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  • Sharing Data

    Leading Lawmaker Says Sharing Data Is Wrong

    In response to a recent NSA announcement to share more data, U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold said it is just morally wrong to share any data whatsoever. “It goes against everything in the constitution. Nobody needs data. It’s so risky to have some data here and more there – it should never, ever be shared,” Farenthold […] More

  • Bernie 2016 President

    Sanders Wins Utah and Idaho, Clinton Wins Arizona

      Clinton and Sanders squared off last night in Arizona, Idaho and Utah. Sanders won Utah and Idaho by a landslide, and Clinton won Arizona, the state with the most delegates of the night. Both Utah and Idaho held caucuses, a format that has done well for Sanders. Arizona was the most important state of […] More

  • DENVER, COLORADO - Travelers make their way through the busy airport security check at Denver International Airport

    Suspicious Package Identified In Denver International Airport, Forcing Partial Evacuation

    Since the horrific ISIS attacks in Brussels this week, the world’s airports and public transportation systems have been on high alert.  Many authorities suspected there might be further terrorist attacks planned. No chances have been taken with the safety of those who are using these modes of transport. Segments of the International Airport in Denver had to be evacuated […] More

  • Character portrait of Donald Trump giving a speech.

    Trump and Anonymous: The War Rages On

    In a video uploaded on March 4th, hacker group Anonymous declared war on Donald Trump. The group said they would have declared the war sooner, but members had underestimated the amount of time it would take to reach agreement upon which three of his several thousand offensive statements were most offensive. After working tirelessly for […] More

  • in

    Obama Condemns Terrorist Attacks That Leave 30+ Dead in Brussels

    United States President Barrack Obama condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels that resulted in over 30 deaths on Tuesday morning. The president stated, “Such acts will not be tolerated.” The president called for the world to unite together in the wake of the tragedy. “We must be together in fighting the scourge of terrorism,” stated […] More

  • Republican Election Vote and American Flag

    Trump and Priebus Fight Over Delegate Process

      Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican Party, clashed with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus over the delegate requisite. Trump stated, “I think if I am a few short (delegates) and somebody else has 300, 400 or 500, it’s very unfair.” The defense of Trump is that there are several candidates, and the presidential […] More

  • Retirement Vacation Concept, Happy Mature Retired Couple Enjoyin

    Cable News Companies Schedule Vacations around Republican Convention

    The Non-Associated Press has reported several major cable news agencies have scheduled vacations for their anchors and executives in advance of the Republican Convention this summer. It is anticipated they will be working double and triple overtime and will need the rest in advance. Recent reports have indicated the higher likelihood of a contested convention […] More

  • Funny Selfish Dragon Taking Selfie Stick Photo Rough Hand Drawn Print Design

    John Kasich Vows to Piggyback on Donald Trump for “Ultimate Selfie”

    Republican presidential candidate John Kasich vowed he would never support Donald Trump or accept any offer from him, but did say he would like to ride piggyback while taking a selfie with the real estate mogul, according to unsubstantiated reports. In an unrelated statement, Mr. Trump said it would be, “an absolute riot.” Reports have […] More

  • Ohio Governor John Kasich

    Clinton, Kasich Win Big on Tuesday

    Tuesday was a big night for Clinton and Kasich, as the 2016 race to presidential nominations surges ahead. Hillary Clinton took home a big win in Ohio, increasing her likelihood of becoming the first female nominee of any major party. Clinton took home wins in Florida and North Carolina, two states with serious delegate counts. […] More

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