AOC: People Complaining about Cancel Culture are Just “Unliked” and “Entitled”

Sounding very much like someone who would love to demolish free speech, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said Thursday that she has no respect for those complaining about cancel culture. Tweeting only a day after more than a hundred liberal writers, thinkers, and pundits warned that the left is treading into dangerous waters with their intolerance of opposing ideas, Ocasio-Cortez said that those who worry about being cancelled are just demonstrating how “entitled” they really are.

“People who are actually ‘cancelled’ don’t get their thoughts published and amplified in major outlets. This has been a public service announcement,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “The term ‘cancel culture’ comes from entitlement – as though the person complaining has the right to a large, captive audience, & one is a victim if people choose to tune them out. Odds are you’re not actually cancelled, you’re just being challenged, held accountable, or unliked.”

See, this is exactly the mindset that exacerbates the problem. Who is doing the challenging? Who is holding the cancelled accountable? Who are the dislikers? A fringe collection of far-left zealots have somehow taken over social media with ideas that are, by their very invention, unchallengeable. The issue isn’t that there are these “cancelled” people who aren’t used to having their ideas challenged. It’s exactly the opposite problem. The problem is that there is this group of Americans (sadly growing) that literally cannot bear to hear a whisper of disagreement.

To let the world know how reprehensible their ideological opponents are, these social justice warriors catastrophize everything. If you say something that doesn’t fit neatly into transgender dogma, you’re literally trying to “erase the existence” of trans people. If you disagree with the idea of defunding the police, you’re literally making life “unsafe” for black Americans. If you believe that America should enforce her border laws, you’re literally killing people of color. They treat every opposing opinion, no matter how mildly stated, as an act of violence.

This allows them to excuse actual acts of violence as mere self-defense against The Great White Oppressors.

It takes an extraordinary amount of ignorance to miss this obvious dichotomy, but AOC manages the feat.

“I have an entire TV network dedicated to stoking hatred of me,” she continued. “A white supremacist w/ a popular network show regularly distorts me in dangerous ways, & it’s a normal part of my existence to get death threats from their audience. You don’t see me complaining abt ‘cancel culture.’ Many of the people actually ‘cancelled’ are those long denied a fair hearing of their ideas to begin w/: Palestinian human rights advocates, Abolitionists, Anticapitalists, Anti-imperialists. Not spicy ‘contrarians’ who want to play devils advocate w/ your basic rights in the NYT.”

Yeah, it’s surely difficult to find anyone speaking out on those topics these days. Remember when that university fired a professor for railing against capitalism? Remember when Nike dismissed an employee for calling for Palestinian independence? Remember when CNN cancelled that guy’s show because he spoke out against slavery?

No. We don’t either.

What do you think?

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  1. AOC, up to her latest offering of pure DRIVEL. Will she NEVER run out of INANITIES ??? Buttt, despite the critique ….. the camera bails her out again today in that RED outfit, notable in that it goes well with her black hair and dark features, ANNNND we once again are reminded that this little rascal has a world-class RACK. I’m gonna offer something here of my own — I pray again today that we will get to see those 34D’s before they end up down around her WAISTLINE …

    Crude ? OF COURSE … but it comes from my 3+ years of trying to find out SOMETHING VAGUELY COMMENDABLE TO SAY about our favorite little TWIT. Dissenting opinions are welcome, kids !

  2. This idiot is stupid enough to be dangerous. Only reason she could get a bartender job is those 34Ds. Bar tending and pole dancing are the only two jobs she is qualified for.

  3. lets hope she soon gets defeated. she is running for re=election. lets get her sorry self out of Washington. hopefully, we can send her back to Somalia. she likes that atmosphere, but I guarantee she won’t be allowed to run her mouth there like she does here. why o why did the U.S. let this useless human in? she has nothing to offer. and, being a woman, I. am not impressed by her endowments. she is an adulterer, practices incest with her brother, and who knows what else? she is butt-ugly also. this is what happens when someone who is a loser finds themselves in a position of power, and can’t handle it. come on N.Y., vote this America hating biiih out of office. send her to the gutter, where Soros or Clinton. or Obama found her. vote red in November,..

  4. Why don’t you idiots get you’re heads straight! Who gives a damn about her rack! Who cares! Any prostitute has a rack! Pay attention to the ridiculous nonsense and self-righteous lunacy that she represents! She should be charged with TREASON and SEDITION then sent to Gitmo. where she really belongs! She’s nothing more than a Commie!

    • You got my vote Lucas, she is filthy pos garbage, absolutely good for nothing treacherous broad who should NOT be near anything in government, she takes up way too much oxygen, she needs to be sent back to brookie with her evil tail between her legs, never to tread in Congress ever again!!

  5. I wonder how she got the funds for the 34 Ds.. We know that her economics studies came out of a Marxists Economics book. You know –where the Government owns all means of production and the workers are promised some miniscule ownership of the means of production. When will the taxpayers of the USA wake up and start looking at these college curricula? The Text books are written by Lefties. The Professors are for the main part all lefties. The students know nothing of the History of this magnificent country and the instructors of today want it that way.. Easier to impose a cancel culture. Just wait until these students are told” time to cancel your parents”.

  6. Actually, it’s AOC who is generally unliked. She’s idiotic in her speeches and has nothing to back up her rhetoric which IS only her opinion after all. She yells and finger points, and thinks she’s providing some sort of service. Time to go chica. Just sayin’.

  7. I do hope that the people of New York CANCEL AOC in the next election. She is somebody’s puppet spewing her Marxist concepts.

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    Как тогда быть ? Пасибки.

  9. You know who is “unliked” AOC? it is you… other than your handful of commie dems such as you are, the country hates you. You will go down right next to the witch Hillary Clinton and the dead brain Pelosi as one of the stupidest women in politics. Not to mention being anti Americans and a traitor!

  10. Hey bug eyes, sit down and shut the H up! There are more of us than jerks like you! Thank GOD! Don’t like it here? don”t let the door hit ya…………….. you know the rest of the saying! I think?

  11. As Always, Cortes reminds us of the scarecrow in “Wizard of Oz” singing “I wish I had a brain.” She is almost as smart as Biden, Schiff, Walters and Pelousy.

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