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April Ryan: Trump Wanted to Nuke Hurricanes so He Could Nuke Africa

It takes an ugly combination of stupidity, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and racial hostility to come up with an assertion as outlandish as the one CNN’s April Ryan made this week. Ryan, who may simply be looking to take the focus off her hostility to the free press (as seen when her bodyguard forcibly removed a reporter from one of her speaking events), told a CNN panel that she not only believes that Trump actually suggested the possibility of nuking a hurricane (which already makes her an idiot), but that she knew exactly why he might want to do such a thing.

From NewsBusters:

The unanimously anti-Trump panel on Monday’s New Day melted down at President Trump’s alleged far-fetched suggestion to use nuclear weapons to stop hurricanes headed towards the United States. While everyone on the panel laughed off at the idea, CNN political analyst April Ryan took it a step further by declaring that the desire to nuke hurricanes off the coast of Africa is motivated by racial animus.


Ryan addressed the reporting on President Trump’s supposed plan by describing how hurricanes “start forming off the coast of Africa, as they’re moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane and it disrupts it.”

The CNN carnival barker then proceeded to suggest President Trump had a more sinister motive for wanting to use nuclear weapons off the coast of Africa: “He brought in Africa…As we were talking during break, he’s called Africa a sh**hole nation…And what part of Africa are you talking about? Sub-Saharan Africa, where there are mostly black people?”

Really, April? Really?

This is the kind of outlandish suggestion that could be expected to earn groans and eye-rolls even in a meeting of Democratic Socialists of America, and those people can’t hold a meeting without whining about personal pronouns! That it went mostly unchallenged on the CNN airwaves shows you just how far this once-respectable news organization has fallen.

Anyone who really believes that Trump seriously proposed hurling a nuclear bomb into a hurricane is already suffering from the advanced stages of TDS. He may have made a crack about that in one meeting or another. He may have even floated that possibility as a way to ferret out leakers in the meeting. But to believe that he really thinks that we can nuke a hurricane is to believe in fairy tales. To take it a step further and believe that he wanted to nuke a hurricane because it would give him an excuse to nuke black people?

That’s when you call the guys in the white coats.

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  1. At what point ,, What does it take for you to be totally embarrassed at what comes out of your and your crew’s mouth.
    Record it and go some place and watch it.

    • Though she may indeed be everything you say, there are softer words for the description – though, perhaps she deserves your words, I don’t know.
      As for the Trumpster’s casual joking remark about “Nuking” them – it was a casual remark, not requiring any analysis whatsoever. There are times when he does lead with his chin, though.

      • He does say certain things “on the record” to see just how far the leftists will go to make themselves look stupid in the eyes of the person with any ounce of common sense. It works, as they continue to show how stupid and anti-Trump they are, which in turn makes the “Pro-Trumper’s” stronger in their backing of him.

        Billpits: Trump has a reason for doing everything he does

  2. This stupid woman needs a lobotomy. She is constantly making
    such idiotic and ignorant statements, I wonder if she shouldn’t be
    locked up as one of the mentally insane. Her statements are totally
    ridiculous and ludicrous. Another example of the mentality of the Left.

  3. Hey April Ryan,
    you have to lay off the pot and booze, you look like shit and your brain does not do any better. How can any human be so screwed up?

  4. What? Ryan along with the others on CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the corrupt biased lying fake news media have really lost their minds. They have no filter and everything they say is so absurd that it would actually be laughable if it wasn’t so detrimental to the US and the American people. What is clear is that Ryan absolutely needs immediate mental health treatment.

  5. She is an IDIOT! As are all the rest of them. Some may have high IQs, but that’s of little use when they have NO commonsense. IF conservatives don’t do something to stop this, our country, as we know & love it, is doomed. And, I know the state’s laws are out the fed’s control, but can somebody not take it to court? Even Obama judges would have a problem saying it’s legal. And, that is why Ca is losing thousands of their residents. They keep raising the taxes on the ones that are still there, but then they have to leave too. ALL liberal idiots need to be quarantined to Ca, & then we can put a fence around the land part, & make them live with each other. 10 to 1 they wouldn’t make it.

  6. The only thing worse than April Ryan are the idiots who vote for her. Her latest rant is off the charts for ignorance and stupidity !

  7. April Ryan works for CNN and What she been voted for? She always asked the President some stupid questions at “daily” briefings. I don’t like her either!

  8. Every news person who comes on tv and lies and knows it’s a lie should be sued and the network they represent should also be sued, this blatant disrespect and slandering of the president should not be tolerated

  9. Disgusting and disappointing as this feeble persons diatribe continues to be, more frightening is that the candidates for office as, well as those incumbents, mirror these irresponsible and divisive tirades. Idiotic position statements and premature indictments are only the leading edge of their gaffes as their power mad race to ultimate power and fame pushes their id to law slinging. From blind and knee jerk reactionary legislation on border control to haphazard and unconstitutional firearm restrictions to ineffective prison reforms, the audience can only sit back and wonder where the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Awards have gone. We need them back.

  10. AT least Stupidity is the realm at CNN (The Communist News Network) CNN and the rest of the liberal commie democrats are immune from embarrassment. CNN only hires the best. The best morons out of the bunch. An act of G-d couldn’t get CNN embarrassed’

  11. Yes these things are inbred that is why they are hard headed & if you hit one in the head it doesn’t hurt them. They are all inbred idiots. Ship them all to Africa & hopefully Trump will nuke them.

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