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These Harmless Words May Soon Be Banned at University of Dayton

You can always count on Campus Reform and The College Fix for bringing us the inside scoop on just how bark-at-the-moon crazy today’s liberal universities have gone in order to appease the extreme left. And thank God we have these resources because there’s no way anyone would even believe that this stuff was real, otherwise. Only a few years ago, you would hear some of these stories and think, “Nah, someone making it up…there are ADULTS on these campuses…they wouldn’t go along with that, no matter how liberal they are.” But you would be wrong. These “adults” are the problem in many cases, but in others, they are just plain terrified of the far-left fringe. And so we get what we have now: University after university handing the keys to the asylum over to the lunatics.

So yeah, get a load of this, courtesy of Campus Reform:


A page on the University of Dayton’s website recommends that students avoid using gendered language, including “husband” and “wife.”

The webpage, posted under the Women’s Center section of the website, lists several examples of gender-specific words alongside their “gender inclusive” alternatives, suggesting for instance that students say “workforce” instead of “manpower” and “intermediary” or “go-between” rather than “middleman.”

In addition, the primer advocates the use of “business person” instead of “businessman” or “businesswoman,” “mail carrier” or “postal worker” instead of “mailman,” and “representative” or “legislator” instead of “Congressman” and “Congresswoman.”

The page also discourages the use of gendered titles for professions, urging students to instead employ “generic occupational titles like administrator, doctor, lawyer, nurse, and secretary,” because “It is easier to see that these jobs can be done by a person of any gender when using gender inclusive or gender neutral language.”


University officials deny that the webpage reflects the policies of the school and insist that no one is being forced or even coerced into using this kind of language. Be that as it may, merely having it up as an “educational resource,” as they call it, gives it the explicit weight of faculty approval. They may not be forcing students and teachers to talk this way TODAY, but they would clearly prefer if they did. At the very least, they’re opening the door to implementing this politically-correct idiocy at some point in the future.

If the school had any backbone or intellectual rigor at all, they would keep this crap as far away from their students as possible.

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