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Anthony Scaramucci: Time to Remove Trump With 25th Amendment

Last we heard of the campaign to remove the duly-elected President of the United States using the 25th Amendment, it was back when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was reportedly conspiring with Cabinet members in the wake of Jim Comey’s firing. You’ll recall that Rosenstein allegedly told his would-be conspirators that he was willing to wear a wire in his meetings with Trump, all in the effort of catching the president saying something illegal or ethically problematic.

Rosenstein was roundly criticized for whatever role he played in these conspiratorial talks, seeing as how the 25th Amendment was passed specifically in the wake of JFK’s shooting to provide a way for the Executive Cabinet to quickly replace the president should he be incapacitated. It certainly was not meant to be a sneaky way for the Cabinet to execute a sneaky coup against American democracy, and it was certainly not meant as a response to the president jokingly calling himself “the chosen one” in remarks to the media.

But former Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci didn’t get the memo. He was on Bill Press’s radio show on Tuesday, escalating his out-of-nowhere feud with the president and saying that Trump’s Cabinet should use the reason of “full-blown insanity” to oust Trump from the White House.

Asked by Press if he agreed that Trump’s Cabinet should consider invoking the 25th Amendment, Scaramucci said, “A thousand percent. I don’t understand how elected public servants of the longest-standing Republican democracy in existing world history, a 243-year-old Republican democracy, could have this sort of full-blown insanity on display and not act.”

Pathetically, Scaramucci is not the only dolt with a coup on his mind.

In an interview with ABC this weekend, where he announced his doomed campaign to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination, former Rep. Joe Walsh said that the concept of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump is one that “should be looked at.”

“We’ve never had a situation like this, you can’t believe a word he says. Again, I don’t care about your politics, that should concern you. He’s nuts, he’s erratic, he’s cruel, he stokes bigotry, incompetent, doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s a narcissist. The only thing he cares about is Trump. He doesn’t give a damn about America, he doesn’t care about the border,” Walsh said, sounding like someone who could use a mental health evaluation of his own.

As far as we’re concerned, talk of the 25th Amendment is in the same category as talk of the Emoluments Clause, impeachment, Russian collusion, and all the rest. It is the manifest fear of Trump’s enemies that, no matter how much they despise him, he’s going to find a way to win a second term in office.

And you know what? We have a feeling that fear is well justified.

What do you think?

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  1. Which amendment do we use to remove the likes of Scaramucci! He is a pain in anyone’s butt and America should not have to put up with him just because he has nothing else to do!

    • Little Tony is the kind of creep who plays for attention. The Never Trumpers like Crystal are using him even though under normal circumstances they wouldn’t give him the time of day.. He has a big ego so if he is ignored he will eventually leave and go away looking for someone else to annoy..

    • Scaramucci is smarter than this. However, when you have a boss who is willing to pay, I guess it is O.K. to say anything as long as you do not break the law and as long as you cannot be prosecuted for what you say.
      As radical as this statement appears, perhaps he is just “feeding” the progressives to keep them focused on the wrong thing.

    • Scaramucci is a disgrace to this Country. He needs to be locked up in the nearest Mental Institution before he hurts himself or someone else.

    • The looney liberals want to see our guns and trying to impeach our GREAT President would be a good way to see mine.

  2. I’ve read that Scaramucci is a democrat and has always been one. So maybe that’s the reason Trump fired this jerk. Now he’s showing his true colors. Who knows, maybe pretending to be pro Trump was a ruse to get close to Trump. Whatever the reason, Trump was right to get rid of him and his did it quickly. Now this jerk is showing his true colors. Not gonna happen!

  3. Scootch <Mooch. Get lost. We don't want to hear from you anymore. Disappear. You are a disgrace to your Italian heritage. Go find an underground tunnel and stay there. You are a lost son.

  4. Hey Mooch, you’re a PUNK, it’s not the President’s fault Kimberly kicked you to the curb.
    Kimberly reported you simply didn’t measure up or couldn’t get it up, I don’t recall which but you’e Wife agreed.

