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Actor Vince Vaughn Under Fire for Daring to Speak with Trump

Actor Vince Vaughn, who is already a rare instance of a libertarian Hollywood star who doesn’t follow the left down every rabbit hole of political nonsense they dig, is under fire from the Keepers of Leftist Dogma this week after a video emerged showing him speaking to President Trump at the national championship football game in New Orleans on Monday. As we learned with the whole Ellen/George W. Bush scandal, even being friendly with Republicans is akin to appeasing Nazis.

Fox News reports:

Vaughn was seen chatting and laughing with the president as Melania sat between them — before the pair shook hands and Trump appeared to point to the star’s lanyard, according to a 31-second clip uploaded to Twitter.

The video was uploaded by former Deadspin employee, Timothy Burke, who captioned it, “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.”

The social media reaction was swift and called for him to be “canceled.”

“Jan 13, 2020: the day Vince Vaughn has been canceled,” one user said, while another wrote, “Ladies & Gentlemen, I regret to inform you Vince Vaughn is CANCELLED.”

“Ellen thought she had it rough…Keep Vince Vaughn in your prayers tonight,” user Alex Salvi said.

“Sad. Vince Vaughn is one of my favorites,” another user wrote. “I always knew he was Republican but this, so gross. I don’t need a Wedding Crashers sequel anymore.”

In a piece for the UK’s Guardian, writer Guy Lodge was quick to remind the world’s liberals that Vince Vaughn – why, he just isn’t one of us!

“The actor has long been documented as one of the most demonstrably rightwing stars in the predominantly liberal enclave of Hollywood,” wrote Lodge. “In 2011, he campaigned for the Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, while he collaborated with the conservative firebrand Glenn Beck to produce the documentary series, Pursuit of the Truth, for Beck’s Fox News-aping network TheBlaze. Most controversially, he came out as vehemently opposed to gun control in a 2015 interview for British GQ, going so far as to call for firearms to be allowed in schools: ‘You think the politicians that run my country and your country don’t have guns in the schools their kids go to? They do. And we should be allowed the same rights.’ Shaking Donald Trump’s hand is a pretty modest entry on his list of most liberally objectionable acts.”

We have to say, we knew about Vaughn’s support for gun rights, but some of this other stuff surprises us. If anything, we like him a bit more now.

But whether we liked him for his politics or not, the idea that anyone should be “canceled” for even saying a quick hello to the sitting president of the United States is outlandish. Liberals cannot STAND to see anyone of any prominence disagree with their rules of order. We can only assume that their fascistic policing of thought and association is a stand-in for ideological coherence, of which they have none.

Now bring on that Wedding Crashers sequel.

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  1. Cancelled is a Fascist Term. Let that sink in Libturds. Stop using this term as it identifies you as a hypocrite and mental minimalist. Understand your language. It is offensive to say that a person is “Cancelled” because he sees the world differently and internalizes facts differently. How do you feel about the word “Retarded”? I would use that on you because, in my opinion, those who cannot process facts and only rely on feelings have a retarded emotional development disorder. Critical, logical, analytical thought is developed in the adult mind. Using the cancel culture to hide behind is retarding your emotional and mental growth. Throw these fascist notions off, and you will see the world more clearly and accurately.

  2. Proud of Vince Vaughan. The liberal Democrat so called actors and actress should be the ones that are boycotted. If an actor/actress is a political liberal or Democrat, I refuse to watch anything they are starring in. If more people would do this, Hollywood would get the message that no one cares what their politics are, and to stop forcing their views on other people. Everyone (well most people) can think for themselves and don’t need a has been actor or actress to tell them how to feel or vote.

  3. Did any of the mentally limited ever think the exchange might have been nothing more than a greeting or the simple act of talking about the game ?

    It is awfully hard to discuss a political issue or government stance in a 30 second interval.

    Them being that fearful do they always raise the lid on the toilet to see if there is a bomb, recorder or some political hack lurking in the bowl ?

  4. I haven’t been to or seen a Hollywood movie nearly ten years. I don’t want these freaks to have any help from my money!

  5. First of all who cares what a dem/lib says they are all worthless pieces of human sewage thinks. All the human mutants that are boys who think they are girls and girls that think they are boys are dem/libs. he fags and dykes are dem/libs. Seriously, these sick bastards shouldn’t even be allowed to vote or be in public. #TRUMP2020

  6. Who gives a rats-ass who Vince Vaughn sits with? It’s a free country and Hollywood of all people have zero rights to condemn his freedom! Quite frankly that’s communist and therefore should be condemned itself! Get over yourselves liberals! No gives a shit what you think!!

  7. Way to go, Mr. Vince Vaughn, I will keep watching all your movies and am extremely proud of you given the angst of living around Hellywood Liberals. Hurray for you!

  8. Good for Vince Vaughn. It’s great to see that not all of Hollywood is made up of left wing radical retards like Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn.

  9. Vince showed that you may have a difference of opinion but still behave like a human being and adult. Good for both Vince, Donald and Melania to meet and have a friendly discussion. I just wish that others could do the same and not express hate.

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