$25 Million: The Price Tag of the Mueller Witch Hunt So Far

The Department of Justice released the latest financial documents in regards to the Mueller investigation on Friday, and they aren’t pretty. American taxpayers have thus far shelled out no less than $25 million to keep this witch hunt going, and there’s apparently no end in sight.

While Robert Mueller and his band of angry Democrats have done a bang-up job convicting Trump associates on everything from lying to FBI investigators to tax fraud to campaign finance violations, they have not yet come up with a shred of evidence proving that the president colluded with a foreign adversary to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Now the question is: How much more of our money are they going to spend on an investigation that seems to no longer have anything to do with the actual REASON for the investigation?

To the delight of the media and the Democrats, Mueller has been very busy over the past month. He’s filed sentencing memos against Michael Cohen and Mike Flynn, he’s withdrawn a plea agreement signed by Paul Manafort, and he’s churned up a frenzy of speculation about a mystery witness he’s apparently battling in court.

But while the left has had a field day with all of this activity, it should not be obscured how little any of this relates to Russia. This is an investigation that started with the promise (from Resistance-minded folks) that it would conclude with Trump and Putin being led away in metaphorical (if not actual) handcuffs, having been caught hatching a plot against democracy. Now we’re talking about improper payments to the National Enquirer as the smoking gun? And we’re not supposed to laugh out loud?

Democrats are seriously throwing around the possibility of impeaching Trump on the basis on campaign finance violations, and we’re supposed to just grin and nod? Overthrowing the results of the election based on some evidence of Russian collusion is one thing; impeaching the president because he paid off a couple of porno queens? Good luck with that, Democrats. Good luck with that. See you on the flipside, when you’re facing a president with unprecedentedly high approval ratings in the 2020 elections.

In the meantime, there is apparently nothing to do but bear witness to this sordid waste of taxpayer money and this betrayal of republican democracy. We have faith that all will be well in the end, because Mueller’s case is growing weaker – not stronger – by the day. Unfortunately, by the time he wraps it up, the damage done to every facet of our political system could be irreversible.

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  1. In my early life, I remember FRD’s first “fire side chats,” radio speeches, when the nation stopped to listen to news casters report the news of specific events. Wow! has this changed? There was a time, when news people started interviewing each other instead of the participants and witnesses of new events. This was the slippery slope, which led to news “reporters” trying to become news “makers.” This leaves the average Joe Public to not only evaluate what is reported; but, also, who is reporting. Simple less significant happenings become headlines, after the SLANTED NEWS is added. Gov Big Jim Folsom, of Alabama, once spoke of there being no need to worry about wild accusations that average people could not understand. He was very popular and the wild tales of his misappropriations did not always gain traction. Likewise, I see a difficult “sale” by Democrats to prove corruption of President Trump in his dealing with foreign powers (Russia). Muller has looked under every rock and through deceptive methods discredited many of President Trumps associates. The liberal news media wants us to believe the President is on the ropes and the new Congress is ready to file a few papers and oust him from office. Indeed they will be a problem and block many needed bills in Congress. However, their efforts will not go free wheeling through the legesleture. Currently, the Supreme Court is more balance and those little judge edicts will be less effective, as well. In my opinion, the Democrat Speaker will be very limited in most situations. Yes, they can stop funding for things like the South Wall. However, there are many social programs they cannot move past the president’s veto. Concerning the next two years, “After all is said and done, likely more will be esaid than done.”

  2. This hole Mueller investigation against our president Trump is nothing more then slander, ruin personalities and reputations of the people that have known Trump or have been involved in his life either through business , campaigning for him, or part of his administration. The witch hunt must end now, not only are we the laughing stock of the world, it is coming to the point no one is going to believe any portion of over government system which our forefathers founded this nation, nor will there be money available for important things that should be done to improved our nation. Obama and Hillary, bill, have been underdogs, deep state to make this a socialist country, and Mueller is as crooked as they are. the democrats destroy they do not build, republican’s are for the people not against them, they are their to work for those people who elected them, democrats care nothing about us only them =selves and what can they get out of it. Hillary had a foundation when secretary of state, that should have been illegal, Trump is to have nothing to do with any of his business. He is a wonderful president and people need to STOP the slandering, mocking and trying to find dirt on a very nice man and lovely family. Democrats check out your own closet do you want what is in it exposed lto the world???? Muller has turned every stone over, dug into every aspect of someone else’s word, because they are anti-trump, and this is not democracy, it is destruction and being a deceptive method to discredited all of President Trumps associates. The liberal news media is a joke, they want us to believe OUR ELECTED President is on the ropes however and the new Congress is ready to still try and impeach him from his office. Democrats are POOR LOSES!, Cheaters! Commit Voters Fraud and other things! Try to cover up their crimes, however President Trump is smart and will expose them which they don’t like. The crooked evil scumbag democrats will Indeed continue to cause him problems and block the needed bills in Congress, especially if they don’t benefit from them., and tha tis just because he is a republican. Democrats do not like politician republican’s. All their efforts will not go freely wheeling through the legesleture. Currently, the Supreme Court is most balanced then it is has been in years. And the lower court judge edicts will be less effective, the Democrat Speaker will be very limited in less efficient in most situations. Democrats can stop the needed funding for the south wall, however President Can stop their raises, and not sign things they want done too. They are hurting their party and soon they won’t exist. To bad all left overs from Obamas administration in ALL government departments , not just DC but state wide can’t just be fired don’t need a reason. They disobey the law and are hurting the people. They had oaths, promises and a job to do which they are not doing; if it was us in the work world and we didn’t do our job, we’d be fired, it should be the same with government employees, not just transfer them to another department where they can learn more and more of information they can leak. they are obamas menons, puppets who he and soros control.l. However, there are many social programs that the president can’t veto. We need to pray and support our president, turn fake media off and stop reading NYT fake paper. We need to vote REPUBLICAN in 2020 for President Trump so he an continue to make America Great., and undo damages from previous administrations, its been going on for 40 plus years. Pray for our President, families of administrations and administrations members, judges, attorneys, to up hold the law and their oath or pay the consequences, Americans are not going to take much more of the crooked criminal politicians and officials.