  5. Under 25Th Ammendment Dems Be Remove From Congress For Mentally Disturb Ideology
    Open Borders Illegal Muslims Occupation In US
    Against Muslims Ban Law To Destroy Within Constitution Republic And God Given Freedom
    One Nation Under God
    Deport Muslims And Democrats To Mideast
    To Protect God Given Freedom

  6. The only use I would have for the 25th amendment when President Trump’s name is mentioned along with is to beat Scaramucci over the head with until dead!

  7. Hey Mooch! Everyone thinks it’s time for YOU to report BACK to the asylum you wandered away from and get back on your MEDS ! Because no one really cares about BUTT HURT little you!

  8. Scaramucci is a ugly, little man with a huge RUNT complex. Nobody likes him, nobody wants him. He is mad at President Trump because our President saw right through this little dork.

  9. Time to send this “Italian Stallion” back to Sicily and the Mob. What a loud mouth and a NUT. He is the most of all as to “bit the hand that fed him:. No one ever heard of this scum bag until he got in with Trump. A true turncoat.

  10. It’s time to remove that REPROBATE Scarrimucci to the “FUNNY FARM”. What a disgrace! He’s not too bright . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. Sounds like a lot of us have the same idea. We don’t want to remove our President. But if anyone knows how to stifle the likes of Scaramucci, Kristol, etc…, please let us know so we can get on it right away. Sheesh! Sour grapes, anyone?

    • These liberal and socialist idiots are well past sour grapes … they have the worst case of the red ass I’ve ever seen.

  12. I would like to see who’s body is attached to the arm stuck up Mooch’s rear-end and making him talk? This guy does not even have two brain cells to put together to even know what the 25Th Amendment is? Hahahahaha …. Ohhh for real? This guy is a sellout! … I fell in Love With Mooch when he said he LOVES HIS PRESIDENT!!! It was exactly how I felt!!! …. Now, look at him? Disgusting. Anti-American. Sellout. Democrat rim-licker. Uggg

  13. At first look, Scaramucci seemed an amiable fellow, reflecting his admiration and gratitude to President Trump, while vowing to assist the President via all in his (Scaramucci’s) power. Ten days after he was hired by the President, Scaramucci must have believed himself charmed, no matter what liberties he would take as an officer in the White House. One could swear that Scaramucci was “the real deal” and would be an asset to the President. The fact that Scaramucci could not resist feeling so “at home” that he started to promote himself with the ladies of the White House in service to the
    President. That kind of familiarity was “off limits” and defined by the President to Scaramucci. Whatever took place after the admonition, resulted in resignation of Scaramucci. Apparently, Scaramucci’s ego was injured, for suddenly all of his fondness for Trump disappeared into Scaramucci’s constant hateful comments of the President.
    Scaramucci must have a dual-personality! At first, Trump to “Mooch” was the absolute greatest Pres. ever, after his resignation, Scaramucci has gone from “angel” to a guy whose mission is to vilify Trump every minute of every day. Trump’s gut feeling, plus complaints to him concerning Mooch”‘s behavior “on the job” by W.H. females, forced Mooch to resign, without delay.

  14. Scaramucci should should wash his mouth out with Lysol, though I would prefer Arsenic,
    Why Trump hired this garbage mouth in the first place is anyone’s guess. Money and friendship must talk more than experience. Scaramucci certainly hasn’t mastered the English Language. If this was Trump’s friend, he certainly doesn’t need any enemies. Scaramucci is certainly an insult to the Italian Community. Scaramucci’s new buddy will be the Gov. of NY. Notice the amount of air time Mooch is getting on the propaganda arms of the Democratic Party. Mooch must be looking for a permanent gig on CNN (The Communist News Network). CNN only hires the best corrupt bureaucrats, Brennan, Clapper, and McCabe etc.Won’t be long before Comey gets his shot.

  15. Scarafuckface is a stupid motherfucker with shit for brains. Cocksucker is going to get his ass kicked by someone. Fucking pussy.

  16. If they try to remove Trump which I don’t think they can, there will be a civil war. He has been the best President in years that actually cares about America. He could be sitting back enjoying life instead of taking all the crap people dish out on him and that is with donating every bit of his salary. You got anybody else in government that would do that? No they are all sitting pretty in their many million dollar homes.

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