2020 Democrat in Trouble for Saying “All Lives Matter”

The 2020 presidential primaries are going to provide us with a stunning window into just how extreme and ridiculous the Democratic Party has become. Most of you will need no further education on that particular issue, but for your average, casual observer of politics, it’s going to be an eye-opener. What must normal, non-brainwashed Americans have thought when feminists demanded that Beto O’Rourke apologize for joking that his wife raised their kids “with occasional help from me.”? What must normal, non-brainwashed Americans be thinking when they watch Joe Biden out there saying that “white man’s culture” has to change?

And what must they think of this?

From CBS News:

South Bend mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said Thursday that he is no longer using the phrase “all lives matter.” Buttigieg referred to the phrase while speaking at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network convention, which has become a high-profile event for Democratic candidates.

In his speech, Buttigieg stressed the importance of addressing racial inequalities. “Racial justice must be compatible with being pro-rule of law and respectful of law enforcement doing the right thing. It should enhance, not diminish, the value of a good police department when we assert what should go without saying. But in these times it has to be said clearly, again and again, that black lives matter,” Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg had said “all lives matter,” a phrase disliked by activists, in his 2015 State of the City address. . .

Anyone who was paying attention when the Black Lives Matter movement got off the ground knows, of course, that racial activists despise that phrase. Why wouldn’t they? Their entire purpose in life is to divide us by our racial identities, so we can’t have people out there saying obvious stuff like “all lives matter.” At one point, at the movement’s peak, you actually had activists claiming that to say “all lives matter” was akin to racism. This is how topsy-turvy our culture has become. So insane that now, a DEMOCRAT running for office has to apologize for using the phrase if he wants to be taken seriously.

“Since learning about how that phrase was being used to push back on that activism, I stopped using it,” the mayor said on Thursday.

The phrase was actually being used to highlight the sacrifices and heroism of police officers who are out there every day in the middle of the concrete jungle, doing their best to hold the thin blue line between order and chaos.

Furthermore, to the extent it was used to “push back” on the Black Lives Matter movement…well, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is a movement that has turned justifiable police shootings into scandals, riots, and violence against cops. This is a movement that has ousted academics for daring to use phrases like the very one that Mayor Pete is now apologizing for. This is a movement that makes demands that are not only outrageous but downright silly. Anyone pushing back on BLM is on the right side of logic, reason, and history.

Which gives you a sense of why the Democratic Party of 2019 wants nothing to do with those people.

What do you think?

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  1. So if all lives don’t matter then he’s only looking for black votes I guess. What a complete moron sucking up to Al Sharpton but he’ll pay for it.

    • I agree. This hypocrite has No courage. All lives Matter Mayor Bootigeg, including police, infants (which is why voting FOR infanticide is immoral), and womb babies. Shame on you Mayor Pete for cherry-picking the Christian values you believe in and ignoring those you do not!

  2. YES, YES & YES! All lives matter, the unborn, young, old, sick, & yes, the ones in between. They, & what they do matters, to all of us. And, everyone knows that but, sometimes some (people) think they have to cater to someone. The answer to that is NO!

  3. To the Democrats, American citizens lives don’t matter, abortion babies don’t matter, babies surviving abortion, their lives don’t matter, the only valuable life for Democrats are the lives of the undocumented illegal aliens whom the Democrats want to provide with voting rights, Medicare rights, housing, food stamps, and a living wage, just so long as they vote straight Democrat ticket line. That folks is your new Democrat party, aren’t you proud to be a Democrat

  4. ALL LIVES MATTER! There I said it and I will not retract it. Can I get a check now?? NO? Oh right I’m not black or a democrat! It is obvious the only reasoning is to divide the population and create anger and hatred by the DEMOCRATS, for the Democrats and of the Democrats. The push for Socialism is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is a FACT.

  5. The left is just warming up. If they win in 2020, it will be no holds barred. The people with their heads up their asses, who only watch cnn and other fakest news ever news’nt channels, who go around criticizing President Trump, and denouncing whiteness, they are destroying the future of this country. When that happens, the whole world will be forever changed, and not for the better.

    Whom the Gods would destroy, they would first make mad with power”. sorry don’t recall the author

  6. All lives matter. All lives matter. All lives matter. All lives matter. All lives matter. All lives matter.

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