    • Mueller is guilty of this type of fiasco back in Boston!!!
      He framed (4) men to protect his FBI Snitch, Whitey Bulger!!!!
      It cost the government $102,000,000 to the families of the two men who died in jail
      and the two survivors! I believe the men were in jail for over 30 years!

      I hope Mueller gets his!!!!
      He and Comey are in love with each other!
      Wait until they adjudicate McCabe.
      He will implicate Comey and the rest of the villains!!!!

    • “This hole investigation”…. (vs whole)… REALLY? of course, if the Special Counsel WERE investigating a ‘hole’… I suppose it would have to deal with the ‘hole’ in Trumps Soul… the ‘hole’ in his heart…. the ‘hole’ in his ethics, morals, integrity, intelligence, judgement. He is nothing more than a deeply disturbed individual who is a ‘GRAVE DANGER’ to this nation. He’s a total embarrassment to this country… and I trust his decades-long pattern of corruption has finally caught up to him.

      The fact that you’re unable to discern logic, common sense and a reasonable level of facts… is also disturbing.

  3. After the Witch hunt is over and we are more than 25 million in the hole paying these jokers and their expense, we will have something for the daily enquirer and a big “Who Cares from the people” If anything Mueller, Obama, and the 13 Democratic Lawyers should be jailed for larceny.
    By the way Kerry should not be jailed, he should be put in containment for plain stupid people, he is pathetic as is his brother Joe————Biden

    • Joe Biden and John Kerry…very funny. Both dumber than rocks, liars, and crooks.
      People on here are saying some good stuff. I just wish it could spread to more people out there. So many have been sucked down into the septic tank called the Democrat Party, and told over and over that they are swimming in potpourri. I wish they could wake up and smell the sewage!

      • You just added to the sewage. Well done! “Liars and crooks”…. how many indictments now… Guilty pleas…. Sentences….. so far? A lot of witches going to jail, it appears. Yet, you buy into a fallacious article, full of lies, inaccuracies and partisan deception. Good for you!

        How do you sleep at night?

  4. $25 million is what we taxpayers are obviously being swindled out of for Mule-ear’s witch hunt. I find myself wondering how much that socialist, George Soros, is paying him to create his disruption and cause so many lives to be destroyed by his ambulance chasing shyster antics.

    • Richard Cunningham: I agree with you about Soros..I’m sure the Mule-ears is getting part of that 25 millions dollars..Mueller should be in prison for all of his lies..

      • why haven’t the people that you have evident on been put in jail just because you don’t have trumps stamped on it they don’t matter to you if you find parking ticket you would throw the book at the president and that is not right let lock up Clinton family the Obama family they had a fit over the first lady because she would not lie to us like she did the president trump has been as strait forward as you can be

        • Sandy…. communication, writing and/or making a point… are clearly not your strong suits. I am constantly amazed by women who support Trump. LOL

    • Mulehead uses “Lying to the fbi is a crime.” I can’t see what Hillary did is less important, she lied to congress, the FBI, and anyone else that would listen. Since when is “lying to the FBI a crime?” I would use Hillary’s favorites excuses, “I don’t remember or I can’t recall” Why was she not indicted? I forgot she was a democrat, her name was Hillary Clinton. What happened to the Clinton Foundation???

  5. Besides the taxpayers paying for the sexual deviates in congress this is the biggest ripoff of the American public while letting the real scumbag criminals continue to roam free. Mueller and his band of payed deviate backstabbers and schlock investigators are raking in the money and continuing to disrupt the whole country.

  6. Joe Biden and John Kerry…very funny. Both dumber than rocks, liars, and crooks.
    People on here are saying some good stuff. I just wish it could spread to more people out there. So many have been sucked down into the septic tank called the Democrat Party, and told over and over that they are swimming in potpourri. I wish they could wake up and smell the sewage!

    • True…. if the State of NY goes after the Trumps for ‘Tax Fraud’… it could net them several hundred million…. that is, of course, if there’s anything left after all their creditors line up to claim assets.

    • Gerald. How has mueller recovered more than $25,000,000, he has wasted. Who are the ones that he, so called, recovered more then he has spent. The name given to his “investigation”, should be called “an Inquisition.”

  7. Mueller has showed his hand not only to the people but to the Republican Party who he has duped for years pretending to be one while a spy for the Dem/communist Party.
    Mueller and Rosenstein have done much damage to our Country as well as steal monies in the scheme. FBI leaders have defamed their once wonderful organization, the only guilty ones are those who profited and gained Power. Slime City just south of Maryland.

  8. The DemoCommunist should be forced to pay for the witch hunt out of their wages garnish the wages for the next two years. They didn’tjust waste tax payers money they were the ones who paid Christopher Steele to write the false report and they paid their Upper echelon F. B. I., Justice Department, and C. I. A. To use the Dossier to obtain illegal wiretaps and put in moles to try and disgrace a deuly elected President!

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