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126 Central American Migrants Sue Trump Over New Asylum Ban

Overturning a California district court last weekend, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to move forward with new asylum rules that require would-be refugees to seek safe haven in the first “safe country” they come to. In most cases, that country will be Mexico, seeing as how the majority of refugees are trying to pour into the U.S. from Central American nations like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. While the Supreme Court ruling is not the final say in the matter – lawsuits are winding their way through the system even now – it does allow the government to enact the rule in the meantime.

Fighting back against that ruling are 126 Central American migrants, who have filed suit against the Trump administration in Washington, D.C.’s U.S. District Court. Departing from similar suits, the migrants claim that the Trump administration implemented the ban through an arbitrary process that did not correctly respect procedural rules on government regulations.

Reuters reports:

With the administration rolling out a series of anti-immigration regulations in rapid succession, asylum-seekers are not being told which of the shifting standards will apply to their cases, said Hassan Ahmad, the lead attorney on the lawsuit.

“What we’re challenging is the haphazard lack of legal procedure. There’s no rhyme or reason to it,” Ahmad said.

The plaintiffs are 126 women and children from 59 families, mostly from the impoverished and violent Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, who were rejected in the early stages of the asylum process while staying at the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas.

It is to make a mockery of presidential power to suggest that Trump cannot enact this rule. It is an entirely reasonable correction to the status quo, and it is in perfect harmony with refugee laws followed all over the world. Furthermore, it is an essential tool to tamp down on an out-of-control migrant crisis that is threatening to turn the southern border into a permanent encampment for would-be refugees. Finally, it is a strong and viable answer to the central problem, which is that the vast majority of these asylum-seekers do not actually have a legitimate claim for safe harbor.

Democrats have refused to address this crisis, except to sit on the sidelines and throw peanuts at the president. That’s not government, that’s punditry. In the absence of their leadership, Trump is doing what he must to protect our borders, our economy, and our way of life. Shame on anyone who takes sides against him.

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  1. I want to live in a country that I have to sue to let me in. Sounds pretty f’ng stupid doesn’t it?!?! If they don’t like it don’t try to come. And if where you’re coming from is so bad I would think any country is better.

    • Just sheer stupidity…We are a country with thousands…if not millions of LEGAL immigrants! I am one of Them! When we came…my father HAD to have a job…a place to live….and a sponsor! Once all that was met…entry to the USA was granted! What the hell ever happened to those rules???
      IF our tax money is funding these illegals….food, housing, medical, etc. I WANT a tax deduction at the end if the year of at least one illegal being supported with TAX money!

      • Those rules are still in place. They were ignored during the Obama era, and the liberals want to keep it that way. Yes they are costing us billions of dollars every year. Ice has reported 6,100 of them attempting to come into the country this year with children that do not belong to them. These children come in then return to help another illegals come into the country. They come here asking for the freebies, like welfare, medicaid, housing, anything they don’t have to pay for. They are committing up to 40% of the crimes since arriving here. Yet liberals have the gall to deny there is an emergency, and the fake media won’t report any of this. When people in the caravans were interviewed they admitted having many criminals and gang members with them. They also said they would go back where they came from if America would give them EACH $50,000. Sounds like they are really scared of their home country. NOT!

        These are the people who want to sue the President for turning them away. What gives them the right to sue the US, when everything they have done to date, is illegal? If they don’t like being denied, they shouldn’t invade our home and demand we pay for them to be here.

  2. Ignorant wetbacks need to go back to where ever they came from. We do not want them not do we need them if they want asylum ask Mexico that is where you arrived first. Take your illegal asses and illegal lawsuit and drop dead

  3. 126 clowns from South America haven’t the brain power to say all this against Pres Trump with out the help of a crooked Lawyer or some Devilrat group with a Hate Trump aim at his run for President. This time around has to be the very worst show of hate for Devilrats to try gaining power in hopes of turning America into a Socialist country where there will be no more actual voting for a Pres but for a socialist Dictator. This is a try at a takeover that two wars could not attain but hate within our own country could very well succeed. This will bring about the worst civil uprising in our history as many will die protecting our freedoms ,the constitution from this Devilrat try at a complete takeover. Love America and your Freedoms? Time we do away with the New Democrat Socialist Party.

    • Totally agree👍👍👍👍 I call them GESTAPOcrats or DeMONRATS! The Democratic
      party is DEAD…totally! Hitler would be so very proud of them😖

      • Actually it’s the Democrat Party. Democrats have nothing to do with anything democratic. What a bunch of idiots. I wish I could come up with a better word than idiot!

    • Bingo. They are being pushed by the Democrats who are actually the ones doing the suing. These people are just their pawns.

