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    Leftists Want Transgenders and Fat Girls in Victoria’s Secret Show

    24-year-old singer Halsey, who performed at this weekend’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, is now criticizing the brand for its lack of “inclusivity” following the usual round of outraged from the perpetually offended masses on social media. The mob was irate stemming from a Vogue interview last month, in which the fashion show’s creators were asked […] More

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    Princeton Students Really Want to Go Back to Segregation

    It used to be a commonly-accepted truism that segregating blacks and whites was a dark period in our nation’s history, and that our societal ability to move past that period was to be celebrated as a major step forward in human psychological evolution. But, as it is in many areas of leftist regressive ideology these […] More

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    Paul Ryan: Something’s Screwy With California Elections

    Getting ready to finish up his long career in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Thursday that there was something fishy about how California’s congressional election results suddenly tipped over to the Democratic Party long after election night. In remarks made at a Washington Post Live event, Ryan said that he was baffled by […] More

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    Trump on Democrat Investigations: “I Will Hit Them So Hard…”

    In an interview with The New York Post this week, President Trump said he was not at all concerned with House Democrats taking over the various oversight committees in January. While Adam Schiff and Friends have vowed to spend much of their legislative power on investigating Trump and his campaign, the president says they might […] More

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    Caravan Migrants Say U.S. Has Made Them “Victims of Repression”

    Days after finding out what happens when you start throwing rocks and other projectiles at the U.S. Border Patrol, migrants belonging to the Central American caravans released a statement calling themselves “victims of repression.” In the statement, which was written up by a group calling themselves Central American Exodus for Life, the migrants claimed that […] More

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    Google Won’t Suggest Gender Pronouns Because People Might Get Upset

    According to a new story from Reuters, Google is carefully instructing its Gmail auto-suggest technology to avoid completing sentences with gender-based pronouns because users might accidentally get offended by the wrong “guess.” Which to be fair, they’re probably not wrong about, given the hypersensitivity of today’s social media users. From Reuters: Alphabet Inc’s Google in […] More

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    MSNBC Libs Say Racism Would Keep Oprah/Michelle Obama Ticket From Winning

    Both Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama have clearly stated that they have no interest in running for office of any kind, much less the presidency, but that hasn’t kept hopeful Democrats from speculating about what these two popular black women might be able to accomplish in a race against Donald Trump. On MSNBC’s Joy Reid […] More

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    Dershowitz: Mueller Report Will Be “Politically Devastating” to Trump

    Over the past couple of years, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz has been an unlikely and frequent defender of President Donald Trump. While making no bones about his liberal proclivities (or the fact that he supported Hillary Clinton), Dershowitz has found himself forced to defend Trump against a sea of ignorant left-wing pundits and legal “experts” […] More

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    Kasich to Veto Two Conservative Bills on His Way to Presidential Run

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich has done everything short of announcing his 2020 bid for the presidency, but it remains to be seen if he will actually run – and, if he does, what party’s flag he’ll be flying as he makes a second go at the White House. Certainly, there’s little room for him anymore […] More

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    Actress: Avenatti Attacked Me, Dragged Me Around Apartment Floor

    The details are now coming out about a domestic violence incident involving Michael Avenatti and his girlfriend, Estonian actress Mareli Miniutti. With Miniutti having issued a sworn declaration against the famous attorney, the incident appears to be far more harrowing and violent than we could have imagined from the first news of his arrest. If […] More

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