mean, get informed before saying “well done” to students who did well? That’s ridiculous! What he said was inoffensive, to anyone not a snowflake, that is. These are small children, not adults or angsty teens..

  • JB

    The left is destroying this country with their progressivism and globalism! Also with this LGBT bull crap! There were two genders male and female and anybody who says anything different has mental problems and should see some psychiatric help! When do we reward abnormal behavior!? I remember growing up and if you are abnormal you are ostracized now you are praised! This society is going down the tubes and we need to stop it before this whole country is destroyed!

    • nocbsfan

      Do you know any sane psychiatrist,?

  • Les Landers

    Next time try calling that girl a boy. Maybe you will get time and a half.

  • Frances Carlson

    How is one suppose to know????? I suggest they all wear a sign that states what their “preferred” gender is. OR, we could do something far more simple and and fire the person who made up such a ridiculous rule. I’m so sick of all this gender BS.

  • LindainPA

    When you walk up to a group of girls and call them girls, you have done nothing wrong!

    The error is in the mind of this “special child”, and no doubt, HER parents.

  • gubllod

    While many politicians hold to this PC nonsense, it has been shown, and is now in accredited medical journals, that this entire transgender issue is not only a false issue, but a potentially dangerous and expensive one. First, it is false because it is an identifiable mental illness easily treating those afflicted who wish to be treated. Those who do not wish any treatment are those usually enjoying doing the unnatural things they are doing. . . .until AIDS enters the picture, which it usually does. Second, the suicide rate among those who insist on changing their gender [a matter of psychiatric gymnastics] is much higher, on the order of ten times higher than the normal. Third, those who have gone to the huge expense of submitting to actual surgery for their sex change sometimes have the urge to change back to their biological gender, since the cost of constant hormone consumption for life is really financially untenable. The suicide rate for these unfortunate people is at least twenty times higher than the normal. In the case of those wishing to change all of this back but cannot, the suicide rate is now about forty times higher. Of course, the LGBT group is not about to trumpet this information too loudly, since it would undercut their whole platform.

    Dr. Paul McHugh, late Dean of the School of Medicine and Dean of the School of Psychiatric Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, determined the medical/mental basis for nearly all of this issue. The AMA has recently found itself agreeing with Dr. McHugh that the gender of any baby born is its gender period, though anyone is free to imagine it to be something else. A physical fact remains a physical fact regardless of what any given person chooses to think about it. The American Psychiatric Association came to a non-unanimous position back about 1972 or so that it was okay to have a different mental construct about physical facts, a decision which opened the door to a whole lot of psychological trash which has transpired in the meantime. In the light of the work done at Johns Hopkins University and now elsewhere, American Psychiatrists have decided their 1972 action was all wrong and have now officially rescinded all of that action.

    The Left in the USA has adopted all of the LGBT nonsense simply because it is socially disruptive and the LGBT people make a lot of noise intended to scare politicians. They follow Lenin’s directive: accuse, accuse, accuse and, then, deny, deny, deny, if they are charged with the same thing. The louder they shout, the more they convince themselves of their cause. Lenin was right on another of his tenets: they serve as “useful idiots”. However, one other issue he did not have to deal with at the time was ISLAM which is pretending an alliance with them. In that case the Left is now serving as the real “useful idiots”, since ISLAM has no intention of allowing them to live, when they achieve complete power.

  • sbeer101

    Screw it. Call them all “kids” and be done with it. It’s stupid but nobody has to get fired.

    • Betta

      Then they will say we are not “kids”. We are GOATS.

      • Debra(bogene)

        lol,,,lol,,,,same thing.

  • Herb1949

    It is’t just the “transgenders” that are mentally ill…

  • Miguel Chinchilla

    It is just plain insanity. We have to put an end to that crap

  • KJHanover

    And what about these parents?? Can’t you just see your own parents going for this nonsense? I can imagine mine–“Oh, okay KJ, you wanna be a boy today? That’s fine.” I don’t think so!

  • Is that like a Punky Brewster thing? Funny brain, funny looking, funny acting and feminine.

  • dennis w


  • George

    We are losing language itself, to mangle and strip so much meaning from words. Just one more generation of progressive psychobabble like this, and the rule of law is done: people will die waiting on endless process, as each judge takes plain meanings and twists them to fit into some mold they think they can virtue signal with. When you can’t even identify the parties to a contract, the rest of it falls to dust. And, when you can’t identify who was booked on a charge, you can’t get around to arraignment. Could it be that… progressivism is overdue for its rightful place in the DSM as a variant of [self induced] psychosis?

  • Warren

    Yeah!! He should have checked before he spoke.

  • Curmudgeon

    Clearly demonstrating once again, when looneyeffinliberals get into positions of authority, strange stuff happens.

  • Jack Harmon

    They’ve got to be kidding! There are only two genders in this world: One is an innie and the other is an outy. So, all they have to do is look down to their crotch to see which gender they belong to. It makes no difference what they believe they are, there is no way they can change what they see down there.

  • HIMProductions




  • Warren

    Wake up Boy it is Dees Does and Dem this is the New World Order..!!!

  • homer1057

    “Comfort the feeble minded”!!

  • homer1057

    There are times, when one has to take sides and stand upon them and let the chips fall where they may! This is a REAL man! This is a man of courage, and courage is catching, but cowardice is epidemic! Be courageous!


    We must end political correctness by any means necessary.

  • Terry Maloney

    Crazy twisted minds have allowed themselves to be divested of any logical thinking.