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Andrea Mitchell “Fact-Checks” Trump: None of The Squad are Socialists

And they wonder why conservative don’t take the liberal media’s “fact-checkers” seriously.

After days of repeating, as a fact, that President Trump’s tweets against the so-called Squad were racist in nature, we get the media’s representatives telling us that plain-out, ACTUAL facts about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her crew are actually not facts at all. No, they’re just right-wing propaganda, meant to get the country whipped up into a frenzy. You know, the same way it was propaganda to call the immigration crisis a “crisis” until after the midterms were done. And then, finally, the media and the Democrats admitted that, well yes, we suppose it is a crisis after all. Right-wing propaganda is apparently just the Democratic Party, a few months ahead of time.

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was discussing Trump’s North Carolina rally with a panel of guests. She noted that Trump attacked Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad as “socialists.” She also noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had specifically referred to the Squad as “socialist Democrats.” That bit of truth, for Mitchell, was a bridge too far.

“None of these members of Congress are socialists, but that is the way the Republican leadership wants to frame this election face-off,” Mitchell told the panel. “There’s not a single member of these congressional representatives who are avowed socialists, so I don’t know where that is coming from other than opposition research.”

Really? You “don’t know where that is coming from”, Andrea?

Let’s help you out, and since you went out of your way to say “there’s not a single member” of this Squad that is an avowed socialist, we’ll just begin and end with the group’s most visible spokeswoman. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t just run around saying, “Hey, I’m a socialist,” she’s an actual member in good standing of the Democratic Socialists of America. As Caleb Howe pointed out at Mediaite, this group describes themselves as the “largest socialist organization in the United States.”

To be certain, it is part of the Democratic Socialist platform to put as much distance as possible between their beliefs and those of  the “McCarthyism Red Scare of a past era,” as AOC put it in an interview with Business Insider. They prefer to couch themselves in the ideals of modern nations like Finland and Canada.

But the U.S. isn’t Finland or Canada, and it is all-too-telling when these same “Oh, we’re not like THOSE socialists” refuse to condemn Nicholas Maduro, Hugo Chavez, and the things they have done to ruin Venezuela. Today it’s Medicare-for-all and free college. Tomorrow, it’s the government taking over control of the internet and eliminating great swaths of the private sector. None of these socialists disguise their contempt for capitalism. And a contempt for capitalism is, in a very real sense, a contempt for liberty.

Check THY facts, Andrea Mitchell. Stop carrying water for these dangerous radicals.

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  1. Andrea, at least two of them are something much much worse. Omar and Tlab are vehemently anti Israel, and anti Jew. AOC is most certainly socialist. She doesn’t have to say that specifically to show that her ideology is indeed socialist. She has shown that by her many comments and speeches.She is also a racist . Pressley is another matter. She’s just a plain old militant black. The first three came into office loaded for bear and have been nothing but confrontational and anti -American.

  2. I wonder if Andrea Mitchell is as much of a Lesbian as she is an idiot.
    Anyone with half a brain (that leaves Andrea out) knows these 4 people
    cannot call them women, I mean if they are lesbians, or trannies or queers
    We know two of them are Muslims meaning they have to have permission
    from males to speak as they are women and have no worth as Muslims
    one married her brother but may have slept also with other male members
    as is the custom of Muslims. one is a bartender and we all know how female
    bartenders make their tips right you guessed it, using their LIPS and the
    last one is Black or I think he is, cannot tell anymore, look at Moochelle.

  3. Andrea Mitchell is a dumb ass bitch with shit for brains. And she calls herself a journalist? What a fucking joke. She is nothing but a shill liberal cunt.

  4. Andrea you are a lying DemocRAT hack, if you actually believe what you are saying then your just plain stupid and your awful lucky you are also on a rotten lousy station that is hurting America!

  5. Either Andrea Mitchell is SENILE, On Hallucinogens or just plain A LIAR. She needs to “fact check” herself into a mental clinic AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Apparently she has NO grasp of the Facts WHATSOEVER or she is BLATANTLY lying . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Andrea Mitchell is as stupid as Chuck Todd. She doesn’t know what she is talking about and I think she and her cohorts should really fact check her as she has been distorting the truth and facts in all her broadcasts.

  7. It is astounding to me that even though every policy these four espouse is classic socialism, you insist that none of them are socialists…well, do tell, what are they?

  8. You are delusional just like they are!!!!! To say that they are NOT Socialist is a LIE!!!! Because that is exactly what they are pushing for, Free this, Free that, Tax the Rich.

  9. Andrea Mitchell is an idiot! She’s always been an idiot and as time goes on, her idiocy is what makes her open her mouth to spout evrn more imbecilities. Why anyone gives credence to anything she says is a wonder. One of the most brain dead talking heads on TV.

  10. The “squad” are not just socialists…they are out right COMMUNISTS!!!
    They need to go to China and look at the Chinese people who are in “work camps”. See how the people are treated there. Go visit Venezuela for a couple of weeks…. try staying in Iran, I’m sure they will be welcomed there. Stay for a couple of years….then come back to the USA and tell us how terrible our country is!

  11. I am sorry but AOC is just a hateful hostile Muslim that is yelling on the race card. No different than many where in the 60’s. Ig is a defense because she is a hater of anyone not a believer in Islam. She is taking the dark side of the belief and will shove it in out faces. She and the others need be removed from the House and sent to live in an area that is mostly Islamic. We here either do not want to get in the fry or are to ignorant to remove head from dirt where they buried themself so as to not hear the garbage being spoken about. The general consenses is let someone else clean out nation of these haters and they are not ready to face the possible loss of our nation. don’t think they believe in much of anything if it desrupes their quiet selfish life.