    • 45 million illegal immigrants already reside in the United States, representing 15% of the state’s total population. hundreds of thousands of idlers, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles and other abominations are trying to get here. Why should Americans support these people by paying for their living expenses, food, medical care and children’s education? Do you want this?

  4. They should have no standing. A judge should throw this out. Further, this is all about (probable for sure) Mexican-American lawyers schlepping out freebies for their “pretend bros” as anything else. We educated them(Civil Rights Act of 1964, affirmative action, ad nauseam) and now we have to deal with their biased stupidity and arrogance – mostly arrogance.

  5. We all now that these illegals will win especially if they are suing in the 9th District. I just don’t understand how illegals have any rights in this country but somehow they do. They have more rights than we do.

  6. And You don’t think this is the brain-child of a leftist lawyer? Criminal illegals are not clever enough to come up with a plan like this. Criminals filing a legal action against Our President. Dropkick their butts across the border. Build The Wall, and Guard it, millions will apply for the job.

  7. These INVADERS have no standing in this country. Neither do they have a right to question our immigration policies. The lawyers that are filing this law suit against our President are bordering on the threshold of Treason. How dare they sue our President for migrants who invaded our country. Throw all these invaders back to the country they came from and their lawyers in jail for treason.

    • I actually wish they would sell tags to go out and collect up illegals and put them to work at home until ICE can send them back to their home cesspool

    • There was a little boy playing under a tree where pigeons were roosting.
      The little boy dropped his chewing gum on the ground and it mixed with the pigeons droppings.
      As the little boy tried to find his chewing gum, he became very confused.
      The democrats are also very confused.

  8. They are suing crap. Soros and the lefties are suing Trump. Migrants don’t have any money. Time to replace these screwed up, treasonous judges and lawyers. It is disgraceful the disrespect they show theAMERICAN PEOPLE and disregard of our laws and the will of the American people. Time to find Soros and finish it

    • You have that right. The next time a Democrat gets in office I hope the republicans are as relentlessly shitty as these screwed up democrats have been.

      I use to be an independent voter but after the last three years of democrat bullshit I will never vote for a democrat again. They have proven to be sleazy disreputable scum. I am totally done with Democrats.

      Besides all the sex perverts and most of the mass shooters turn out to be democrats or paid for be democrats

      Democrats are just plain disgusting humans.

  9. This country was founded and governed by laws that would protect it’s citizens from a overpowering government and from outside influences from other countries and people’s of those countries .
    It’s true, that this Country was a melting pot of many different peoples and cultures
    who fled other countries in search of a better way of life.
    They all came to Ellis Island and the statue of liberty to go through the process of becoming new citizens.
    That’s the law, the correct procedure to becoming a citizen.
    The people who come here should know those same laws that we, as citizens, follow, should also realize they will also adhere to these same laws.
    These new people are trying to leave their country because the lack of laws that their government is forcing them to live by.
    These people who enter our Country illegally, demand free benefits , want to make up their own laws are in essence
    no different than the Government they are attempting to flee.

  10. This is what transpires when dealing with primitives who believe we should care for them form cradle to coffin. Illiterates who are capable of nothing. Send them back now. They are neither our responsibility nor problem. They travel through Mexico and demand we permit them entry? They are an expense that never ends while contributing only sewage and crime.

  11. Gee they start out suing for rights they dont have. I say e should sue them for wasting tax payer money and if they cant pay toss their plague ridden asses in jail: including their ugly damn children.

  12. They are not supposed to have rights and asylum is not a right. Further the international asylum law says first country their enter is where they must apply. That would have been mexico

  13. If a judge even agrees to hear their case they should be charged with violation of the law and treason and removed from the bench.

  14. Obviously, these illegals/wannabe illegals have leftist attorneys representing them. These lawyers should be disbarred.

    So sick of these non citizens demanding rights in our country. I think there should be a ban on all immigration and an ouster of all illegals nationwide. Crime would go down and government spending would seriously decrease.

  15. When I was a child my Dad sponsored more immigrants than Obama signed Executive orders.All of these folks became proud ,taxpaying Americans.They never asked for anything except an opportunity.What the heck happened to that concept.

  16. Being that illegal aliens have no constitutional rights its unfathomable how they would have standing to sue for the right to force their refugee status on the US since usual international law gives rights to migrants for sanctuary in the first country whose border they cross. Mexico has granted sanctuary, but doesn’t give them all the free stuff they were promised by Dem coaches so its unacceptable to them.

  17. Isn’t it interesting how people who have no right to be in this country are none-the-less able to sue our government? They have to break our laws to get here and once here sue the government. This travesty exemplifies the extraordinary extent of the failing of both our Congress and our courts. Not very surprisingly both of these branches of our government have been screwed up by the same entity-The Communist Party USA, known by locals as the devil Democrats.

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