Antifa Terrorists Put Journalist in the Hospital With Brutal Attack

Enough is enough.

If Ben Shapiro brought an entourage of masked conservative thugs with him to every speaking event, and those thugs regularly beat up his political opponents, we would not mind it a bit if schools like UC Berkeley decided to ban him from their campus. If Ann Coulter vandalized every school she spoke at and threw bottles at police, we would completely understand when she soon found herself disinvited to every university in the country. If Charles Murray were known for throwing milkshakes mixed with cement at his detractors, he wouldn’t get much sympathy from First Amendment defenders when he wound up de-platformed.

All of this to say: It’s time to arrest Antifa members, on sight, when they show their masked faces in public. This is not about free speech, this is about domestic terrorism, wanton political violence, and outright thuggery. You can be “anti-fascist.” You can protest the Trump administration. You can wave all the silly, socialist signs you want. But if you’re going to dress in black, fly the Antifa flag, and call yourself a member of this group, you need to spend some time behind bars. You are an enemy of freedom, an enemy of peace, and an enemy of the state.


Andy Ngo, a photojournalist and editor at Quillette, landed in the emergency room after a mob of antifa activists attacked him on the streets of Portland during a Saturday afternoon demonstration.

The assailants wore black clothing and masks, and were engaged in a counter-protest against several right-wing groups, including the Proud Boys. Ngo is a well-known chronicler of antifa activity, and has criticized their illiberal tactics on Fox News. He attended the protest in this capacity—as a journalist, covering a notable public event.

According to Ngo, his attacker stole his camera equipment. But video footage recorded by another journalist, The Oregonian’s Jim Ryan, clearly shows an antifa activist punching Ngo in the face.

This kind of thing keeps happening, and it keeps happening in Portland more than anywhere else. That’s because Portland city officials are absolutely unwilling to do anything about it. In a tweet on Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz called on the FBI to investigate why Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was continuing to allow this chaos to reign in his city.

“To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” wrote Cruz.

This group’s violent actions are unacceptable in a civilized society. You can’t hide behind free speech when you are throwing bottles at police and putting innocent reporters in the hospital. It’s time for a serious crackdown on these lunatics; we don’t need to wait for them to kill someone before we take action.

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  1. What do I think?? The time is long overdue for the police to do their damn jobs, OR if you are “scared” of these domestic TERRORISTS, let a few of “We the People” start busting heads and defending OURSELVES and our families, if the DEFUNCT “law” enforcement officers cannot handle it. This is no longer a “protest” or “free speech”.
    Give a few of these a-holes a permanent “dirt nap” and the rest will be running back to “mommy” with their tails between their legs. (but then the DEMOCOMMUNISTS would be screaming bloody murder that we need more “gun control”)….The BEST “gun control” is hitting what POS SCUM terrorist you are aiming at.

  2. It’s disgraceful that Antifa and their vegan, masked, cowardly thugs are allowed to perpetrate violence against anyone. They are trying so hard to get a Patriot to give them what they deserve. That’s the difference so far, we use common sense & restraint in the middle of chaos they create. Soon, however, these little turdlettes will get what they have earned. Timing is everything, right?

  3. If the DOJ would do their job and classify
    them as a terrorist group it would help.
    And the mayor put in jail and any police
    unwilling to protect them fired.
    I wouldn’t care what the mayor said…you
    took an oath to protect. YOU FAILED…

    • Ross, you got it right! These mayors need to be held accountable. The idiot Wheeler needs jail time and removed from office. Portland Oregon has become a lawless city. Maybe it is time for a recall of these corrupt Oregon Democrats including our governor!!!

  4. All this Antifa mess just shows that liberals feel they can do ANYTHING THE WANT to push their agenda. Next they will be killing people and justifying it. Time to STOP them by any and all mean available – NOW, before We The People step in and end their terrorism.

    • “…before We The People step in and end their terrorism.”

      If that is what it will take to truly excoriate the masked hoodlums to let them know we, the people, have had enough of their idiotic actions, so be it. In days of yore, such ruffians were caught, then forced to swallow a strong cathartic before being released. That technique became known as ‘the purge.’ Being the cowards they are for hiding their faces is another facet of their behavior that needs to be attended to.

  5. Shoot those goddamned antifa bastards with the rubber bullets in the head and see if they can spell ‘fear’ anymore! Arrest them all n put these animals behind bar! The freaking mayor ought to be held accountable by doing nothing but condoning these atrocities!! 😡🤬

    • Agreed and put the Mayor in the same cell with these cowards.Only cowards gang up on a single defenseless journalist! If they tried to pull that shit in me, I would consider it an eminent threat after the first punch is throw at me and I would have to defend myself and protect others. Just a bunch of low life’s and most likely radical Democrats that are part of our country’s problem today. The police, FBI or if they do not want to intercede bring in some military like maybe some Marines and teach them a life lesson

      Ex Veteran and Proud American that believes in his country and POTUS

  6. I think he should sue the city of Portland, The Mayor, The Chief of Police and the entire police department for one BILLION in damages. These elected and appointed politicians need to be held accountable for their actions and decisions.

    • I hope he is going to be okay. However, I think after listening to him that he would prefer justice be done and get the mayor and the rest to pay his hospital/doctor bills and a front row seat in court to see all of them get charged and serve some prison/jail time. If that does not work maybe divert back to my previous comments and get a few real Bad Asses like Marines teach them some manners.
      If this would have happened in Singapore or some other countries it would have already happened. Sounds like the Mayor should also be invited to the party!

  7. What do you expect from a left wing liberal socialistic Democrpic Mayor?? This fellow was doing his job and the Mayor was not. And the police were not either. Serve and protect my bippy!!!!

  8. You can be “anti-fascist.” You can protest the Trump administration. You can wave all the silly, socialist signs you want.
    The first amendment protects everybody’s freedom of speech.

  9. Thee problem is that the liberal mayors and police chiefs are standing down to allow this terrorism. Maybe it’s time for the President to take action with these cities. This is anarchy and will get worse if nothing is done to control these thugs. They have gotten away with this too long. The mayors will claim they don’t have enough police to control these reprobates. Then request the governor call out the National Guard; however, some governors (NY state Washington, Oregon, etc)are liberal enough to not care, even supporting the antifas. If that happens the President should have options available to control these thugs (martial law, withhold federal funds?)..

  10. The next time these goons show up for a demonstration/riot the police should confine them to a large area in town where they can’t escape. Then spray them with indelible red paint. Then arrest all people with red stains.

  11. ‘Antifa’ is a domestic terrorist group. The are neo-Nazi thugs, The are the Brownshirts of the ‘progressive’ (aka – democrat, ‘democrat-socialist) party. We, America, MUST start treating them as such. Period.

    Any elected official, and any police, that do not immediately and decisively deal with their terrorist, criminal actions loses ALL authority. They. elected officials and police, etc. become the enemy of the American people. The to become criminals. In the case of police at the various levels, armed criminals.

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