  12. AGAIN…A DEMOCOMMUNIST MORON putting out LIES to attempt to “convince” uneducated, uninformed, people of the LIES, by repeating them over and over. I guess she missed the “part” when they THEMSELVES said they were “democrat/socialists” (COMMUNISTS)

  13. Everything the squad stands for is anti American.
    To strip us of our history of working to get ahead..
    of honoring our President and our country..of
    welcoming LEGAL immigrants into our country
    that were willing to go thru the channels to do so.
    They didn’t demand..they were appreciative and
    became as much American as anyone born here.
    The ILLEGALS that try to force their way in think
    it is their right. It is not a is a privilege..
    Corey Booker should be in jail right now for bringing
    illegals across the border..Comey should be in prison
    for treason for spying on our president..but they
    walk free and run their mouth..because they are
    protected by the DemonRATS. The only person
    they attempt to punish is President Trump long
    after the facts have proven him guilty of nothing.
    These four skanks do not belong in
    at least probably not in the country.
    Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican..first
    you should choose to be an American..and thus see
    all guilty parties brought to justice regardless of
    party affiliation. That is what President Trump is
    trying to do…with absolutely no help..
    Every American regardless of race or color needs to
    join hands to vote every DemonRAT and RINO out
    of office.

  14. I think her fact checking needs some fact checking. Words matter more than truth. Put accu- in front of something to make it look more accurate as an example. Use factcheck to make your opinion look more like truth. Uh-huh.

    • Look on YouTube where Nancy Pelosi explains how her “Truthification” works, part is getting the Media to repeat your lies then they become the truth. Lol 🤣 the Democrat’s are hilarious.

  15. All of the 4 have socialist leanings. AOC admits to being a socialist, She was a Bernie supporter.
    They all support ideas that will be detrimental to the United states. $20/hr min wage will destroy many jobs and create higher unemployment for minimum wage earners. Pressley has the attitude that the world owes her a living because she is black.

  16. I am tired of all of the old behaviors. If it takes the dems to have the face of these 4 radicals in order to get the dems defeated, then I am all for it, but I am tired of their antics. They have NOTHING to contribute but controversy. Pressley seems to believe that the world owes her a living because she is black, AOC is an admitted socialist(she was a Bernie girl), Omar has apparently broken several laws which are felonies(can’t say this is true or false… but marrying your own brother is against the law the last time I knew) The 4th, Talib is just a rabid radical.

    And the demo-rats are playing right into their BULLSHIT. “WAKE UP – AMERICA – DEFEND THIS COUNTRY AND ITS FREEDOMS”.

  18. What information and proof did Mitchell use to do her so-called fact check. Obviously she was looking under a rock. The squad has made it quite clear that they hate America, the American people, the constitution, the laws of this land and all that we stand for along with all Jews, Christians, evangelicals and people of faith. Everything that comes out of their mouths is calling for the destruction of the United States and our way of life. They are avowed socialists and they boldly and readily admit that. So why is Mitchell lying about it when the whole world knows it’s true. Every time they can get in front of a camera or microphone they attack and denounce America, the American people and everything that our nation stands for. Mitchell is clearly part of the corrupt biased lying fake news anti-American media and this is just more proof of that.

    • Of course she used the fact that thy said they weren’t and a woman NEVER lies…!!!And that’s a fact…just ask Andrea Mitchell…(catch-22 sarcasm)

  19. Andrea, it’s really time for you to retire. You don’t seem to be with it at all anymore. Saying that the squad group aren’t socialists is completely false. They are more than socialists. They are communists!
    Why do you keep hanging in there at your ripe old age. You certainly can’t need the money. Retire and enjoy the good life! You’re no longer needed in the news world since you don’t seem to be able to get it straight anymore.

  20. It is not our fault that Andrea Mitchell doesn’t know what the Squad is They are Socialist if they accept what they have been espousing. Whatever they are they don’t sound like Americans! I do believe Andrea needs to have medical check to make sure she is not afflicted with some mind issue.

  21. Andris Mitchell wouldn’t be working at MSNBC if she wasn’t as dumb as a box of dirt. She is a Demo stooge and has always been.

  22. Andrea Mitchell is a liar! She, AOC ,said herself to be a socialist. Her and Bernie in Missouri together. Do you think all Americans are stupid or just the democrats

  23. Hate to break the news to you but there’s not a demonrat in the House that’s that far left who is not a socialist and supports socialism! You might fool some of the demonrats that see your videos although the reality is that is the direction they’re trying to push the party and the country! It’s a shame to see supposedly intelligent anchors buy into and support that type of radical stances. There are many, and I truly mean many of us that don’t buy into your so called fact checking. Just because someone registered as a demonrat doesn’t mean they support socialism and a socialist style of ruling. They want and expect that they’ll move this country to a ruling class and a poor working class with them as part of the ruling class. This country is governed not ruled and there are thousands of us that will do whatever it takes to keep our style of governing, no matter what it takes. Several and especially Ilhan Omar that should be disbarred and removed from the House! We see and hear what you and other socialists are pushing and you’re fooling only yourselves. They and numerous other radical demonrats are pushing socialism and that’s a failure of our school systems and a complete lack of understanding history. We will not be ruled nor believe like Bernie “the burn” Sanders that it’s ok to stand in bread and soup lines! My deceased Grandpa stood in them back in the Great Depression and this country will NOT be moved in that direction. It’s sad to see journalists like you try to help support these nuts and support pushing the greatest democracy in the world toward socialism and we’ll fight that to the end. You have no credibility supporting that radical bunch the way many of the networks are trying today. You and the old Democratic Party are in for a huge pushback from more of us than all of your type can imagine. We’re ready, better hope you all are ready too.

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